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Tigray Elected President Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) Speech from Mekelle- Jul 1st 2021

The president in his brief message since returning to the city, congratulated the people for the extra ordinary heroism they manifested during the last eight months. He assured the public, that no stone will be left unturned before the enemy is defeated once for all. Debretsion said , those culprits that inflicted untold miseries on the people must be held responsible. He said, Tigray does not consider the Amhara and Eritrean people as enemy but the leaders who ordered the invasion and destruction of Tigray must pay for the crimes they committed. Tigray will remain armed until lasting peace is guaranteed, he said.



For those who celebrated our enslavement, as if it was our freedom, in November of 2020 in Addis Ababa, Asmara, Bahirdar, Gonder Washington DC, Toronto and many other cities of the world, here is a video clip from Shire that shows what a genuine celebration of freedom looks like. We are eternally grateful to the sacrifices of our gallant fighters and the stalwartness of our people.
Aynalem Sebhatu 06-29-21


Interview with Tegadalay General Migbey from Tigray Defense Force(TDF) - June 2021

What an interview! The secret behind why Tigrawaynet is so unique and why Tigrayans have endured for so long and have been owners of a very splendid history of bravery and victory against all odds! The General is an amazing narrator besides his military acumen. No wonder Tigray is so confident of its victory despite the many losses of its contemporary leaders. Wai, enkua Tigraway konku! Isayas A. June 2021]


ኢየሩ 06-29-21


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Food and fuel running out in capital of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region
(CNN) - Food and fuel is running out in the capital of Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region, a CNN producer on the ground in Mekelle reports. A communications blackout in the region, in place since Ethiopian forces withdrew and announced a unilateral ceasefire last week, has made it difficult to determine the situation in Tigray and its capital Mekelle. But on Saturday, CNN was able to reach its producer on the ground who reports a blockade on Tigray by Ethiopian forces has been ongoing since June 25.

G. Amare, July 3, 2021 - Back in 2020, I had voiced my fear that the danger of war is looming because Tigrai's mortal enemies have been constantly engaged in conspiring, sabotaging, and beating war drums against Tigrai. I had expressed my concerns regarding the continuous spreading of fake information to create a dilemma and a cloud of doubt in the minds of the international community in a coordinated and organized manner.

After Sudden Defeat, Captured Ethiopian Soldiers Are Marched to Prison
The scale of the loss suffered by one of Africa's most powerful armies was on vivid display on Friday as thousands of government troops were paraded through Mekelle, the regional capital of Tigray.

Ethiopia denies blocking aid to Tigray where WFP trucks waited days to unload
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia on Friday denied blocking humanitarian aid to its northern Tigray region where hundreds of thousands face starvation, and said it was rebuilding infrastructure amid accusations it is using hunger as a weapon.
The Abiy group is so stupid it does not even know how to lie a good lie. While all international eyes are watching them naked so to speak, Demeke has no shame to tell the world his militias are not blocking badly needed Aid and that his forces did not destroy bridges. "Anta jofjaf Tsebe!!" Zeru Hagos 07-02-21

Securing Eternal Peace in Tigray: Fundamental factors
Fanus Haki 07-02-21 - The people of Tigray have suffered incalculable human, material and mental suffering in the hands of the Eritrean, Ethiopian and Amhara brutal forces. The international community more generally, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) specifically, must stand with victims of genocide and other gross crimes, and not with the Abiy, Isaias and Amhara leaders, who have perpetrated a well-planned mass crime, including systemic rape, starvation, atrocities, forced eviction and total destruction of livelihoods.

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Tigray-An approach for a Preliminary Assessment of the destruction and The Need for a Robust and Coordinated Humanitarian Response
Desta Asgedom 07-01-21 - The people of Tigray are peace-loving, law-abiding and hardworking people who want to grow, prosper, and aspire for change and for a better life. That is the purpose of life and living. They want to identify themselves with their history, preserve and enjoy their cultural identity and be the sole determinants of their destiny, which is a fundamental right of any society. But this has been met time and time again with wars of attrition, depopulation, and coerced assimilation of Tigrayans by successive Amhara-led regimes for nearly a century. During this period, the people of Tigray have suffered too much ...

