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Ticket To Tigray
An Australian Story!

Shane Dolan was a small businessman doing comfortably well when he came across a job advertisement for an aid worker in Africa. Wanting to build a better world and keen to offer his skills as a water technician, he signed up with Community Aid Abroad and embarked for the war torn province of Tigray, in Ethiopia. In the midst of war and drought and famine, Shane Dolan set to work building wells with co-worker Peter Morrison. Part of his extraordinary job brief was to risk life and limb running gelignite across the border from Sudan - an executable offence and something that came back to haunt him during his years back in Australia. Late last year he finally managed to put the ghosts to rest when he was invited back to Tigray for a life-affirming trip to discover the fruits of his labour.
You can watch the story...Here

Eritrea Contradicts the UN Secretary General’s interpretation of its position on Somalia

We have for a few weeks now been commenting that Eritrea’s so-called renewed good faith should be taken with a pinch of salt coming—needless to say—as it does from a leadership that has an almost visceral aversion to normal behavior such as peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. The peace agreement with Djibouti—while a very welcome development—was shrouded with mystery especially as there has been literally no indication on the part of Eritrea’s leaders that there indeed was such an agreement signed....
See Also :  A Week in the Horn (09.07.2010)
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Current Events
Build victory gardens for 200 Ethiopian students

Thought for Today!

To decide and to declare, to create and to express, to experience and to fulfill, Who You Really Are. To re-create yourself anew in every moment in the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you had about Who You Really Are. That is your purpose in becoming human, and that is the purpose of all of life. by Neale Donald Walsch.

Of Kings and Bandits

Of Kings And Bandits recounts the historical, cultural, and religious aspects of a war-torn society from the perspective of a young boy. It is a story of how the violence and cruelty of war strips children of their innocence and forces them to carry the burdens of adulthood prematurely. by Saleh “Gadi” Johar

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“It’s not where I am from, it’s what the hell I am, ETHIOPIA.”- Yonie

Gallane Tadesse, 7/03/10 (

News & Analysis

Ethiopian Ambassador to Ireland, Zerihun Retta hits back at detractors of the election!
(IRISHTIMES.COM)- Madam, – For a member of Ethiopia’s chaotic opposition party UDJ, Hailu Araya, to tell your correspondent, Jody Clark, (World News, July 3rd) about the fourth national election of Ethiopia amply demonstrates UDJ’s deliberate attempt to discredit the outcome of May’s elections by jet-hosing foreigners, in particular, with fabrications and outright lies. The truth, however, is a galaxy away...

Has the G8 delivered on its Africa promise?
In July 2005, leaders of the G8 group of developed nations promised a $50bn (£33bn) aid-boost to poorer countries...
It was 12 years ago when Ethiopian cancer survivor Fantu Shoamare had her first cancer scare.She had just...(bbc)

Dynamic Dedebit Football Club Has Done It Again!
It Is The 2010 Confederation Cup Champion

Yohannes Geberaselase, 07/08/10-- After joining the Primer League from the National League as a Champion last year, in only its first year participation within the Ethiopian Premier League, the Dedebit Football club has achieved like no other club has thus far achieved...


Mark Your Calendar

News from ETV

2010 Tigray Festival In Las Vegas!!!

Las V egas Nevada August 1 to 5

Tigray Community in North America /TCNA/ Picnic

Address: Virginia Highlands Park
1600 South Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202
Date: Sunday July 25, 2010
Time: 11am-5pm

Hiluf New CD Release!!!

  track #5

2010 Tigray Festival Europe!!!

London August 27 to 28

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