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Conference on Ethiopian Foreign Policy by EIIPD and ILPI, sponsored by SIDA, Sweden

Invitation to the launch of the research project ‘Ethiopia’s International Relations: The Foreign Policy Making and Determinants of an Emerging Giant’, at 9:30 January 14, 2014, at Desalegn Hotel.



Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy

...Washington is losing its ability to govern and act in the public interest. Fukuyama wonders whether the forces of accountability and renewal will come to the rescue, as they have in past democratic crises, or whether liberal democracies are discovering that their guiding philosophy....

Meron? - Poem

Ephrem from Seattle 01-06-15

See Also:  Meron Poem Atehid


ቃለ-መጠይቅ ምስ ኣቶ ሙላለም ሃ/ያም


News, Analysis & Articles

The Most Corrupt Countries in the World
While there may be no obvious immediate link, the most corrupt countries in the world do share a common root in their corruption: greed....Eritrea has been one of a number of African nations to benefit from a recent mining boom, but with new economic horizons have come staggering levels of corruption

ጥዒናዊ ተረዳድኦ፡ ሞተር ምክልኻል ሕማማት
ብመንግስቱ ገብረመድህን 01-08-15

Analyzing Professor Beyene’s remarks on the code of conduct for political parties
Bereket Gebru Jan 08, 2015 - After recently reading news reports that Professor Beyene Petros stated that his party, Ethiopian Federal Democratic Union, would sign the electoral code of conduct ...

The people pushed out of Ethiopia's fertile farmland
Matthew Newsome - The construction of a huge dam in Ethiopia and the introduction of large-scale agricultural businesses....The story in this story is how a "brave BBC reporter" managed to fool indigenous Ethiopians with a bottle of Rum and got what he wanted all along- a picture of ancient Africans to sell for his readers in London and elsewhere? Shame if Ethiopia fails to such black mailing and stop the development effort! Readers, need we remind the Matthew's how the west and Britain was developed by his ancestors?

Ethiopia’s New Venture
Amen Teferi Jan 06, 2015 - The news of the oversubscribed sovereign bond, which Ethiopia had issued to the global capital market, had created an interest

Gibe III: A Testament of Ethiopia's Developmental Determination
Yehune Bante Jan 06, 2015 - At last Gibe III is to become fully operational. Last week, Azeb Asnake, chief executive officer of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, said

Ismail Calls for Benefiting from Sudan and Ethiopia Resources to Strengthen Ties
Khartoum - Minister of Investment, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail affirmed the deep-rooted relations between Sudan and Ethiopia.While addressing yesterday the Joint Technical Committee meeting...

US charges over Gambia 'coup plot' against Yahya Jammeh
Two men have been charged in the US with attempting to overthrow The Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh, the justice department has said....[Don't you think this is the first of its kind for the US readers? After all the US shelters all kind of people from all over the world in the name of dissidents and activists! No wonder the extremists chatter has come down when it comes to Ethiopia! Perhaps the US and British have changed their approach to helping countries 'democratize'!!!]

IS “Semayawi” Party Religious?
Frehiwot Ketema 01-05-15 - Of course anyone who sees the above question-title will respond with “there is no earthly or heavenly connection between the two”.

ጥዒናዊ ተረዳድኦ፡ ሞተር ምክልኻል ሕማማት
ብመንግስቱ ገብረመድህን መቐለ ዩኒቨርስቲ

ዶክተር ቦርጨቅ
አሜን ተፈሪ 01-05-15 - ‹‹ኢህአዴግ ሥልጣን ላይ ሲወጣ ደጋፊው ነበርኩ፡፡ በመጽሐፌም አስፍሬዋለሁ፡፡ የተለያየነው የሽግግር መንግስት ምሥረታ ላይ በተፈፀመው ትያትር ነው፡፡ ..."

“ሳያጣሩ ወሬ፣ ሳይገድሉ ጎፈሬ”....አይናለም በለጠ 01-05-15

ተንጋሎ መቃዠት
አይደፈር አምባው 01-05-15 - የዚህ ፅሁፍ መነሻ በቅርብ መታተም የጀመረው የአንድነት ፖርቲ ልሣን የሚሊዮኖች ድምፅ ጋዜጣ በታህሳስ 21 ቀን 2007 እትሙ ገጽ 5 ላይ ከኢንጂነር ይልቃል ጌትነት የሰማያዊ ፖርቲና...

Built on fertile ground
An academic initiative to help shape the new face of Ethiopia was held from December 15 to 17.Around 150 key stakeholders from Ethiopia, Germany, India, South Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda involved in urban development and construction gathered in Addis Ababa to attend a symposium which was...

በብዕር ጥላሸት… ....ተፃፈ በወለባ መፃኢ ታህሳስ-24 -2007 ዓ.ም

Renaissance of melancholic music in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is experiencing something of a renaissance in Jazz and live music with a focus on traditional tunes.,.

The Troubling Eastern Africa Region and the Danger it poses to the National Security of Ethiopia
W. Yilma January, 2, 2015

Jawar Mohammed: A Bull in a China Shop
Dachaassaa Hundaa Jan 2, 2015 - Rich in historical and cultural heritage, the Oromo, the single largest nation in Ethiopia, has experienced complex political, economic,.

ደወል ህዝቢ....Berhane 01-02-15

በኢትዮጵያ ለምርጫ ምቹ ሁኔታዎች....በስንታየሁ ግርማ 01-02-15

A Week in the Horn January 02 2015
MoFA Jan 02, 2015

Two decades of Education stride: Numbers don't lie
Wubanchi Demse Jan 1, 2015

Gebru Asrat’s Book: A Comment
By Aynalem Sebhatu 12-31-14 - Sovereignty and Democracy in Ethiopia, by Gebru Asrat, is a curious and long-drawn-out book. It is massive and this essay cannot pretend to a thorough evaluation,.

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