Bridge on Tekeze River in Ethiopia's Tigray destroyed - aid group
NAIROBI (Reuters) - A bridge on the Tekeze river in Ethiopia's Tigray region has been destroyed, the International Rescue Committee said on Thursday, adding that as a result getting aid to the war-ravaged region would be "even more severely hampered than before".
It is really a pity we lived as Ethiopians with these animals for this long. How could the Amhara fotaa lebash fail to understand Tigrayans' wealth is not measured by how many factories and bridges Tigray has but by how resourceful and hard working its people are. People , Tigray Seb alewa aytidkemu , we will rebuild it in no time! Zeru Hagos July 1, 2021

Tigrayan forces have routed the Ethiopian army
ONCE THE history of Ethiopia's latest civil war is written, the battles of June could well be recounted as one of the great rebel victories of recent years. For it will explain how a group of insurgents in the mountains of Ethiopia's northern region of Tigray routed two of Africa's largest armies, Ethiopia's and Eritrea's, to reclaim Mekelle, their capital.
What is so amazing about this military victory is that it was done in such a short time and how fast they adapt to withstand the unforeseen military setbacks attributed to the Arab mercenaries' involvement. The ignorant fotaa lebash and the fox hole digging expert from the Shaibya camp were not the issues for TDF despite their huge superiority in numbers. The Arab-operated Drones were a problem and Glory to TDF military leaders they developed a plan to null the drone effect and live another day to defeat two government armies and a fotaa lebash Amhara militia. An amazing feat by any measuring standard.!

Tigray reject calls for ceasefire after Ethiopian government forces withdraw from regional capital
(CNN) forces in the war-torn Ethiopian region of Tigray have rejected a ceasefire offer from the central government, raising fears of further violence a day after the fighters retook the regional capital Mekelle. The recapture of the city by Tigrayan fighters and the retreat of Ethiopian government troops on Monday marked a stunning about-turn in the country's devastating eight-month civil war.

Thinking Out Loud
While we Tigrayans deservedly celebrate the defeat of the immediate enemy that was inflicting untold misery to our people, we must make sure the enemy hiding in Addis and Asmara knows we are not people with a short memory. We understand what power if left at the hand of a lunatic and a small-time dictator can do to our people. Abiy is still planning to strangulate the Tigrayans from his warm Sofa in Addis. Isaias is still planning to annex a large part of Tigray to Eritrea. and you know what the 'fotaa lebash" are planning from their hideout in Gondar. Unless we Tigrayans are cursed and stupid, we should not dream of a peaceful Tigray while all three are standing tall from their balconies. Tigrayan leaders should make sure any peace agreement is lasting. Aigaforum June 29, 2021

What's behind the renewed conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region?
Tensions between Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's government in Addis Ababa and leaders from the country's northern Tigray region entered a new phase this week, as rebels seized Mekele, the regional capital, and government forces fled.

SJTE Statement on the partial liberation of Tigray
Security and Justice for Tigrayans in Ethiopia (SJTE) wishes to convey its admiration for the people of Tigray and its defense forces (TDF) in their victory evicting the brutal army of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, Eritrean forces, and the Amhara militia from Mekelle, the capital city of Tigray on June 28, 2021.

Tigray forces seize regional capital, say Ethiopian-led troops are on the run
GONDAR, Ethiopia June 29 (Reuters) - Tigrayan forces said they had Ethiopian government troops on the run around the regional capital Mekelle on Tuesday after taking full control of the city in a sharp reversal of eight months of conflict. People in Mekelle, where communications were cut on Monday, said the incoming Tigrayan fighters were greeted with cheers. .

EUDC Congratulations Message to Tigray people for their Victory Against Invaders
EUDC June 29, 2021. (Tigrinya)

Tigray Celebrating and Looking Forward
Kalayu Abrha 06-29-21 - I congratulate Tegaru for the sudden shift from deep darkness to brightness and hope! In the late afternoon yesterday, I heard the breaking news about the liberation of Mekelle on ATV with my mouth wide open and my tiny eyes bulging out, letting warm tears of joy flow down my cheeks. In the morning hours of Nov. 4, 2020, I had experienced the same open mouth ...

