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Ethiopian Heritage Event @Oxford University - July 2019


Tigrai Deputy President Debretsion(Ph.D.) on the planned redistricting effort- July 2019



Tigrigna poem by Desta G/hawaria(Basha Desta)- July 2019
What a gifted and talented person!


አዲሱ ቦለቲካ
ኢዮብ ከጮማእምኒ 7-26-19



Yared Tebebu on DR Dangachew! - July 2019

We can understand DR. Dangachew current infatuation with the current regime but why is Yared so consumed lately? Is this the case of the Somali saying " this is beyond the goat...ከ ፍየልዋ በላይ ነው!" How could Yared not have seen such development from the get-go when all kind of extremists and dysfunctional diaspora politicians were invited to join the government of Abiy!


Legacy Real State, a modern highrise apartment in the heart of Addis Ababa inaugurated on July 21, 2019


DW TV with Zerihun Teshome - July 2019


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Tigray deputy president Debretsion conferred with the esteemed Professor David Dror from Geneva on strengthening community based health insurance in Tigray. Earlier today professor Dror made an inspiring presentation on health care financing and shared the experience of different countries at the Qou Vadis Tigrai 2019 conference in Mekelle.(from Seifesilassie Gebremeskel Guangul)

Republic of Ethiopia Travel Advisory Expanded
July 29th, 2019 - A Level 2 Travel Advisory was expanded for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia by the US Department of State.This Ethiopian 'Exercise Increased Caution' Travel Advisory issued on July 29, 2019, is related to sporadic civil unrest and communications disruptions. And, incidents of civil unrest and ethnic violence may occur without warning....
If the country is not at peace as the respected western embassies are saying, why are all the respected media from the west reporting the country planted 350 Million trees in one day yesterday? Who is lying? Almost most of the South is under siege, Western Oromia has been off-limit for a while and we all know what is happening in the Amhara region, so who planted the 350 million trees yesterday?

How the Boris Johnson government is deploying psy-ops warfare techniques against the British public
Read Also: - The Transatlantic Triumph of Trumpism: Boris Johnson - A Plan Years in the Making
hurchill College, Cambridge, 2013. A December weekend out of term time, and a hundred or so right-wing libertarians are gathered in a lecture hall to hear an American talk with two rising stars of the Young Britons Foundation (YBF) on its 10th anniversary.

Who was the one that said the OroMara coalition is "እሳት እና ጭድ?" In just a little over a year, the two are on a cutthroat campaign to undermine each other! Meantime, Ethiopia is suffering! It is really sad the elders and learned men and women from these two large communities are allowing the destruction of Ethiopia by enabling an inept government. Read the two Open Letters!
Concerned Amhara Open Letter       Concerned Oromo Open Letter

The Populist Prime Minister of Ethiopia and His Development Priorities
Assefa A. Lemu 7-28-19 - Understanding the personality/characteristics of the person who leads our country, his political tactics, and strategies, his intentions, goals, and visions are very important. We can learn some of these from what he wrote, what he spoke, and what he did. To this end, I read Dr. Abiy's book titled "Erkab Ena Menber" and shared my review of that book with the readers ...

Hedase Dam is Alive- Thank You PM Abiy!
(Aigaforum) July 27, 2019 - Thank You DW TV! Hoping against hope that you have not become one addition to the enabler's media that tainted this project in the name of "change" we are ecstatic to hear the project is on track again!We heard early on, once Abiy assumed power, Egypt was asking for the destruction of the physical dam! We were really heartbroken! Given the UAE and Saudi interest in...

Ethiopia attempts to break record by planting 200 million trees in a day
Ethiopian officials believe they set a world record on Monday by planting more than 200 million trees in a single day. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led Monday's effort which is aimed at countering the effects of deforestation and climate change in Ethiopia. The effort is part of Green Legacy Initiative that started during the late PM Meles Zenawi, which is taking part in 1,000 places across the drought-prone country.

Much ado about Mauritius Leaks?
Mauritius siphons tax from poor nations to benefit elites," wrote the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)-that also gave us the Panama and Paradise Papers—in their latest round of leaks last week. Some 54 reporters from 18 countries around the world were involved. Their report, “Mauritius Leaks," details how laws in the country help corporations avoid taxes.

The Escalating Suppression of Southern Ethiopian Nationalities
Makonnen Tesfaye, July 27, 2019 No sooner had the blood of the martyred Sidama People dried - with over 100 deaths to date and perpetrated by the Federal and Regional forces - when the Abiy Government put the whole of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR) under a State of Emergency (dressed up as Military Command Post).

Horn of Africa Drought Threatens Re-run of Famines Past
UNITED NATIONS, Jul 25 2019 (IPS) - Humanitarian groups and the United Nations are warning of another drought in the Horn of Africa, threatening a repeat of the deadly dry spell and famine that claimed lives in Somalia and its neighbours eight years ago.The British charity Oxfam said Thursday that more than 15 million people across drought-stricken parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia now needed handouts...
It is really sad to see Ethiopia sliding back to square one! All the hard work over the last 28 years was to avoid such humiliating begging of handouts. The lords of poverty will be in full swing begging the Western World to save the Horn of Africa! Meanwhile, the Abiy government is busy auctioning the main industries of the country that were pillars of the development. Once auctioned, Ethiopia will be truly a beggar country with no means to develop the infrastructure needed to fight poverty/famine of the future!

