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Dear Aiga,- What are the two most senior leaders of the TPLF doing in TPLF office these days? Derge(Korakuru) are telling us no we did not sacrifice many of our brothers and sisters from sunny Addis Ababa! Ye Gedu (jeleewoch) are raising their arms and taunting us accros Dejena! And, all kind of mercenaries are using the tube to demonize and subjugate our political leaders yet TPLF office is quiet and even trying to quell our anger? Do Alem and Getachew know the propaganda war is affecting us? Dear Aiga, what is eating me alive from the inside is the fact that Gen Samora is winning and dinning in Addis while the likes of Chemeda(Derge) are belittling the sacrifices of many of his martyred comrades that he personally ordered to march head-on to defeat the Chemeda's and Gemechu's of yesterday! I tell you Aiga, there is nothing worse than this for any living Tegadalay not to mention people like Samroa! I am the last of a family-Four of my brothers are Sewuat!.[Kiros Berhane, 1-11-19] Aiga pls post this as is including the song!.


TV Tigrai: Dr Debretsion on Current Issue - Jan 2019


Temsgen Kebede 1-10-19


የድንበር ጨዋታ
ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ 1-8-19


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Awramba Times: Humera Demonstration against Gedu Andargachew - Jan 2019


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The Sun Rises in the West!
Tadis Aregay 1-14-19 - TThese days anything is possible. The Sun rises in the West, if you have doubt ask the new scientists, the old ones are fake! And so it goes, hard to believe one's own eyes watching a Fake-News of would be Face-Book TV channel presenter, accompanied by amateur ensembles walking in to the residence of former General Kasaye Tsemeda...

ጠቃሚና ጎጂ ብሄረተኝነት
ዶር. ዮሃንስ አበራ አየለ 1-14-19

The Agreement between ODP and OLF and Its Outcome
Assefa A. Lemu 1-13-19 - Following the change of head of Government in Ethiopia from Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed in April 2018, the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) released thousands of political prisoners, allowed free media to operate in the country, and invited opposition political organizations that were operating from foreign countries to come back to Ethiopia and peacefully conduct political activities in the country.

Is this what we really want?
TeKa Kassa. 01-13-19 - My name is TeKa, an Ethiopian born and raised, mainly, in Eritrea (Asmara). I am not a writer (you can tell), I am just another concerned Ethiopian who is looking for some answers to what is happening in Ethiopia. To give you some perspective on why I sound so ..

Dr. Debretsion as Never Before:
Speaking to national religious and civic elders, he said, the people have been patient and want the current madness to come to a stop. He promised them his party and government will be supportive but admonished them to call a spade a spade and deal with the issue. He said his government or party will not accept a blank condemnation and blame going forward.

Mining sector challenges in developing countries, Tigray, Ethiopia and inspirational success stories from Australia
Yohannes Yihdego, Hilmi S. Salem ,Benard Ayongaba , Zarko Veljkovic - The urge to make wealth, reduce unemployment, and improve the living conditions of its people pushes the Ethiopian Government to regulate the mining legislation to favour investment in the sector. The external perception is that some aspects of doing business in Ethiopia are too difficult, and they increase stakeholders’ investment’s risk and undermine potential benefits. Changes allow for business incentives that include security of tenure, the right to sell minerals...

Taoiseach says visit to Ethiopia changed his perspective on refugee camps
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said his first visit to a refugee camp had changed his perspectives on the issue but also argued it would still be mistaken to dismiss people’s concerns about migration.The Taoiseach visited the Mai Aini refugee camp close to Ethiopia’s border with Eritrea on the last day of his three-day visit to Ethiopia

ሀገራዊ አገልግሎት ቢታወጅስ?
ከአብዱህማን አህመዲ1-12-19

Ethiopia's federation needs reviving, not reconfiguring
History and theory conspired to bring about the demise of the Ethiopian unitarist state in 1991 and the emergence of a pluralist polity known as a multinational federation. This claim might suggest ideological bias, but it also reflects an important reality.The current political system is not an intellectual ideal; it was an arrangement prompted by unfavorable political conditions. No attempt is made here to venerate ...
What a wonderfully written insightful analysis! Must Read!!

