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We asked you if Kinjit was cursed. You answered us well. We asked the question because everyone knows the reason Kinjit fail apart was because it was a hodgepodge collection of groups with divergent views not only on contemporary Ethiopia but also on what kind of government they will establish. To confirm the old adage one cannot teach an old dog a new trick, today UDJ wants to join Medrek another hodgepodge of organizations with an extreme divergent view. And we thought are these folks cursed or what? Listen to MP Bulcha Demeksa a key MEDREK figure take on the then Kinjit. After you listen to MP Bulcha ask yourself who Dr Hailu Araya, Dr Yacob and Gizachew will be representing in MEDREK?        Listen
Did UDJ, Dr Hailu Araya wing, cleared the way for Siye Abraha to join UDJ? Professor Mesfin venting his frustration with the splinters of UDJ thinks may be so! To read the professor Mesfin interview click here.
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Current Events

FDRE's Speaker of The House, Teshome Toga day to day work and interaction with parliament members...

part 1    part 2    part 3

VOA Amharic "Eset Ageba" program

...discussion on PM Meles legacy and the effects of his potential retirement. Mezgebe Gebrekirstos and Shekspir Feyesa shares their opinion with host Alula Kebede

  Part I    Part II

Thought for Today

If human nature were unchangeable, as ignorant people still suppose it to be, the situation would indeed be hopeless...what passes as 'human nature' is at most one-tenth nature, the other nine-tenths being nurture. by Bertrand Russell

Watch a potential upcoming TV series produced and directed by Yonie!

"SUNSET BLVD" tv series trailer from on Vimeo.

"SUNSET BLVD" tv series trailer. For more info, visit

Road accident on the Addis Diredawa highway. One wonders if the driver was asleep or simply speeding!

PM Meles Zenawi Answers Questions From Parliament Members

   part 1   part 2   part 3

News & Analysis

Donations from schools, businesses, readers and politicians push Pencil Mountain past the 200,000 goal
Five months after re-launching a local cause to secure a future for African children, Hannah Godefa - with a beaming smile from ear to ear - stands perched on the peak of her 200,000 Pencil Mountain.

Eleni and the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange
A PBS TV Documentary program will Air on July 22
Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a woman with a dream. The charismatic Ethiopian economist wants to end hunger. But rather than relying on foreign aid or new agricultural technology, she has a truly radical plan. She has designed the nation’s first commodities exchange..

Over 56 mln birr worth water units go operational
Mekele, July 16, 2009 (Mekele) - Safe water facilities constructed in four woreads of Northwestern Tigray Zone at a cost of over 56.3 million birr have gone operational during the just ended Ethiopian budget year, the respective woreda water, mines and energy offices said

Sun energy empowers Ethiopian village
Two years after the installation of a solar power project funded by international aid groups, villagers in northern Ethiopia say the sun's energy has turned their lives around. Rema, 150 miles north of the capital Addis Ababa, is home to Ethiopia's largest solar project.

Oromia state creates jobs to over 984,000 people
Adama, July 14 (WIC) – Chief Administrator of the Oromia state said job opportunities were created to more than 984,000 people in the state in the just concluded budget year. Abadula Gemeda, presenting performance report of the budget year at the 12th regular session of the Oromia State Council yesterday

Update on Terror Plotters Court Proceedings!
(Aigaforum 07/13/09):- The twosome guys of Ginbot 7(Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige) may have gotten their 15 minutes of fame when the Ethiopian Security foiled the attempted terror plot which the government claimed was sponsored by them but as things are unfolding Berhanu and Andargachew could be in trouble. The prosecutor seems to have very convincing evidence supported by eyewitness. The following Amharic report is on court proceedings and witness account of the planned terror plot.

Ethiopian Shipping Lines to buy nine vessels
The national flag carrier, Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL), is to buy nine vessels from China, it was learnt.Reliable sources told The Reporter that a Chinese ship-building company has invited ESL to buy the nine vessels on an installment payment to be settled within ten to fifteen years. According to the sources, the company made the generous offer because of the economic downturn which had significantly reduced order for new ships.

Issues with currency mishandling and tax evasion in the Ethiopian tourism industry
(Bill Admiral , 07/10/09):- For one, I believe the tourism industry is as important to the country’s national purse and it should have a “stronger say in fiscal policy.” According to the WB report, there are currently 75 tour operators.Sadly, the number of Forex scams by major tour operators is rising.We have a whole service sector in Ethiopia being robbed of a turnover value of about $600 million a year

(Aigaforum 07/15/09):-After advising Birtukan not to say sorry to the state and people of Ethiopia for her violation and disrespect of the pardon process, Prof Mesfin has been biting everyone on his way. UDJ after Birtukan is desperately looking for shelter. For some like DR Hailu Araya and Gizachew the shelter is MEDREK,... See Also: Prof Mesfin Letter


Ethiopians expect good deeds from their former president!
EDP chair man Ledetu Ayalew letter to Dr Negasso.Dr Negasso ought to apologize!

Democratic Process


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