Ethiopian forces withdraw from Tigray regional capital Mekelle
CNN - Less than a week into an intense offensive by Tigrayan forces, the Ethiopian military has withdrawn from the war-torn regional Tigrayan capital of Mekelle on Monday, a UN official told CNN. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisal from the Ethiopian government. The news was greeted with cheers in Mekelle, and CNN journalists witnessed as people poured onto the streets in celebration, despite calls for them to stay indoors. Fireworks could also be heard as celebrations carried on into the night.

New video of Ethiopia massacre shows soldiers passing phone around to document their executions of unarmed men
A few scattered human bones lay on the rocky ground, along with a broken skull and several half-burned identification cards.That is all the villagers could find, six months after Ethiopian troops rounded up their loved ones and shot them at point-blank range, throwing the bodies off a rocky hillside deep in the mountains of central Tigray in Ethiopia.

Abiy Army Routed in Tigray!!
The success of the recent TDF Military strategic operation is beyond anyone's imagination. Although no one doubts the tenacity and ability of Tigrayans and their renowned general's ability to win battles and wars it is still an amazing feat. The following is one snapshot of Abiy Ahmed's foot soldiers that were taken, prisoners. We are told there are other similar camps. The Tigray government is trying to reach the ICRC and other International Institutions so these prisoners' needs are met. As you all know the Abiy government has blocked all roads leading into Tigray and these prisoners need to be fed and transported to their place of origin.

Tigray's Holy War: What should the objectives be? Part I
Retie Keneo 06-25-.21 - The popular struggle of Tigrayans is a just fight against internal and external genocidal criminals and oppressors; and it must aim to stop this alien occupation, the on-going and future genocide and crimes against humanity in all their aspects, hold those criminals accountable, compel the Ethiopian and Eritrean states to compensate fully for the human and material damage they have caused, and to safeguard the unqualified right to self-rule of Tigrayans under national and global laws.

Ethiopia's airstrike at Togoga market in Tigray: Old habits die hard
GSTS 06-26-.21 - On the 22nd of June, an airstrike by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) on the town of Togoga, 30 km northwest of Tigray's capital, Mekelle left more than 80 people dead and 180 injured1. The airstrike appears to be well-planned to cause maximum damage and hence targeted a busy market at the peak of trading hours.

Aid group MSF 'horrified' as colleagues murdered in Tigray
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - The medical charity Doctors Without Borders says it is "horrified by the brutal murder" of three colleagues in Ethiopia's Tigray region, the latest attack on humanitarian workers helping civilians in the deadly conflict there.

A Political Solution Is the Only Way: Crisis Escalates in Ethiopia Amid War, Famine & Elections
Tsedale Lemma - An Ethiopian military bombing of a marketplace in the Tigray region killed at least 64 people in one of the deadliest attacks since government forces invaded the region last November...since Ahmed ordered the Ethiopian military to invade Tigray, which is home to Ethiopia's former governing party, the Tigray People's Liberation Front. The invasion has led to massive food shortages, with aid groups warning 350,000 people in Tigray are on the brink of famine than half a dozen neighboring villages and small towns to market.

Medical official: air strike kills at least 43 in Ethiopia's Tigray
(Reuters), ADDIS ABABA June 23 (Reuters) - An air strike killed at least 43 people in the town of Togoga in Ethiopia's Tigray region on Tuesday, a medical official told Reuters, after residents said new fighting had flared in recent days north of the regional capital Mekelle. The bomb hit a market at around 1:00 p.m., according to a woman who said her husband and two-year-old daughter had been injured.

Ezana Sehay June 22, 2021 - For us, Tegaru, June 22nd is a special day: It is our martyr's day, a day we remember the fallen heroes of the struggle against the Ethiopian genocidal regime Dreg. It is the day that provides us an opportunity to celebrate the most sacred act of humanity. The day not only to sanctify the dead but also provide moral nourishment to those living. It is also a day to revisit our history and look to the future.

