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Current Events

Book Review
Hearts Like Birds.

Semere T. Habtemariam (2011). Hearts like birds. Elk Grove, CA: Negarit Media. 234pp, ISBN: 978-0-615-48427-3. $15.00 (Kindle Edition $7.95)
Review by Mekonnen Kassa, Seattle, WA.
In the interest of full disclosure, I came to know about Mr. Habtemariam, an Eritrean-American poet and author, while I was browsing...“Hearts Like Birds” is an absorbing literary fusion of history, culture, politics, religion, and folklore all rolled in to one book.

ETV News(Amharic)

Lake Mekelle Initative!

This initiative is intended to inspire citizens longing to see Mekelle's advancement towards becoming a world class city. Implementation of this proposal is one addition that would excel the development and growth of Mekelle city

Betreseltan from VOA Tigrigna interview with ato Alem Biset from Tigrai regional government.

Betreseltan asked Ato Alem about the reported drought and malnutrition in Ethiopia. Ato Alem denied there is any drought specific related malnutrition but acknowledged the deep rooted poverty is still a problem in many ways in Tigrai!
  part I
Thank you VOA Tigrigna and thank you Betreseltan! We can only hope other regional governments will take matters in to their own hand and report of any danger caused by drought or otherwise! This will help in two ways: 1) if there is indeed drought that could cause famine down the road, people all over the world will be informed and lives will be saved by their donation and b) if the news is exaggerated or outright false, it will save many hearts from being heartbroken due to the dreadful news of famine that is being fanned by the lords of poverty.

News, Analysis & Articles

Ethiopian Airline annual revenue grows by 40 percent: Ato Tewolde Gebremariam

Addis Ababa, July 10, 2011 (WIC) – Ethiopian Airlines said that despite airplane fuel price hike, its annual revenue grew by 40 percent in 2010/2011 Ethiopian fiscal year. Ato Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of the Ethiopian Airlines, told WIC that the year was unique as it was the first year of the implementation of the Airlines’ fifteen years long strategic plan, Vision 2025.
A successful company and a successful transition of power! Thank you Ato Girma Wake for setting the foundation and thank you CEO Tewolde for taking the Airline to another level! This success story begs another question why did we fail to transform ETC, another government run iconic institution within our own means and human resources?

Lee pledges to support Ethiopia's economic development

ADDIS ABABA (Yonhap) -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak agreed Friday to provide active support for Ethiopia's economic development, pledging to significantly boost relations with the African nation that helped save the South from North Korea's invasion 60 years ago.

Remembering the Ethio-South Korean Friendship
Ermias Haile, July 9, 2011- A tiny country in the far eastern tip of the Asian continent, sandwiched between Japan and the People’s Republic of China, with a population of close to 50 million and once an economic basket case, South Korea has managed to transform itself...

Comment on Nation Rebuilding and Democratic Developmental State Model for Ethiopia
Tsegaye Tegenu July 8, 2011 - Allow me to comment on the message of the documentary film Endegena and on the succinct article by Asayehgn Desta on Democratic Developmental State. These two inputs are timely in the discussion on vision...

Emerging Challenges in Democratic Developmental State: The Case of Ethiopian Growth and Transformation
Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D. July 8, 2011- Pursuing the Neo-liberal economic model, initiated by international financial institutions, and imitating the command economic system adopted by the socialist countries in which central governments play a pivotal role in planning...

Refugee Without Hope: Eritrean teen does not dare to dream
SALLUM, Egypt, July 5 (UNHCR) – In the harsh, arid landscape of Sallum, there is a small fragile figure, walking alone in the desert sun, shielding himself from the dust and wind, battling his inner fears and insecurities. Meet Salomon, 17, a refugee from Eritrea, who has no one and nothing to call his own.

Amb. Seyoum Visits Guandong and Henan Provinces
July 7, 2011- A business fact finding and promotion mission led by H.E. Mr. Seyoum Mesfin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to China visited Guangdong and Henan Provinces from June 27 to July 5, 2011.

National Regional Government of Tigrai Opened Diaspora Affairs Office
July 6, 2011 (Mekelle) - The National Regional Government of Tigrai is pleased to announce the opening of the Diaspora Affairs Office of Tigrai. The office will enable to strengthen the relationship between the regional government of Tigrai and The Ethiopian Diaspora.

Abstract submission extended to July 15

Shambel Woldu Gebreziher Please contact us if you are reading this. Your daughter born after you left is looking for you!

A documentary about the past and the present state of Ethiopia and rebuilding the nation again, Endegena.
Good documentary!.
We wish the producers ventured outside the City and include interviews from those who were affected by the famine, their take on the changes they have seen since and also, have at least incorporated the stories of the likes of Amora somehow! You know the "quchit" of today that we are putting high hopes to turn us in to a developed nation started when the likes of Amora said "beqa" in 1967!
Mark Your Calendar
Tigray festival 2011, Washington DC!!

2011 TDA Europe Festival, at Stockholm!
Aug 26 and 27!

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