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Ethiopian Shipping Lines to buy nine vessels

The national flag carrier, Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL), is to buy nine vessels from China, it was learnt.Reliable sources told The Reporter that a Chinese ship-building company has invited ESL to buy the nine vessels on an installment payment to be settled within ten to fifteen years. According to the sources, the company made the generous offer because of the economic downturn which had significantly reduced order for new ships.

G8 pledges to boost food supplies

Leaders of the G8 developed nations have pledged $20bn (£12bn) for efforts to boost food supplies on the final day of a summit in Italy...Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who also attended Friday's talks, told Reuters news agency beforehand that the key message from African nations was that the G8 had to live up to its commitments.
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Current Events

VOA Amharic "Eset Ageba" program

...discussion on PM Meles legacy and the effects of his potential retirement. Mezgebe Gebrekirstos and Shekspir Feyesa shares their opinion with host Alula Kebede

  Part I   

A Week in the Horn


Random Pics - Ethiopia

PM Meles Zenawi Answers Questions From Parliament Members

   part 1   part 2   part 3

VOA Tigrigna People to People program
... discussion on PM Meles legacy as EPRDF leader and as prime minister. Aite Mezgebe G/kirstos and Mesfin Fitwi shares their view on PM Meles achievements and shortcomings from an Ethiopian and Eritrean perspective with host BetreSeltan.

(Part 2)

(Part 1)

Discussion on Ethiopia's Democratic process development
Part 1    Part 2   Part 3
Part 4    Part 5     Part 6(final)

News & Analysis

Issues with currency mishandling and tax evasion in the Ethiopian tourism industry

(Bill Admiral , 07/10/09):- For one, I believe the tourism industry is as important to the country’s national purse and it should have a “stronger say in fiscal policy.” According to the WB report, there are currently 75 tour operators.Sadly, the number of Forex scams by major tour operators is rising.We have a whole service sector in Ethiopia being robbed of a turnover value of about $600 million a year

Which way the Horn: Eritrea identifying peace partners:

By Petros Tesfagiorgis 07/10/09 At this moment in time the idea of partnership between Ethiopians and Eritreans is being debated in the open. It shows that the age of reason is dawn and emotions are being overcome...I was damp founded when I read Dawit Woldegiorgis article... that has nothing to do with building friendship between the two people...but to unseat the present Ethiopian government with President Isaias as a partner...

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Ethiopia sees double-digit GDP growth for a decade
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia expects double-digit economic growth for a decade, although power shortages have cost the nation more than 1 percent of GDP this year, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told Reuters on Wednesday

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Somalia Seeks Urgent Support as it Faces Rebel Ultimatum
President Sharif was in Ethiopia's capital as part of a whirlwind tour of the member states of IGAD, the East African regional economic grouping.

UN Security Council accepted African Union Council demand to sanction Eritrea!.
The UN Security Council in its today's(09 July 2009) meeting has accepted all points proposed by the African Union Council for Peace and Security (PSC)is now considering on how to apply them. One of the Key proposals from PSC is about penalizing foreign spoilers, in particular Eritrean government which has been supporting the Somali terrorists to fight and topple the internationally recognized Somali government.
Other points included in the proposal were about broadening AMisom's mandate and declaring no-fly zone over Somalia's air and sea access entries..

Prime Minister Meles is honored with “URUTI”, Rwanda’s National Liberation Medal, and “UMURINZI”, Rwanda’s Campaign Against Genocide Medal.
Your Excellencey Meles Zenawi, We, the people of Rwanda, applaud the courage you displayed at the forefront of the struggle for the liberation and the dignity of the African people. Indeed, the people of Rwanda believe it is this life-long pursuit that led you to stand steadily by us.

America’s Lukewarm Concern for Al-Shebaab & the Rogue State of Eritrea
(Adal Isaw,06/26/09):-In few months to a year and if it continues as is, the now lukewarm concern of America for the emboldened terrorist endeavor of Al-Shebaab in Somalia will reshape President Obama’s foreign policy of the Horn for the worst. Conversely, if Mr. Obama’s concern becomes passionate with substance, it will ameliorate the dreadful conditions in a region where relative stability is desperately needed.



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