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Current Events

Genzebe Dibaba of Ethiopia, runs to win the women's 5000m event of the IAAF Diamond League


Mekelle Univ President Dr Kindaya Press Briefing
July 2015




Have Your Say: PM Hailemariam and President Obama in Addis July 2015

If you are PM Hailemariam Desalegn and you have all the ears and eyes of the most powerful man in this world if not in this universe what would you say to him when you meet him? ....for more and to Have Your Say!Click Here!


Notice: From Ethiopian Consulate General of Los Angeles - in regard to Ethiopian Origion Card!
[Those of you who may have forgotten to renew should renew during this grace period unless you want to pay a hefty penality!]


Interview with Dr.Tedros Adhanom on Current Issue and Ethiopia's Foreign Policy


Mekelle University Animal Research Teaching Hospital Reportage Jun 30, 2015

Ethiopia is doing everything possible to extricate itself from poverty.The country is betting the many Universities will help her overcoming the hurdles!Mekelle University Animal Hospital seems almost ready to tackle one of the issue... Must Listen!


በሃሰተኛ የትምህርት ማስረጃ የተገለገለችው ግለሰብ በእስራት ተቀጣች

After reading the above news from fanbc, we wonder if the government will also come hard with people who are passing as learned men and women with a fake advance degree! There are some passing as EPRDF supporters if not government employees who are becoming a pawn of the extremists here in diaspora with this fake Degree! As it is, it is hard for some of us to fight the extremists, when you have characters with dubious achievement as supporters of the EPRDF it is even harder!


News, Analysis & Articles

G7 and ESAT’s bushwa: cutting off the nose to spit the face
Dilwenberu Nega London 6 July 2015 - ESAT’s Breaking News on Saturday 4 July 2015 reported that forces loyal to the so-called Arbenotch Ginbar, whose Chairman is also the Chairman of Ginbot 7, had started war to topple over the democratically elected Government of FDRE....
Lawmakers want Internet sites to flag ‘terrorist activity’ to law enforcement

Social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube would be required to report videos and other content posted by suspected terrorists to federal authorities under legislation approved this past week by the Senate Intelligence Committee...[Will this include websites identified by friendly countries like Ethiopia as terrorist outlets?]

A Thunderous Voice of a Unified Choise
Genenew Assefa July 6, 2015 - Alas, the people have spoken, and spoken in a resounding voice, perhaps portending for better or worse, a similar pattern of vote tally for several elections to come. In any event, whatever ramification the future may have...
ጊዜ ዝወሰደ ድንግልና.... መፂሄት ውራይና July 2015

Last time Mr Herman Cohen wrote his article(see include) in support of the one man regime in Asmara we were dumbfounded why a very good diplomat would do so? We thought Mr Cohen is rich enough not to collect few dollars from Mr Isaias Afework as a lobbyist! Now that we know as we suspected and tried to not let him have the last say on ethio-eritrea relationship, as a lobbyist for Isaias Afeworki, we want you to continue the discussion and Have Your Say now that you know more with the latest revelation about Mr Cohen!. We know Mr Cohen did not help Mr Afeworki since he has become more naked and is about to face the ICC! Can any one really help Isaias Afeworki?

(Click Here to Have Your Say)

Addis Ababa talks cover accelerated industrialization in Africa
A two-day forum on Investing in Africa has wrapped up in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa after successful deliberations on ways of ensuring accelerated investments and industrialization on the continent.

President Abay Woldu GTP1 Summary Report - Mekelle July 2015
The president report includes quite an impressive economic success achievement on a regional level during the first GTP period!

To All, We have tried to ascertain if there is any validity to ESAT breaking news. So far we have not been able to confirm the news as is but there is a yet to be verified another strong news the Ethiopian Army may have killed a key leader and wounded and captured over 10 foot soldiers sent by Shaibya! We are not sure if this news is what ESAT is exaggerating but if it is, the news is not good news to ESAT and company at all! We will post details if it is verified!
(Aigaforum July 05, 2015)


ESAT Declared Ginbot 7 has Started to use Force to Remove Democratically Elected Government of Ethiopia.
For the Record: ESAT is announcing Ginbot 7 and Company have started their forceful removal of the constitutional elected government of Ethiopia. Ginbot 7 and Company Leader as we all know is Dr Berhanu and has been telling the world his organization will use all means necessary to remove the government of Ethiopia... Click here for more and to Listen:

The changing face of Ethiopia
According to the World Bank, Ethiopia’s “strong and broad-based growth over the past decade” has lifted its GDP to an impressive average of 10% per year. The high growth admittedly started from a low base, but it has catapulted Ethiopia from ...

Is Herman Cohen the new Lobbyist for the one man regime in Asmara?
If he is he must be heartless man to take money to lobby on behalf of this government which is despised by the world at large and its own people! Doing so will be prolonging the Eritrean people misery who are dying all over the North African desert and sea to escape the tyrannical regime!

Africa: Ethiopia Should Leave Africa
In the 1870s Japanese public intellectual Yukichi Fukuzawa shocked his audience by stating that he thought Japan should leave poor Asia and join the modern world. ...

Nation Striding on Vibrant Development Trajectory
Worotaw Ayele 07-03-15

UN orders probe of alleged 'crimes against humanity' in Eritrea
Geneva (AFP) - The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday decided to prolong an investigation into horrendous abuses in Eritrea, and widen it to include looking into suspected crimes against humanity.The 47-member rights body unanimously agreed to extend for another year the work of a special commission of inquiry...

የልማት ጉዞ ቀጣይነት   .....ተስፋዬ ለማ 07-03-15

The extremists media outlets and to some extent their western handlers have been trying to tarnish the splendid achievement of Ethiopian Airlines ever since the Airline became one of the most successful airlines of our time. Recently the Airline had its maiden flight to Los Angeles via Dublin. For any well wishers and sane person the news would have been a great news for Ethiopia, but for the extremists it was not! Instead they were quick to spread a false news about "Ethiopians" on the first flight asking asylum in Ireland! Little did they bother to ask if those seeking asylum were Ethiopians and why would a person with visa to Los Angeles ask asylum in Ireland? Thanks to Ben ( See article) the truth has come out and the extremists are put once again to shame! The question is why did Ethiopian airlines allow such news to live unchallenged for two weeks?

Israel Chemicals Acquires Allana Potash for $150m
Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL) has fully acquired Allana Potash Corporation, the parent company of Allana Potash.The 150 million dollar sale followed approval by Allana’s shareholders as well as Ontario’s Supreme Court on June 22, 2015, according to ICL’s Country Manager, Yoseph Enyew.... What is Ethiopia's position on this transaction or sale? What exactly is Allana selling to the Israel company? Is it selling its concession in Ethiopia? Basically buying Ethiopia's land cheap with mining license and selling at a hefty profit without commencing production? The govt must look in to this matter and explain to the public if this is not a very good example of "rent seeking" if it has approved the transfer as is!

Ethiopia scrambles to meet property demand in booming capital
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - A property boom in Ethiopia's capital is putting pressure on the government to keep homes affordable for some of Africa's poorest people who also live in one of its fastest-growing economies.

Is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Changing?
Getachew Mequanent 07-01-15 - In the 1980s, many developing countries experienced financial crises. They badly needed to borrow money from the IMF. This was also happening at time...

ካብ መኣዲ ውድድር መሽኪት/ካልኣይ ክፋል/.....ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ ኣባል ኣመራርሓ ቦርድ ማሕበር ከየንቲ ትግራይ መቐለ 07-01-15

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