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SWE-IPDM 01-31-20 - In realization to the call made to all the opposition parties in the diaspora by the New Ethiopian Prime Minister in 2018, it should be reminded that the Southwestern Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples Movement (SWE-IPM) amended its original designation from peoples movement to political party called "Southwest Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples Democratic Movement" (SWE-IPDM) in order to participate in the upcoming election in Ethiopia. However, being skeptical to the reform and the Ethiopian centralized political tendency and behavior which has persisted and defied the existence of the Southwest indigenous Nilo Saharan peoples in Ethiopian society, SWE-IPDM...

የዘመናችን ሓንታ ገብሩዎች
ፋቶ(ምዕራፍ ጻድቃናት) 01-31-20

Should Oromo Go to Election or War?
Assefa A. Lemu 01-31-20 - Like any other area of life, politics also requires knowledge, wisdom, discipline, strategy, and tactic to achieve intended objectives. There are numbers of Oromo political movements that were aborted because of either lack of knowledge, or lack of wisdom, or lack of discipline, or usage of flawed strategies or faulty tactics.

River Nile dam talks extended
Talks to resolve a long-running dispute between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on the fate of Africa's largest hydropower project are continuing in Washington, US, a day after they were initially supposed to end. The negotiators are still deadlocked over the finer details on how the $4bn (£3bn) dam will operate, sources have told the BBC

At last, the truth is exposed. Abiy is negotiating how and who to operate the Hedase Dam! Expect Egyptian personnel managing/operating/monitoring the Dam! እኛው በኛዉ ህልም ሆነ!!

ህወሓት:- አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው።(ክፍል ሶሰት)

ህወሓት:- አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው።(ክፍል ሁለት)

ህወሓት:- አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው።(ክፍል አንድ)
ሓዱሽ ንጉሰ (አግረሲቭ) 01-29-20
The story of TPLF. Must Read!!!

Hunger, fear and death: an Ethiopian migrant family's story
TULI GULED, Ethiopia (Reuters) - First, drought in Ethiopia's Oromiya region destroyed Asha Khalif Ali's crops and animals. Then her husband and brother were killed in ethnic violence. She fled with her seven children, the youngest on her back, and watched their small faces grow gaunt with hunger as they sought safety.
Ethiopia has transformed back into the future. The late PM Meles fought hard to end famine and stories like the above in Ethiopia. and he almost succeeded! Although Ethiopia faced many hurdles during Meles's EPRDF time, it managed to withstand the effects of multiple drought period and avoided the side effects of civil unrest. Today, the lords of poverty have won and Ethiopia is becoming a country where civil unrest, murder, rape, and unlawful unrest are common. How sad.

Ethiopia: Authorities crackdown on opposition supporters with mass arrests
I guess Jawar and Dawud honeymoon period is coming to an end. What we do not understand is why do people forget that there is only one PM Chair In Ethiopia? Lemma, Jawar, Gedu, and Dawud must be foolish to think Abiy was going to share his chair with them once he is comfortably settled! Asafariwoch. They sold Ethiopia for this!

Watch the news in the following two clips and ask yourself why the enablers of Abiy from the two largest communities in Ethiopia do not realize how wrong they are to support Abiy at this moment. The Trump administration may be supporting Abiy to please Egypt and the evangelicals but why would Oromo and Amhara politicians support Abiy? Why don't they deny him the vote of confidence in Parlament?

