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Current Events

Have Your Say: PM Hailemariam and President Obama in Addis July 2015

If you are PM Hailemariam Desalegn and you have all the ears and eyes of the most powerful man in this world if not in this universe what would you say to him when you meet him? ....for more and to Have Your Say!Click Here!


Notice: From Ethiopian Consulate General of Los Angeles - in regard to Ethiopian Origion Card!
[Those of you who may have forgotten to renew should renew during this grace period unless you want to pay a hefty penality!]



Mekelle University Animal Research Teaching Hospital Reportage Jun 30, 2015

Ethiopia is doing everything possible to extricate itself from poverty.The country is betting the many Universities will help her overcoming the hurdles!Mekelle University Animal Hospital seems almost ready to tackle one of the issue... Must Listen!


በሃሰተኛ የትምህርት ማስረጃ የተገለገለችው ግለሰብ በእስራት ተቀጣች

After reading the above news from fanbc, we wonder if the government will also come hard with people who are passing as learned men and women with a fake advance degree! There are some passing as EPRDF supporters if not government employees who are becoming a pawn of the extremists here in diaspora with this fake Degree! As it is, it is hard for some of us to fight the extremists, when you have characters with dubious achievement as supporters of the EPRDF it is even harder!


Invitation to participate IPSS briefing session on Thursday July 2, 2015 at 10 am, Goethe Institute, Addis Ababa
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Concept Note: Spotlight on Migration


Wurayna Magazine was able to sit down with Aboy Sebhat for its 16th edition. Aboy was asked the following questions and answered them one by one.


Invitation to Invest in A Gambella Cotton Farm

For further Info Contact:
Gambella Cotton Farm
Tel: +251 936696442


Oromia Diaspora Festival


The Price of Freedom- Six Part Series -TV Tigrai Documentary June 2015!

I was not and am not a TPLF/EPRDF member but I feel the heavy burden of these Martyr's Hidri/Promise. We wonder, if those with political power and successful business people of our time, who can make a difference, also feel the burden of the Promise/Hidri. Thank You TV Tigrai!


News, Analysis & Articles

Ethiopia scrambles to meet property demand in booming capital
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - A property boom in Ethiopia's capital is putting pressure on the government to keep homes affordable for some of Africa's poorest people who also live in one of its fastest-growing economies.

Israel Chemicals Acquires Allana Potash for $150m
Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL) has fully acquired Allana Potash Corporation, the parent company of Allana Potash.The 150 million dollar sale followed approval by Allana’s shareholders as well as Ontario’s Supreme Court on June 22, 2015, according to ICL’s Country Manager, Yoseph Enyew.... What is Ethiopia's position on this transaction or sale? What exactly is Allana selling to the Israel company? Is it selling its concession in Ethiopia? Basically buying Ethiopia's land cheap with mining license and selling at a hefty profit without commencing production? The govt must look in to this matter and explain to the public if this is not a very good example of "rent seeking" if it has approved the transfer as is!

Is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Changing?
Getachew Mequanent 07-01-15 - In the 1980s, many developing countries experienced financial crises. They badly needed to borrow money from the IMF. This was also happening at time...

Greece Referendum on Debt Payment and Lesson to be Drawn
Mulugeta Tesfay 07-01-15
The president’s visit to Ethiopia
It is odd to interpret President Obama’s upcoming visit to Ethiopia as “cold-shouldering” Nigeria. U.S. presidents go not only to countries whose policies they approve of but also to those they have business with...

Nile Cooperation beefing up with time!
Gutema Kumsa 07-01-15 - The Nile ten riparian states (Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt) include the five poorest countries in the world. Seven of those riparian countries witnessed...

ካብ መኣዲ ውድድር መሽኪት/ካልኣይ ክፋል/.....ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ ኣባል ኣመራርሓ ቦርድ ማሕበር ከየንቲ ትግራይ መቐለ 07-01-15

Africa Still Poised to Become the Next Great Investment Destination
The commodities boom may be over, but sub-Saharan Africa is still experiencing growth. By adopting sound macroeconomic policies over the past two decades and sector reforms, many African economies have already...
Obama’s Slap in Britain’s Face
London — Two weeks ago, we went to Washington to argue for the immediate release of Shaker Aamer, a detainee at Guantánamo Bay. Mr. Aamer’s wife and four children live in London but he has yet to meet his youngest child, Faris, who is now 13.... [Was it wedi Tukabo who said...Yigermena'Lo (we are amazed)!Understood Ethiopia is not the USA but can you see the difference how the British are politely asking Mr Obama while warning Ethiopia with a condescending remark!]
South Sudan conflict: Army 'raped and torched girls'
South Sudan's army and allied militias "abducted, torched and gang-raped girls" during fighting against rebel forces, a UN report says..... [AU and IGAD, when is enough is enough to deal with the warring factions decisively?]
27TH Anniversary of Hawzien Massacre Observed in D.C.....UTNA Press Release, Washington D.C. June 30,2015
Africa Needs Strong Institutions, Indeed!!....Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C. June 29, 2015
EPRDF: The Unbound Prometheus
Amen Teferi 06-29-15 - In EPRDF’s long journey, there were ill-wishers coming at every turn, with their insipid prediction about its demise. One of these hollow prophesies came out shortly after...

ካብ መኣዲ ውድድር መሽኪት/ቀዳማይ ክፋል/.....ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ ኣባል ኣመራርሓ ቦርድ ማሕበር ከየንቲ ትግራይ መቐለ 06-29-15

ህዳሴያችን እውን እየሆነ ነው.....ስንታየሁ ግርማ 06-29-15

A pragmatic snapshot of Ethiopia’s foreign policy in the sub region ....Abdulkadir Mohammed 06-29-15
UK’s point of view
There are people who argue that Andargachew being politically involved in Ethiopia does not leave a lot of room for UK to do the bidding on the behaviour of its citizen. Where does Andargachew’s political activity put you in this regard?...[Funny, we wonder if the ambassador sees also nothing like terrorism when ONLF massacred 70 or so innocent civilian in Ogaden like he sees nothing with G7. We wonder also what the Ambassador think G7 was doing in Asmara? Can Reporter compile Andargachew's publicly recorded speech and pass it to the Ambassador and ask him again about Andy's adventure? No one is asking for Andy's mistreatment. Infact he is getting special treatment by the government. He was shown recently breathing fresh air unlike other detainees.]
The long road to Paris for Eritrea's refugees
TThousands of refugees have fled to Paris over the past several months, prompting heated debates on how to manage the escalating asylum seeker crisis. Many refugees are Eritreans,
Influences that Shaped Ethiopian Heritage
There is a saying in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia that ‘When one is prepared, difficulties do not come.’ This landlocked country in the northeast African region...

Bruce Dickinson: The rock star helping an African airline fly
Based in south Wales, the business provides maintenance, training and operational support to a host of airlines. The visit to Djibouti saw Mr Dickinson sign an agreement with the country's government to help re-launch the nation's former flag carrier - Air Djibouti...[Is this a steal in business terms for Mr. Dickinson? Or did Ethiopian Airline see no business justification getting this deal?]
Eritrean Demonstration Against Isaias Afeworki Regime - Addis Ababa June 2015

Close to 50 thousand Eritreans in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia demonstrated against the Eritrean Regime.

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Interview with Dr.Tedros Adhanom on Current Issue and Ethiopia's Foreign Policy



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