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DW International- with Sekuture Getachew and Berihu Teweldebrhan - July 15, 2020


HakfenMedia : With Salsay Woyane Hayalu Godifay Jul, 2020



AAN.Media : With Hailemariam Tesfai from ENCDC Jul, 2020


ተመስገን ከበደ


The man is sick. HE IS NOW CALLING ETHIOPIANS ANTS? Ethiopians did not ask him nor elected him to lead them- right? Why doesn't he leave power if that is so? This must not pass unpunished, shame to the enablers of this regime and this man! [Zeru Hagos July 7, 2020]


TPLF Executive Statement (Amharic) - July 8, 2020


DW TV (Amharic)- July 8, 2020
On Abiy and Media closure. Abiy must be resenting what he uttered before on media freedom! The emperor is naked really!



TMH live with Getachew Reda- July 6, 2020


Three Ropes Round My Neck!
Yared Huluf


Climbing the Towers of Tigray in Ethiopia

Adventure films have been in short supply recently, in part because most of us haven't been able to actually go out on an adventure. One of the clips that truly caught my attention-not to mention my imagination-is this beautiful film shot in Ethiopia, as they visit the dramatic landscapes of the Tigray region.


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The Political Economy of the Emerging Neo-Neftegna State in Ethiopia
Makonnen Tesfaye; July 17, 2020 - In the political economy and history of Ethiopia the Neftegna Stateand Orderis the socio-economic and political system that prevailed in the Southern, Eastern and Western parts of the country (also extending to parts of the Welqait and Raya lands of Tigray) for over 100 years,spanning from Menelik to Haileselassie imperial eras. The political economy was based on modes of production and relations characterised by serfdom intermingled with features of slave economies.

Injudicious Politics, Ethnic Conflicts, and the Breakdown of Law and Order in Ethiopia
Teum Mezgebo 17 July 2020 - Since Abiy Ahmed took the premiership in 2018, he is persistently preaching populist, antagonistic and injudicious politics against ethnic groups who advocate for self-determination and federal system. Prime Minister Abiy has rejected self-rule and federalism and he has been pressing ahead with his Medemer policy against the wishes of many ethnic groups. The Medemer policy is not designed...

DW TV(Amharic) - Tigrai Parliament Appointed Election Board - July 16, 2020, Memhir Muluwerq and W/ro Tsegereda were appointed as Commissioner and Vice-Commissioner, and Assoc Profes Meresa, Dr. Tsega, and Aite Mohammed as members.

What now?
Aesop 07/16/2020 - Most people have formulated their own perspectives pertaining the mounting problems in Ethiopia. The political and social repercussions of post-Hachaallu assassination are clear to all. Perhaps, one factor many tend to overlook is the economic impact of the internet shutdowns. When Ethiopia shut down the internet for 30 days back in 2016, Brooking estimated that Ethiopia lost $8,539,355 in GDP.

Now, a Time to restore Axumite Kingdom using the Magic Article 39
Gebre Selema 07-14-20- I have to admit that I have always despised TPLF as myopic that squandered the blood of the poor, humble and selfless Tigreans youth who have given away their own precious lives so that their people will live with their heads up and free. I do not want to delve into the arduous bloody civil war Tigreans went through since everyone of us know and lived it till the end.

Violence in Ethiopia underscores unresolved ethnic tensions
Oromia, one of the regions in Ethiopia's ethnically constituted federation and the country's most populated one, also happens to be the political constituency of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Unfortunately, the region is the country's biggest security challenge.

Ethiopia denies reports government has started filling dam (AP)

Just like Abiy likes it, his handlers are in full speed to confuse the public. While the local PP media outlets are claiming Dr. Seleshi has told them the filling of the Dam has started, the hired journalist feeding the West are reporting, depending on who they want to support, yes the filling has started and no it has not! Meantime, Abiy is buying time to soft-land the issue before he hands over complete control of the Dam to Egypt.

Ethiopia starts filling Grand Renaissance dam, minister says(Reuters)

Rethinking the violence in Ethiopia
Minga Negash 07-14-20 - Finding conflict monies and analysis of violence requires competency in the disciplines of forensic accounting, criminology and police science. Defining the term accountability as answerability, responsibility, and liability, there are at least five forms of accountability...

Satellite images show Ethiopia dam reservoir swelling
JOHANNESBURG (AP) - New satellite imagery shows the reservoir behind Ethiopia's disputed hydroelectric dam beginning to fill, but an analyst says it's likely due to seasonal rains instead of government action.

Remember, similar swelling happened a few years back. This is not the start of the real filling of the Dam. Western media outlets are trying their best to soft-land the issue so Abiy and Sisi can sign on the dotted line. Dr. Seleshi all eyes are on you! Ethiopia's future depends on you. If things are getting out of your control then resign and let Ethiopians know. Let Amhara elite politicians supporting Abiy know they are Menelik incarnate! Zeru Hagos July 14, 2020

Tigray, Ethiopia: pathways to progress
Community trekking is the latest development to emerge from the evolution of responsible tourism. The people of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia have faith it will provide the sacred landscape with a blessed future

Tigray must invoke article 39
Senay Tewolde 7-12-20 - Notwithstanding that the national oppression in all its ugly and cruel forms had been there for over a century; notwithstanding that the people of Tigray had been treated as second class citizens and suspects in Ethiopia for decades, I still find it necessary to fully disclose that such a political and historical aspiration was unthinkable and alien for me until the last few years.

