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Ethiopia moving to implement the recommendations of the International Panel
(MoFA, 01/03/14) - The International Panel of Experts (IPoE), established in December 2011 to study the impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on downstream countries, was an initiative of Ethiopia. It was specifically aimed to build confidence and trust about the project among the lower riparian states, Egypt and Sudan. The Panel, composed of two experts from each of the three countries as well as four additional international experts...  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital| Awramba|    Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   Tigraionline Ben  VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | ERTA|   EthAdvoc
Current Events

PM Hailemariam with Workers Union Meeting 01/04/14
ኢሰማኮ ያቀረባቸውን ጥያቄዎች



ኢሰማኮ በዛሬው ቀን ለታህሳስ 23 ቀን ለጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ የሚቀርብላቸውን ዋና ዋና የሰራተኞው ጥያቄዎች አስመልክቶ ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ ሰጠ



All: Please note the official facebook account for Dr Tedros is this! mark it and save it so you are not taken for a ride by all the imposter pages that are out there!
FM Dr Tedros Facebook page

And his twitter account is :


Teddy Afro Bedele Beer: Atse Minilk Controversy

for more and to have your say!


Interview with Ato Teferra Derbew Minister of MOA


Selam radio on the repatriation effort of Ethiopians from South Sudan and on the up-coming Ethiopian Scientists of the Future


News, Analysis & Articles

  • New Eritrean-Afar political organization to unveil blueprint ...
    Eritrean Afar State in Exile 01/04/14

  • Destroying itself from within.

    Ugandan troops control the airport in Juba, while Ugandan aircraft are said to have bombed Mr Machar’s rebels in Jonglei...Ethiopia’s late prime minister, Meles Zenawi, who died in 2012, was an effective counterweight to the erratic Mr Museveni but Mr Hailemariam may be less able to restrain him. “The world is going to miss Meles,” says a UN official involved in previous negotiations....

    Ethiopia's landless young find hope and security in keeping bees.
    In the Tigray region of Ethiopia, increasing numbers of young people have no access to the land and its resources. Farming land here is already scarce, and many farms are very small....

    Ethiopia vs. Egypt: The likelihood of a case before the International court of justice.
    Eshetu Girma Washington Dc, January 2, 2014 - The initial idea of writing this article grew out of a desire to respond to a commentary by an individual named Zak Sai who wrote in The Reporter online edition...

    መቐለ ወይስ መቀሌ ይሓይሽ ?
    ኣብርሃም ለኣከማርያም 1/2/14

    Call for Application: 2014 Reham Al-Farra (RAF) Memorial Journalists Fellowship Programme
    The 2014 Reham Al-Farra Memorial Journalists Fellowship Programme Fellowship (Monday, 8 September – Friday, 3 October 2014, in New York) is open to journalists and broadcasters from Ethiopia.

    House passes landmark decision on constitutional dispute
    Addis Ababa, January 2, 2014 (WIC) - In a landmark decision, the House of Federation (HoF) deemed provisions granting Federal Supreme Court exclusive first instance jurisdiction over criminal cases involving government officials ‘unconstitutional’...(ETV should invite constitutional experts to discuss and inform the public this decision was not somehow influenced and did not violate the constitution!

    More Good News on the MDGs for Ethiopia
    Bereket Gebru 1/1/14

    የህዳሴው ግድብ የቆየውን “ጨዋታ” ቀይሮታል ...for more

    ሙያውን አዋርዶ ለማትረፍ መሯሯጥ!!...for more

    Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Confirms Representatives of President Salva Kirr and Dr. Riek Machar to arrive Addis Today
    According to spokesperson of the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, current Chair person of IGAD confirmed that representatives of President Salva Kirr of the Government of South Sudan and former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar will be in Addis Ababa later today to defuse the tension in South Sudan ...

    And, On The Seventh Day...!
    Given my audience, let me first set the stage. As is true in almost all countries in the world, the national bank is charged with managing the supply of money in the country. It also has other functions, such as, having a supervisory or controlling role of other banks—primarily private bank...

    የሲፒጄ ገመና ሲገላለጥ...for more

    |ካንጋሮ ነው ´የተባለው ፍ/ቤት ክራሞት ...for more

    ከስደት ተመላሾችን ለማቋቋም…!...for more

    በህገ መንግስታዊ መብቶች ሽፋን ህገመንግስታዊ ሥርዓቱን በሃይል የመናድ ከንቱ ምኞት ...for more

    የሦስቱ አገራት ፍሪያማ ውይይት ...for more

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    From Economic Dependency and Stagnation to Democratic Developmental State: Essays on the Socio-political and Economic Perspectives of Ethiopia
    Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D.



    TDA Boston 2013 Event






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