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Jason McClure’ Cold-War mentality

The successful completion of the May 2010 elections in Ethiopia has certainly been received with a high level of enthusiasm by the great majority of the Ethiopian population...Those who might doubt the sincerity of the peoples’ resolve for democracy and good governance are certainly in for disappointment.
Jason McClure of Bloomberg news—along with the coterie of interest groups he represents, of course—is one such people. He has long since crossed swords with sworn detractors of the whole economic and political developments in the country....

See Also   A Week in the Horn (02.07.2010)
Clinton says steel vise crushing global activists
KRAKOW, Poland – Intolerant governments across the globe are "slowly crushing" activist and advocacy groups that play an essential role in the development of.She cited a broad range of countries where "the walls are closing in" on civic organizations such as Among those she named were Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia.

Comment:-It makes all sense now why the VOA Amharic guys and gals were churning all kind of stories on Ethiopia and its government. What can peace loving Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia do to convince the US government not to undermine people's voice and to understand the CSO law was not enacted against the US interest? What proof does the US want to see other than over 29 million people voting to elect their government for the next five years? China is more a friend to the US than a poor African country; we could not understand the fear of China becoming involved in Africa.
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Current Events
Selam interview with Ato Adem Medda, Chairman, All-Ethiopia Nations & Nationalities Cultural Center of North America in Minnesota


VOA Tigrigna Interview with Ato Araya Belay and Ato Alem on the recently concluded G8/20 meeting and the demonstration by Diaspora Ethiopians to welcome PM Meles Zenawi


Inspirational story - Check Out Cooper on ‘60 Minutes
"...Very inspirational story on how one individual has been capable of transforming the life of Harlem kids. Maybe this could be an eye opener for some of our Immigrant Ethiopians. Taking responsibility does definitely show results."(forwarded by our reader)

Mercinaries and Horn Politics

Ever since the one man government of Eritrea became the high priest in Eritrea and started its Ayatollah style diplomacy and governing in Eritrea , it has been a trouble maker in the Horn region. It has gone to war with all its neighbors. After its crippling defeat by Ethiopia it has been forced to change its posturing. Instead of direct war it has opted for a proxy war and has been producing all kinds of... Kudos to the Ethiopian security forces and intelligence officers that have curtailed the actions of mercenaries...Do you feel the one man regime has been getting away for far too long? What alternative solution could you provide? For more and to have your say click here!

News & Analysis
Walk the walk: You can help bolster Ethiopia's economic development with some strenuous hiking
By Rhiannon Batten:- Having spent a sticky afternoon winding our way behind donkeys laden with luggage through rocky fields and green pastures, our small group of hikers reached the village of Mequat Mariam just as the sun started brushing the horizon. After clambering over pentagon-notched basalt rocks, we sat at the edge of a huge drop-off ...

If Egypt is the gift of the Nile, then the Nile is Ethiopia’s gift.
An English rendition of a stimulating article first written in Amharic by Meles A and entitled:
Dilwenberu Nega,07/01/10- It is often cited that the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat had once remarked that Egypt would regard any measure which threatens the continued flow of the Blue Nile as casus belli and would be spurred into mounting robust retaliatory action. On his part, a one time Egypt’s Deputy Foreign Minister, who later became Secretary General of the United Nations, Boutros Ghali, on his part warned that the next world war would be a “Hydro-war.” Although such statements, which carry strong life-and-death..

International Studies hosts luncheon for mayor of Axum, Ethiopia
Jun 30, 2010-Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Vicki Golich presents a gift to Ato Hagos Gebrewahid, the mayor of Axum, Ethiopia. As part of the College’s growing partnership with Aksum University in Ethiopia, the Office of International Studies hosted a lunch on campus featuring Ato Hagos Gebrewahid, mayor of Aksum (commonly spelled Axum) on Monday.


Genenew Assefa, June 30 2010-In the first installment of this serialized reaction paper, we have tried to capture the underlying dynamics that crowned the EPRDF with a landslide victory... In hindsight, however, a no less weighty element must be added to this cluster of factors that conspired to produce a virtual electoral meltdown in the ranks of the opposition


To be (A NEOLIBERAL) and Not to be (A LIBERAL):
A Rejoinder to Adal Issaw

Revolutionary Democracy Vs. Liberal Democracy:
A Belated Reply to Yosyas Kifleyesus�s Article

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