Kudos to the proud Oromo people in Washington DC and Tamagn Beyene for speaking against Abiy Ahmed! TPLF knew Abiy was not a good leader from the get-go but nobody listened. Instead, almost everyone jumped on the bandwagon of Abiy and chastize TPLF. That was wrong! People should use hindsight and learn like Tamagn. Denounce the Abiy government as an inept government. (From our email folder Jan 2020)

Ethiopian government silent as hate crimes flourish
In Ethiopia, an environment of fear prevails amid ongoing religious and ethnic conflicts.Political experts and residents of the East African country told Anadolu Agency the government has remained silent amid a spate of hate crimes.Idris Yeba, a political analyst living in Turkey's capital Ankara, believes the government is busy focusing on secondary issues when its primary function should be maintaining law and order

Open Letter to President Issayas Afewerk and President Debretsion Gebremichael
Gebreselema Hailemichael 01-26-20 - I am writing this letter to appeal to you for a generational appeal. This is an appeal to you that request you to do something different that will benefit the coming and future generation. I am someone who grew up in a war zone. I have lost relatives in the war waged by both Shabia and Woyanes against the DERG. I was born into the war, I grew up ...

Dergist and leftovers may not be thankful and without shame but even then, when the choice was between a do or die, TPLF field doctors were professional and kind to threat wounded soldiers humanly. The handwritten letter note is a TPLF field doctor note to derge doctors about the treatment given to a captured wounded Derg soldier released so he gets better medical treatment in the city. The other typed letters are field reports sent to the head office by Dereg field officers.

Abiy's Ethiopia not quite an Indian summer:
The reform agenda pursued by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed since he came to power in 2018 has been sharp, sudden and strategic. Indeed, the pace of change has sent shock waves through the global investor community, which is now priming itself to capitalize on Ethiopia’s "India moment".
How could foreigners miss the current political turmoil in Ethiopia? Why do they keep writing about a make-believe liberalization and economic growth of Abiy Ahmed? The country is being torn from inside. Girls are being abducted from universities raped and killed. Churches and Mosques are burned daily. Promising industrial parks are closing for lack of hard currency and peace. Yet, foreigners are telling the world how wonderful Ethiopia has become for foreign investors. What is going on?

Billionaire George Soros Pledges $1 Billion University Fund To Fight Would-Be Dictators
George Soros pledged $1 billion to fund a new university network to tackle the spread of nationalism in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the financier and philanthropist also condemned President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping.
The rift between Trump and George could be an advantage to Federalist forces in Ethiopia. I know people think both are from the same camp but Trump does not like anyone to criticize him. Mr. Soro's attack on his personality coupled with his recent misgiving of the Nobel Peace Prize must be bothering Trump right now. Federalist forces should find out if George Soro or Trump can support Fedralsim in Ethiopia. Anyone of them removing their support from the Abiy government that is destroying Ethiopia is a plus. Zeru Hagos Jan 24, 2020

The Ethiopian slave who became a kingmaker in India
Some time in the 16th Century, a man named Malik Ambar was captured by slave traders in Ethiopia alongside thousands of others and sold to the merchants in the Middle East. A couple of decades later, Amber emerged in India as a towering military figure. He gave a tough fight to the Mughals, challenging their invincibility until he died at 86 years of age.

Ethiopia embraces the power of positive thinking
Ebba T, as he is known, is among the most prominent of a rising generation of motivational speakers and life coaches in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital. Their rags-to-riches parables offer hope to legions of frustrated Ethiopians. A few, like Ebba, have found fame on the airwaves. Some are YouTube gurus. A handful write books, while others start consultancies. All preach a message of individual uplift in a country burdened by poverty and ethnic divisions.

Read Also- Academics response to PM Abiy (Ph.D) sense of prosperity via positive thinking.
Why positive thinking won't get you out of poverty
In a recent article in the New York Times, the development economist Seema Jayachandran discusses three studies that used Randomised Controlled Trials (or RCTs) to understand the benefits of enhancing the self-worth of poor people

Announcing Convention of Ethiopian Multinational Federalist Forces (EMFF) February 8- 9, 2020 Atlanta GA.

The Organizing Committee of Ethiopian Multinational Federalist Forces announces a convention to be held in Atlanta to discuss the upcoming national elections and the future of the country. The convention will be a gathering of delegates of Ethiopian community organizations in North America that share a common history of the struggle for self- determination and now envision a democratic multinational federalist Ethiopia.

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