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Short Comment from Dr Debretsion after his meeting with President Isaias Afeworki.


Eritrea president hails unity with Ethiopia on historic visit





Ethiopian Students On The Verge of One Million USD Prize


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Ethiopian Airlines makes historic flight to Eritrea
Ethiopian Airlines said its "bird of peace" flew to Eritrea, after the end of the "state of war"."I am in cloud nine," flight captain Yosef Hailu told the BBC.Relatives and friends are expected to be reunited for the first time since a 1998-2000 border war between the two nations shut air and road travel.Demand was so huge that a second flight left within 15 minutes, AFP news agency reported.

Eritreans hope for democracy after peace deal with Ethiopia
With Eritrea the only one-party state in Africa, many of its citizens are hoping that President Isaias Afwerki will introduce sweeping political reforms following the end of the "state of war" with neighbouring Ethiopia.Mr Afwerki has been in power since leading Eritrea to independence from Ethiopia in 1993.He was heavily influenced by...

Global Society of Tigrean Scholars Conference
The Global Society of Tigrean Scholars Conference will be heled in Mekelle Tigrai from July 18-22,2018

Briefing -Part1

Briefing -Part2

Tecola W Hagos (17 July 2018) - Before I recovered from watching in the Internet the dazzling, completely exhausting, and emotionally draining events of the visit by PM Abiy Ahmed of Asmara/Eritrea, now I am dealing with no less exhausting and emotionally draining events of the historic visit by Pres Issaias Afeworki of Addis Ababa/Ethiopia, which was just concluded. As PM Abiy emphasizes often...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Ugliest of them All?
Temesgen Kebede 07-17-18 - Some forty years ago, a 14 year old EPLF conscripted fighter (manjus) who was guarding prisoners of war as they were relieving themselves after a long stint in a dark dungeon, lost his temper and shot...

ብስራት ስምምዕ ሓባራዊ ዕዮ ክልተ ሃገራውያን ውድባት ኤርትራ።
ሰልፊ ደሞክራሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ሃገራዊ ድሕነት ኤርትራ ሕድሪ 07-17-18

How Ethiopia and Eritrea made peace
The appointment in April of a new Ethiopian prime minister, 41-year-old Abiy Ahmed was vital. On taking office he called for peace, as did his two predecessors. But in early June he went further, by offering to implement the UN peace agreement, including its controversial ruling on the location of the border, without preconditions. The political and generational shift within the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) heralded by his rise had made such fresh thinking possible...

የአሰብ ወደበን ስራ ለማስቀጠል ዝግጅት ተጀመረ
የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ቃል አቀባይ ጽ/ቤት 07-17-18

Ethiopian Shelves Plane Deals, Maps Out Privatization Plan
The CEO said that privatization plans, sanctioned by Ethiopia’s ruling politburo last month, are more likely to see foreign involvement in various operating units than an outright stake sale, given that Ethiopian Air already makes a significant economic contribution to the nation while being efficient, competitive internationally and able to raise capital for growth.

Ethiopia: The new China?
Ethiopia's economy has grown at a faster rate than any other African country in the past 10 years and it's been trying to open up its economy. But foreign investors and local businesses complain a shortage of foreign currencies like the US dollar are stifling the private sector.

PM Abiy order the Army to intervene to restore peace in areas bordering Oromia and Somalia Region/Kilil.(Amharic)
GCAO July 16, 2018 -
We are glad PM Abiy has ended his honeymoon journey on the love train and started to be serious. Ethiopia needs a strong and progressive government. To be honest with you all our readers, we were wondering where PM Abiy priority lies when we heard he was firing and jailing federal government individuals while extremists and anti-peace elements were roaming the country killing innocent people all over Oromia in broad daylight!

Obama in ancestral home Kenya to launch sister's project
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Former U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Kenya Sunday, the country of his father's birth, his first visit to this East African country since leaving office.Obama is in Kenya to help launch the sports and training center founded by his half-sister, Auma Obama, through her foundation Sauti Kuu.