Defining PM Abiy Using DSM-5
G. Amare, July 12, 2020 - There is no saddest thing than seeing Ethiopia collapsing and sliding into a state of balkanization. And this is due to lack of a leader with clear vision and direction; and a leader capable of formulating and producing strategies and policies helpful to confront with Ethiopia’s real challenges upfront.

The Eritrean regime should not be allowed to starve its own People
Petros Tesfagiorgis 07-13-20 - My condolence to the families and to the people of Ethiopian of the murder of the Oromo singer and activist Hachalu Hundessa. The Oromo youth rose up in protest. The reaction by the Government was severe, several people were killed, and properties destroyed and prominent politicians were arrested.

Tigray Adey: let it be at any cost!
Hailemariam Abebe 07-12-20 - For the past some forty-five years, the top political leadership of the TPLF, had a sort of a gag order on Tegaru from advocating for their history. The gag order was something like “do not write the truth about our history or do not tell it like it is, for it would create animosity with others...

TMH TV(Amharic) -With Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader - July 12, 2020

The Unimaginable Has Become More Conceivable: A Warning to the International Community.
Elias Dawit 07-12-20 - In most countries, the decision to delay an election is a clear sign of authoritarianism. Yet, the Ethiopian Prime Minister's decision to postpone elections, first scheduled to take place in May 2020, because of COVID-19, is judged "good governance" by the government's Western allies. Conversely, the decision made by Tigray to hold its regional elections is viewed as unconstitutional because the National Electoral Board refused to grant permission to the people of Tigray to exercise their constitutional rights. In most countries, a government that deploys its security forces to fire on protestors, killing at least 239, is a clear sign of repression. Abiy Ahmed, however, is given a pass. After all, he won the Nobel Prize for Peace.... More

The Right Honorable Justin Pierre James Trudeau MP, Prime Minister of Canada
Oromo Canadian Community Association 07-12-20 - We, the members of the Oromo Canadian Community Association of Atlantic Canada, and the Oromo Community Association of Nova Scotia, are writing this letter to bring to your attention and express our deepest concerns about the continued mass killing, evicting of farmers from their land, arbitrary arrest without due process, torturing of innocent civilians, raping of girls and women in front of their families, burning of crops, and the killing of opposition parties’ supporters and party members in Oromia by defense forces, Federal Police, Federal Security, and Special Forces of the Ethiopian government lead by Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia..

Oromos say Ethiopia has become a 'dangerous country for us' at Paris rally
Abiy may think he has silenced the Oromo youth in Finifine, but, all over the world, Oromos and supporters are protesting highlighting his regime callous disregard to life in Ethiopia.

The Looming Civil Strife in Ethiopia: Putting the International Community on Notice
Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) 07-11-20 - It is with profound sadness that the Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) expresses its concern about the ever-increasing killings of innocent civilians, targeted assassinations of high-level officials and prominent personalities, massive detentions, and the excessive use of force by security forces in Oromia and other parts of the country.

Democratic elections, self-determination and federal system of government are the only choices for Ethiopians to coexist in peace as one nation.
Teum Mezgebo 07-11-20 - Ethiopian people have never had any luck of a good leader since Atse Menelik II. Amara and Oromo nationalists seem to blame the people of Tigray and TPLF for what is happening now in Ethiopia. The Amharas extremists started ethnic violence, killing, and ethnic cleansing against Tigrayeans and Kemants in Gondar. Kemant and Tigrayean-owned businesses have been attacked...

Moody's: Ethiopia political tensions are credit negative
LONDON, July 10 (Reuters) - Ratings agency Moody's said on Friday that the latest bout of political unrest in Ethiopia following the murder of a popular singer threatened to further slow already stalling economic growth and was "credit negative". Moody's downgraded Ethiopia's long-term issuer rating to B2 from B1 in May.

... And the governing party name is 'prosperity' ወይ መዓልቲ!!

Ethiopia's week of unrest sees 239 dead, 3,500 arrested
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - At least 239 people have been killed and 3,500 arrested in more than a week of unrest in Ethiopia that poses the biggest challenge yet to its Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister. In the Oromia region, the toll includes 215 civilians...
Does Elias check his stories for truth or simply repeat what officials say? If he said, businesses in Oromo are opening, he surely must have visited some places. Why not name the cities he visited?

Call a Spade a Spade: MP Abiy a Dictator!
Temsgn Kebede 07-09-20 - We came a long way. It was not easy; we did not expect it to be. We paid dearly every inch of the way. No family was left unscathed, some suffered beyond one could imagine but at last, we were free; free at last. We broke the chains and stormed the Cimmerian Dark Age dungeons of autocratic one ethnic domination bondage the rest of Ethiopia was shackled with and kept under.

Jawar Mohammed: The Ethiopian media mogul taking on Abiy Ahmed
(BBC) - Having previously warned that Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed risked turning into an "illegitimate" ruler, Jawar Mohammed, 34, has now become the most high-profile opposition politician to be detained since the Nobel Peace laureate took office in April 2018. An ethno-nationalist with a Facebook following of nearly two million, Mr Jawar is...

The Ants Hurt
Aesop 07/08/2020 - The PM uttered a phrase that I, hopefully for the last time, agree with. He said: "leading Ethiopia at this juncture is akin to carrying a million ants on one’s shoulder. It hurts!". I think he is right!Armies of "ants" (to use his metaphor) are crawling all over the PM these past few days. The PM managed to stave off a serious...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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