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Ben's Point of View on the current crisis


Mihretab/Kuflom/Andit/Haile-- to the Eritrean Youth!



VOA Tigrigna Interview with W/ro Aregash Beyene On the People's Conference in Tigrai Part 2:

Part 1:

VOA Discussion:


Diaspora Discussion On Good Governance issues in Ethiopia

  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
The discussion is the first installation of an on going discussion on good governance issues in Ethiopia. Aigaforum in cooperation with supporters and volunteers will bring you more in the future. Aigaforum hopes this will enrich the discussion back in Ethiopia and authorities will take some of the suggestions in to consideration!


Interview with Wro Aregash Beyene, Head of Tigrai Kilil Civil Service Bureau

The interview covers key takeaway from the recently held People's Conference on Good Governance, what the outcome will be and the likely next step(s) are.


Ambassador Berhanu Kebede's Tour Of Duty in the UK 2006 -2016


Abiy Berhane responding to allegations On Focus On Africa T12/ 01/16


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News, Analysis & Articles
Ethiopia: A Call For A Constitutional Reform
Teshome Abebe January 23, 2016 - A few days after the TPLF forces entered Addis Abeba in 1991, a lone tank rolled down a gravel highway from Kobo, a small town in Eastern Hararghe, West to a commercial town called Deder. Before entering Deder itself, the tank commander...

EU announces €25 mln in humanitarian aid for Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, January 22, 2016 (FBC) – The European Union (EU) has yesterday announced a €77 million in humanitarian aid for the Horn of Africa region in 2016.Around one third of the funding (€25 million) will go to Ethiopia

ካፈርኩ አይመልሰኝ
አዲስ ቶልቻ 01-22-16

54 Capital Plans Ethiopian Pharma Factory After Deal
54 Capital, a London-based private-equity company, plans to build a new plant for Addis Pharmaceutical Factory within two years after investing $30 million in its seventh deal in Ethiopia, an executive said.The asset manager will also “quickly” increase the number of drugs produced in Adigrat in the northern Tigray region to 150 from 90,

Tax Free Terrorism, Part 3: Why is the U.S. Harboring a Terrorist?
By The Strathink Editorial Team Ethiopian satellite television (ESAT) announced that Berhanu Nega, self-confessed terrorist and leader of Ginbot 7, left Europe and arrived in the United States several days ago. Berhanu Nega was in Brussels at the misguided invitation...

European Parliament "resolution"(?) on the situation in Ethiopia
We thought the extremists have given up bothering the US Congress to pass any kind of resolution to help their cause against the Ethiopian government and instead have opted to try the " Haz ki Hiz"(Armed struggle) with the help of Ginbot 7! Little did we know they were also going to try the EU Parliament with the help of Anna Gomez! We hate to dampen their spirit but this too will be futile! Dr Tedros and his team should make sure the EU should not listen to OLF and its evangelical friends in Europe. We know the old lady is not going to win the EU Parliament heart! If there is to be a commission that is empowered to investigate it should be the government's own commission!

ነበለትን ሕቶ ወረዳ ይኹነልናን!
The above is a commentary on the final summary report from Central Zone on good governance issue as as read Here.. Of all the reports, Aigaforum has received many short negative comments on the report from central zone! Many believed the report was not indicative of the real issues. We hope authorities take such feedback seriously and check what may have happened!

Good Governance as an Ultimate Weapon to Eradicate Poverty:
Asghedom Ghebremichael 01/21/16

The Story of TPLF Martyred Families
(Aigaforum Jan 17, 2016 ) - We understand Ethiopians cannot live in the past! We understand Tigreans must not live in the past! Ethiopians have paid dearly to attain the current peace - relative peace nonetheless! Tigreans have paid dearly and contributed beyond...for more

Reportage from the People's Coneference - Tigrai, Ethiopia.
Jan 2016

(Updated with more discussion from the second day! 01-18-16) Over 1500 hundred representatives of Tigrai people from all over the Kilil held a conference in Mekelle to discuss on good governance. For more on what was said and discussed listen to the following Reportage from the conference.
Kudos to TPLF and the Government of Tigrai for holding such conference. We hope this will continue in a similar fashion with the Academic Community and also the Business Community. The government should send invitation to all Tigrean intellectuals and business people allover Ethiopia to attend this conference!

ኢኮኖሚው ሁለተኛ እግር ያስፈልገዋል
Reporter 01-16-16 - An extended interview with Dr Arkebe Oqbay on the need for a manufacturing based economy and the development of the industrial park.

How on Earth Can a Remote Ethiopian Health Post Function without Electricity?
Whenever I visit Ethiopia I have to recalibrate my definition of "rural" and "remote." On my most recent trip I traveled with John Snow Inc.'s Zenaw Adam to the Udeledaba kebele (the smallest administrative unit of Ethiopia usually less than 5,000 people) situated within the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia

Dr Tedros leads an Ethiopian delegation to the EU
An Ethiopian delegation, headed by Foreign Minister Dr Tedros Adhanom, made an official visit to the European Union in Brussels this week (January 12-14). The visit started with a meeting ...More from this Week in the Horn

Credit should be given where credit is due:
Yared G. Bairu Colorado (USA) 01-17-16 - It’s been a while since I learned the expression that made a huge sense to me. Anyone with a relatively good common sense wouldn’t find the message of the phrase (expression), “credit should be given to where credit is due”

Eritrea: A decayed revolution
I was in Asmara in 2015 and saw a society stalled in time; weary–looking people in the streets who seemed caged and resigned to fate. A major source of worry is th...

AfDB approves US $76.11-million loan for Four Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program in Ethiopia
The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 approved a loan of US $76.11 million from the AfDB financing window to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia for the implementation of the Four Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program.

እስከ መቼ ድረስ የጥገኞች ጥገት እንሆናለን?
ከፀሐዬ ደባልቀው January 14, 2016
Comment-- very good article on Dr Berhanu Nega and his followers. Despite the rumored report about Dr Berhanu returning to Asmara from Brussels, he is still rumored to be living in Brussels and Brussels is where Dr Tedros Foreign Minister of Ethiopia is currently visiting on official visit! is Dr Berhanu thinking hard about his options from here on now that he is alone so to speak?

Observations on Ethiopian Road Construction:
Almaz Fesseha 01-14-16 - Ethiopia has been making progress in iits economic growth and positive changes are apparent in most parts of the country. Investor confidence is reflected by rapid progress in development and infrastructure. Many roads and bridges are either...

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