Abiy Ahmed and the tarnishing of the world's most famous prize
(Washington Post) - If good things come to those who wait, do bad things come to those who don't?...Now, some analysts wonder whether the premature delivery of the award - which led to Abiy's lionization in the West - had a role to play in the ongoing crisis. "We have to acknowledge that we helped to contribute to Abiy's view of himself," Judd Devermont, an Africa expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the New York Times. "We papered over these challenges very early. We gave him a blank check. When it went wrong, we initially turned a blind eye. And now it may be too late."

The world may have been fooled by this man but Tigrayans were not. From the get-go, Tigrayans have called this fake man "meshrefet". He was not able to fool Tigrayans at all! This tells who Tigrayans are. Enkua Tigraway konku!! Zeru Hagos June 22, 2021

From Nobel Hero to Driver of War, Ethiopia's Leader Faces Voters
At this stage of the war in Tigray, one might argue it is academic, but here is additional information on who started the war. (NY Times today)
"By early last November, word reached Washington that war was looming in Tigray. Senator Chris Coons, who has a longstanding interest in Africa, phoned Mr. Abiy to warn about the perils of resorting to military force. Mr. Coons, a Democrat from Delaware, said he reminded the Ethiopian leader that the American Civil War and World War I had started with promises of swift military victory, only to drag on for years and cost millions of lives. Mr. Abiy was undeterred. "He was confident it would be over in six weeks," Mr. Coons said. Days later, on the evening of the American presidential election, fighting erupted in Tigray."

TPLF Statement: A call for General Uprising and Strategic Offensive Military Campaign to Liberate Tigray and Tigrayans
TPLF Office has called for a general uprising and a final Strategic Military Offensive to remove aggressors from Tigray. In its statement, TPLF said, the continued rape of Tigrayan girls and the untold killing and mayhem has to stop, and now is the time to engage the enemy once for all. TPLF calls on every abled Tigrayan to block all roads and apprehend the fleeing enemy. As your recall TDF started a major strategic attack on the Tembien front on June 17-18, 2021. The initial report coming is the Enemy comprised of Eritrean soldiers and Abiy Ahmed's leftover soldiers have been routed decisively.

Hidden horrors in the Tigray War: The allies' ethos of cruelty
Berhane G 06-19-21 - Since the war begun on November 4, 2020, in Tigray region, the allied forces (Ethiopia soldiers, Amhara Militia and Eritrean soldiers) murdered thousands of civilians, violently raped women and girls aging from 4 to 70s, and destructed all infrastructures of the region. Why? In November 2020, a religious festival in Mariam Dengelat was turned into a massacre by Eritrean soldiers. The soldiers murdered the priests, old men and women, entire families, and a group of more than....

Don't Turn Away From These Images and These Crimes
Nicholas Kristof (NYT) - Meet Rahel, 19, a human face of a brutal ethnic cleansing now underway in Ethiopia. "There were three soldiers," she said as she lay on a bed in a crowded hospital. "They were asking me to take off my dress. I refused. I said, "You can kill me." The men paid no heed and gang-raped her, part of a scorched-earth counterinsurgency campaign of murder, rape, pillage and famine by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops.

NYT Reports The War in Tigray
(NYT) Abiy Ahmed, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for brokering a deal with Eritrea. However, the nation is now in the grips of a civil war, as Mr. Ahmed undertakes a military campaign that has killed thousands and displaced millions. In the northern region of Tigray, there have been widespread reports of massacres, human rights abuses and a looming famine.

Ezana Sehay 2016-06-15 - It goes with out saying, The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfay is one of the most successful and beloved entertainers of his generation. Nevertheless, despite his status in the industry (entertainment) he is recognized for his dawn to earth attitude. A couple of years ago, during the Grammys award ceremony, Adele, another extraordinary singer is quoted to have said, "how is this guy (the Weeknd) so talented and handsome yet so humble".

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2021 All rights reserved.

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