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Dear Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia

The planned August 5, 2010 preparation for peacful demonstration is in progress. As you all know organizing a successful peacful demonstration, takes time, financial resources, energy and logistical support.
For those of you who have already contributed your priceless time, effort and money we are thankful.
To reach to the final goal, we still need more help and assistance in transport logistics and financial contriubitions.

Please be with us and support.
You can reach us at (571 269 5677) and email us or use our paypal account
Thank you!

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Current Events

Thought for Today.

We come this way but once. We can either tiptoe through life and hope we get to death without being badly bruised or we can live a full, complete life achieving our goals and realizing our wildest dreams. by Bob Proctor

VOA Tigrigna Interview with Yohanis Mezgebe.

Yohanis is one of the four Ethiopian youth invited to meet President Obama during President Obama’s Forum with Young African Leaders in Washington DC.

To all our readers and ETV customers!!!

About two weeks ago we posted a YouTube clip with information how to receive ETV signals in all corners of the world. Here is detailed information as a follow up. Review and adjust your setting according to the information provided. By now you know the extremists are bunch we won't say much on what they have been telling you!

Selam radio Interview with Network of Ethiopians for Development and Peace(NEDAP)
Part I     Part II     Part III

News & Analysis

Internet Connection in Twenty Minutes

Solomon Meconen Aug 4, 2010-(Addis Ababa) The state of internet connection in Addis ababa is in such a dramatic change in recent years. Finally the Ethiopian Telecom is going in the right direction because all you need between connecting to the world and yourself is a Simcard which costs 202.00ETB.
The obvious leap in technological feat of Ethiopian Telecom is based in wireless technology, which is given, you have a wireless internet modem, or buy it in any given electronic shop for 995.00ETB. The pre-payed service is becoming so popular with Mobile phone and internet service, in terms of the former all you need is 85.00ETB and filling of application in any kiosk, you come out with your brand new cellphone number in less that ten minutes.


Three-dimensional theatre makes its debut in Ethiopia at Matti Multiplex Cinema...

Opposition conference vows to bring democracy to Eritrea
Addis Ababa, August 2 (WIC) - Ten Eritrean opposition political organizations are holding a week- long conference in Addis Ababa to discuss a framework of government should they manage to overthrow the current Asmara regime.

“Constructive disengagement” and the abandonment of Somalia to Al-Shabaab
Surprisingly, even the shock and horror of the suicide bombings in Kampala haven’t affected those analysts who have been arguing that it would be better to pull out all peacekeepers from Mogadishu, let the Government of Somalia collapse, and Al-Shabaab and Al Qaeda take over the country.
A Week in the Horn


Mark Your Calendar

Welcome to TDA/NA- 2010 Annual Conference in Las Vegas

Las Vegas TDA/NA Chapter is hosting TDA/NA Annual Conference. The Conference will be convened on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 in Las Vegas NV. The conference will be attended by representatives of all TDA/NA Chapters, members, supporters and friends of TDA/NA.
TDA/NA is honored to enjoy the presence of Ambassador Tewolde Gebru, guest of honor, and other prominent officials from Tigray in the annual conference.

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2010 Tigray Festival In Las Vegas!!!

Las Vegas Nevada August 1 to 5

TDA Denver Chapter Meeting Call

To all TDA members, supporters and donors
Where: 11TH & Fillmore (@ the church)
When: August 08, 2010
What: TDA Branch Meeting
Time: 3:00 pm

2010 Tigray Festival Europe!!!

London August 27 to 28

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