"Organized and experienced people are more potent than artillery" Dr. Debretsion
Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele 1-10-19 - At this time of political insanity it is the cool-headed leaders who are critically needed. When a mad man comes running towards you and you also run towards him with equal fury the logical result is you both clash and die or be injured. What the sane person should do is to keep calm, use his brain, and think of a method to subdue the mad man without hurting himself.

ክድገሙ ዘይብሎም ሕመቓት
ብተክለሚካኤል ኪ/ማርያም 1-12-19

Loosing what you have while looking for more!
Tadis Aregay 1-10-19 - From the 1st to the 7th century AD the forefathers of the Tigrian people (Endubis- 270AD, Aphilad, Wazeba, Ousanas - 320, Ezana 360, Mehadeyis, Eon-400AD, Evans, Nexool, Ousas-500, Kaleb -520, Alla Amidas - 540) were organized and talented enough to mint coins, build ships and obelisks. They were also literate in many languages including their own. In one of the inscription Ezana left behind, the...

Africa's Travel & Tourism Top 2018 Highlights
Josephine Wawira 1-10-19 - Africa's travel and tourism industry continued to record impressive growth in the past year. The continent hit a 63 million high in international tourist arrivals in 2017, as compared to 58 M in 2016 (+ 9% vs 2016); according to a Hospitality Report published in December 2018. The growth record is slightly above the global performance

"ብቸኛው ሀገራዊ መፍትሔ"
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለምተስፋይ 1-10-19

DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) Tigrayans Raised Over $65,000 to Support Displaced Tegaru Relief Fund Project
Katy, TX. (January 9, 2019)-Tegaru Disaster Relief Fund, Inc. is pleased to announce that DMV Tigrayan residents raised over $65,000 to support Displaced Tegaru Relief Fund project. The DMV fundraising dinner took place on Saturday January 5, 2019.

Taoiseach on visit to Ethiopia
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has begun official engagements in Ethiopia as part of his six-day visit to Africa. He met Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Sahle-Work Zewde, the first female president of Ethiopia, this morning and is due to meet African Union Commission representatives later.

Choice of Ideologies for Ethiopia: Revolutionary Democracy, Social Democracy, or Liberal Democracy
Assefa A. Lemu 1-9-19 - According to the online Cambridge Dictionary, ideology is "a theory or set of beliefs, especially one on which a political system, party, or organization is based". The term 'ideology' was coined in 1796 by the French philosopher Destutt de Tracy (1754–1836) to refer to a new ‘science of ideas’ (idea-ology). However, a popular meaning was assigned to the term in the writings ...

Is a Reform on Defence Force Current Priority of Ethiopian People?.
Tignen Tidmek 1-9-19 - Since the time Ethiopia has seen a new Prime Minister (Dr Abiyi Ahmed) in the name of EPRDF, whose acts are significantly departed from the principles and tradition of EPRDF, is trying to reform the military organization of the country. Is this reform consistent...

ON Military Movement from Tigrai- Jan 8, 2019
A few Years back the Oromo youth also known as "Qerro" were blocking any military convoy and security officials from coming to town to keep law and order. Today the Tigrean youth are blocking military movements and are asking them why they are leaving town! Yet, PM Abiy wants us to compare the two events as if his government is doing something different for the better! PM Abiy, we know you are the head of the government and you have to do what you have to do, but, why would you move the military from border areas? What kind of military doctrine forces you to move the military away from a possible hot zone area of the future? Why is Ambo a better military post than say Sheraro or Bure or Metema? Why are you moving the military to areas where they are not welcome like Western Oromia? The people want change but involving the military to pacify civil unrest and to defeat your political opponents is not the change the Qerro expected from you. Keep the Army where it is needed and work your difference with the OLF without involving the military. Dr Debretsion, what you do behind the door is not known to the people! Do not expect the people to sit idle while danger looms. They have enough of Gedu Andargachew treachery! Tell the federal government and Amhara officials in no uncertain terms the status quo is not acceptable anymore! It will be a leadership failure if the Amhara and Tigrai people start killing each other! The mad political leaders must be isolated from the public much like Wedi Afom. Time to shift the gear! Zeru Hagos Jan 8, 2019

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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