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Eritrea’s PR efforts are no substitute for genuine overtures for regional peace

The Horn of Africa region has had the reputation for being a troubled neighborhood for far too long. There are, perhaps, a considerable number of reasons for this, but one very obvious factor detrimental to the prospects of peace in the region has been the all-too-negative role of the government of Eritrea which has consistently posed a distinct and formidable challenge to regional efforts to address the various conflicts that have bedeviled the Horn. Eritrea’s leaders have committed aggression against all their neighbors

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PM Meles Zenawi Interview with Egyptian TV
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We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success. by Henry David Thoreau

Interview with Speaker of the House Teshome Toga


Interview with Habbo Iyasu Berhe Mekelle Library officials.

Aite WeldeAmanuel, AiteTewelde and Aite Gebremedhin are local Habbo Iyasu representatives in Mekelle. Hidyat Raya from gezategaru online paltalk room talked to them on the progress of the project and status of the new bank account opened for the project.

  Interview with WeldeAmanuel

 Interview with Tewelde and Gebremedhin

Interview with Ato Daniel, a member of the Crown Council.

This is an interview of Ato Daniel, a member of the Crown Council, with Nigussie of Hagerfikir Radio. Ato Daniel has recently returned back to his mother Ethiopia after thirty five years of life abroad.

News & Analysis

Ethio-German Joint Venture On Process To Engage in 600 Million USD Wind Energy Development in Ethiopia:
Addis Ababa, July 22, 2010 - An Ethio-German Joint Venture known as Aethiopic Energy Plc is on the process of launching a wind energy development project in Ethiopia which is estimated to cost 600 million US dollars, its General Manager (GM) said. It also targets to establish a wind industry in Ethiopia that can produce wind turbines locally.

The Vision and Mission Statements of MIDROC-Ethiopia: A Working Paper
Asayehgn Desta, Ph.D. July 22, 2010- The new business environment of the 21st Century has triggered new thinking. Strategic management has assumed a dominant role in managerial discourse, and has become a paradigm for decision processes about the nature of strategy, the responsibilities of the corporation, and managerial practices.

US lawmaker wants Eritrea added to terror blacklist
Addis Ababa, July 21 (WIC) - The United States should add Eritrea to a terrorism blacklist over its support for an Al-Qaeda-linked group tied to last week's deadly bombings in Uganda, a senior US lawmaker urged Tuesday
According to AFP, Representative Ed Royce, the top Republican on a House subcommittee on terrorism, nonproliferation and trade, urged US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a letter to designate Eritrea a state sponsor of terrorism.

Ethiopia court rejects final poll result challenge
ADDIS ABABA, July 20 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's highest court on Tuesday rejected a case brought by the country's opposition against the ruling party's landslide May election victory, finally exhausting legal appeals for the defeated parties.
Both a European Union observer mission and the United States criticised the overwhelming victory.

Comment:-  Although it would have been better for Medrek and AEUP to accept defeat in grace and work hard to win the next election, nevertheless Kudos to them to use the legal means to the end! As far as the other forces who criticize a landslide victory, well, are they saying no one should win landslide victory or simply mad at themselves to have been fooled by the opposition specially Medrek? If you recall Medrek was touted as the biggest and popular opposition by these forces!


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Address: Virginia Highlands Park
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Date: Sunday July 25, 2010
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2010 Tigray Festival Europe!!!

London August 27 to 28

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