ከንቱ መፍጨርጨር
ዳዊት ምትኩ 07-16-18

Press Briefing by General Manager of Rayaa Beer Ato Tewelde Asfaw. Rayaa Beer is one of the main sponsors of Mekelle Sports Club. July 15, 2018

Using the Future to Change the Present: Evolution VS. Revolution
Tecola W. Hagos July 15, 2018 (Reprint) - One must revisit old ideas often for the seeds for new ideas and future ideas may be embedded in such old even ancient ideas. I am writing thus, for I am thinking of the time tested almost apocryphal statement from Ecclesiasts 1:9: “There is no new thing under the Sun.” Indeed, that maybe the case if we think of time as an eternal present/now. If not, I hold the opposite that nothing is eternally set, but in flux and improvised.

A Statement from Concerned Scholars and Civic Societies July, 2018 - This statement is prepared by concerned Ethiopians from Tigray–a regional states bordering Eritrea - and submitted to the Ethiopian public at large. From the outset, we would like to associate ourselves with those striving to bring sustainable peace and economic cooperation between Eritrea and Ethiopia. We would like to express our readiness to further assist such efforts in any way we can.

Egypt Induced Riots & Instability Have Changed the Political Order of Ethiopia - What is next for Egypt?
Ermias Hailu July 14, 2018 - When the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi decided to launch the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in 2011 by crossing Egypt’s long held red line, it is most likely that he did not do an in-depth and realistic risk assessment and mitigation.

ወያነ አብ ልዕሊ ጫትን ሱስን ትወይን
Amleset Tesfay, July 15, 2018 - The view that drug (Khat or hashish) use is a moral choice is pervasive, pernicious, and wrong (David Sheff, 'overcoming addiction and Ending the greatest tragedy').The world health organization (WHO) has clearly categorized addiction as a disease and many scientific evidences have shown that any form of addiction is a chronic mental health problem.

Ummata tokko, biyyoota lama
Abba-didu Bilisaa 07-15-18 Tibbana haariiroon Itiyoophiyaa fi Eritiraa giddu jiruu waggoota kurnan lama darban irraa bifa adda ta’e qabate jiraa. Miniteerri mummee Itiyoophiyaa Dr Abiy Ahimad torbaan darbe gara Eritiraatti imalanii ...

Eritrean president returns favor, visits Ethiopia as hostilities between the countries ease
ADDIS ABABA, Ethi­o­pia - Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki landed in Ethiopia’s capital Saturday morning, following his Ethiopian counterpart’s groundbreaking trip to Asmara earlier this month amid the warming ties between the once-rival nations.After a two-year war and an 18-year standoff, the two countries have suddenly agreed to restore...
While our hopes are at an all-time high that our people will enjoy full peace now that the two countries are talking again, we can not tell you how fearful we are for our brothers and sisters in Eritrea. The one man regime may be emboldened with all the attention he is getting and increase his repression to forestall any demonstration to demand a free and fair election as well as a constitutional order in Eritrea! Sources are telling us the Europeans will demand Isaias Afeworki to open up and allow citizens to benefit from a constitutional order soon. At the moment no one knows if the US will join the EU but it is a foregone conclusion it will do so in due time. Our fear is instead of opening up Isaias will increase the repression!

Ethiopian Diplomat Arrested on Visa Fraud Charges
LOS ANGELES – An Ethiopian diplomat was arrested today by federal agents for visa fraud violations arising out of the use of non-immigrant diplomatic visas for family members who did not qualify under federal regulations. Desta Woldeyohannes Delkasso, 54, an Ethiopian national assigned to...

“Unsafe at Any Speed”
Aynalem Sebhatu 07-12-18 - Now that I have wrapped up my six week visit in Ethiopia, I would like to share my observations on the current political situations in the country. To be sure it is important to note that I did not get a chance to visit all regions. But I have made an effort to meet with old friends from different regions and discussed with many young people of different...

Interview with Kilinto Official on the on going disturbance by prisoners
Solomon Tekalegn from Tsenat Radio interview with Federal Prison offical on the developing story of riot and disturbance by prisioners
July 12, 2018


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Dear Fellow Participants, As you may be aware, the Grand Tigray Conference will take place between 18 and 22 July 2018 in Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia.





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