"የጭፍን ጥላቻ ማማ!"
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለም ተስፋይ 7-27-19

Very informative analysis of the current political environment of Ethiopia by Assoc Prof Meressa Tsehaye - Tigrai Media House(TMH) July 2019

The secret history of the U.S. intelligence community's battle with Iran's Revolutionary Guard
The hackers pretended to be professors, appealing to Achilles' heel of academics: their egos. Posing as admiring colleagues from other universities, they emailed their targets, claiming they had enjoyed their articles and wanted to read more of their work. The emails contained links to articles the "professors" claimed they could not access.Once the actual professors clicked on these links...

Ethnic separatists are challenging Ethiopia's unity
July 18th was supposed to be a day of celebration for the Sidama. Ethiopia's fifth-biggest ethnic group was to vote on statehood in a referendum. Some members anticipated the moment by hoisting Sidama flags over local-government buildings in the territory that would make up their semi-autonomous state. In Hawassa they began erecting billboards welcoming visitors to their new capital.

How Long Will the Center Hold?: National Security, the Economy and Elections
Elias Dawit 7-25-19 - Although unfashionable in today's political discourse to bring up the ideas of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, it is hard to ignore his thinking on issues related to Ethiopia's national security and economy. In a country of over 100 million people cohabitating together in a rough neighborhood of ethnic, religious, regional and political differences...

Tigrai can exist without Ethiopia but Ethiopia cannot be without Tigray
Teodros Kiros (PH.D) 7-25-19 - Ethiopian history begins at Tigray about 2000 years ago. There is empirical evidence that the Tigrean civilization has existed as far as 2000 BC followed by the world-historical Axumite civilization in 500 BC.Modern Ethiopia is a direct descendant of this ancient Tigrean Civilization. These two civilizations, ancient and modern, are inextricably intertwined.

The warning lights:
Daniel Mamo 7-24-19 - Recently I called my uncle in Addis Abeba. We just started conversing when it was abruptly cut and I started hearing back the apparent record of what has been just said over the line. I cringed and then made repeated calls over the next weeks and the result was the same. It appears that the Abiy government has started to be paranoid in just over a year of coming to power.

The Sidama Question, Democratic Self-determination and Federalism
Makonnen Tesfaye; July 24, 2019 - The manner of the handling and the brutal attack on Sidama people's aspiration and constitutional right for a Regional Statehood is yet another major milestone of the Abiy Government's systematic onslaught on democracy, self-determination and federalism in Ethiopia. The fifth biggest nationality in Ethiopia, the Sidama ...

Ethiopia says army to take over security in troubled south
Addis Ababa (AFP) - Ethiopia announced Monday that soldiers and federal police will take over security in a restive southern region following days of violence that has left at least 18 people dead."The regular security structure has been unable to ensure rule of law and has been stymied by various agendas," ...

The more things change the more they stay the same! Didn't Hailemariam resign as PM because he could not restore peace due to the "qerro" movement? Why is the "ejote" movement not forcing PM Abiy to resign? Haielamraim tried to quell things with two localized emergency decree to no avail. Abiy by our account has more than four active regional emergency decrees with more people killed and uprooted since he came to power. Yet, no one from the usual corner is crying foul! Not the USA nor the many human rights advocates of the world! We hope Ethiopians are taking note no one but themselves can save their future! God Have Mercy on Ethiopia!

Changing the FDRE Constitution: Whose interest is to be served?
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 7-22-19 - The Constitution of the most powerful and the most surefooted democracy in the world was written by a handful of self-appointed individuals adoringly known as "The Founding Fathers". The US Constitution had addressed the most fundamental of human and civil rights, but it also left several holes open that was taken care of for the last 200 years as amendments and annulments.

The Slow Death of EPRDF( Part-1)
Samuel Estefanous 22 July 2019 - I have been around for a while and I dare say I pretty much know what I am talking about- vis-à-vis the FDRE Constitution. For starter I wouldn't be off mark when I contend that the Constitution was uncomfortably conceived in a state of utter belligerency and promulgated on the 'graves of the vanquished.' But there is a staggering statistical anomaly that has made the Constitution a way laid stranger in its own land ...

French Minister of Economy & Finance Visits Ethiopian
Addis Ababa, 22 July 2019 A French delegation led by French Minister of Economy & Finance, H.E. Bruno Le Maire visited Ethiopian Airlines on July 22, 2019. Upon their arrival at Ethiopian, the delegation was welcomed by Ethiopian Group CEO Mr Tewolde GebreMariam and the Executive Management team.

The Clash of Cultures in Ethiopia
Assefa A. Lemu 7-21-19 - Like me, you may be wondering why Ethiopia is going through cycles of conflicts and instabilities and why insecurity is always looming over the Ethiopian sky. You may be also wondering about what is the underlying problem that needs to be addressed to bring peace and stability to Ethiopia. In this article, I will briefly discuss one of the underlying problems-the clashes of cultures. As Prof. Huntington put in his book...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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Tigrai Telethon July 28, 2019
Armed with a slogan "Tigrai bi Tsifrina!" organizers were expecting to raise around 250 million but Tigrai Telethon has surpassed 600 million and still counting!!! The Diaspora Community is yet to be counted but the plan is in the works to raise more funds from North America in the coming months! Congratulations!!


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