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Appeasing Diaspora Extremists and US Appropriation Bill of 2014
Aigaforum Jan 28, 2014 - Against all odds President Obama was elected twice as the president of the United States. Those who elected him adore him as a pragmatist and intelligent president but those who despise him simply hate his gut. During his first term although his government was able to slow down the downward growth of the crumbling economy he inherited, he faced many obstacles from the opposition party in congress.  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital| Awramba|    Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   Tigraionline Ben  VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | ERTA|   EthAdvoc
Current Events
Winning the fight against poverty: People in Mekoni Tigray
Jan 2014


Ambassador Dina Mufti on topical regional issues with Selam Radio.


Jessica Alba in Habesha Cloth!


Interview with Minister Sheferaw Shegute - The State Of Education In Ethiopia


Afro-Caribbean Night 2013 "Ethiopia"


Prof. Mesfin Speaks out on Ethio-Sudan border demarcation Issues.

Ethiopia's democratic progress has come a long way so much so the old guards are able to continue lamenting on lost power while trying to belittle the achievements of the EPRDF government from their comfort in Addis! Professor, Ethiopia is in good hand and its sovereignty is not up for negotation! No one should lose a sleep worrying about Aremacheo and Humera...(smile if you can as a Gondere or Tigre prof...)! One point to take from the professor speech is the government must share data if the deal is done and signed so researchers and educators can comment if it was a good deal or not!


News, Analysis & Articles

Time for Egypt to join the table whole heartedly

Bereket Gebru 01/30/14 - Recently, Egyptians voted on a referendum to adopt or discard a new draft constitution that has been put in place after amending the suspended 2012 constitution.

ዓባይን የመጠቀም መብታችንን የሚነፍገን ህግ የለም!...for more

ያረጁ ስምምነቶችን አቧራ አራግፎ የመጠቀም ፖለቲካ...for more

የሙት ሂስና የሃያስያኑ ትስስር...for more

H.E. Ambassador Birtukan Ayano Dadi,Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of FDRE to Canada, Presents her letter of credence

Election time demagoguery is brewing. This morning(01.27.14) it was Prof Mesfin Wolde on Sudan border etc now it is Addis Fortune claiming Senator Feingold is reviving HR 2008! I do not know what he[Addis Fortune] was talking! There is no Feingold in the Senate and there was no 2008 but 2003 "HR Bill"! Funny also, the article was repeating Mesfin's comments of the useless economist report. Read today's(Fortune) article Fortune Article
(Comment:Forwarded by our Reader)

On the Recent Debate About Emperor Minilik’s Legacy
Getachew Mequanent Ottawa, Canada January 26, 2014 - Emperor Milinik was a great man who created the economic, political and institutional foundations of modern Ethiopia and defeated European colonizers at the battle of Adwa. However, just as for all other great people in history, Minilik’s legacy is not immune...

የአያቶች መንገዶችን መዝጋት ዘመቻ - ወደ ከተማ ደሴትነት...for more

የተጀመረው ልማት በቀለም አቢዮት ናፋቂዎች አይገታም...for more

ግብፆችን ማን ይምከርልን?...for more

One Page Business Weekly - Frankfurt Counsel
South Sudan rebels keen to fight on
They have a youthful, confident swagger, ammunition belts draped around their necks, roaring into town in their open pick-up truck. "The White Army", as they are known, calls the shots here...It is amazing how irresponsible bbc has become in promoting "these kids". Sometimes we wonder if the west has an iota of interest to see peace in the Horn region!. By its own admission these are a bunch of kids! They should not have been given the camera's attention so they do not become embolden! Give peace a chance bbc!

ግብፅ የቅኝ ግዛት ውሎችን መናፈቋ ያዋጣት ይሆን?...for more

Eritrea “in from the cold” needs real policy changes by Eritrea’s government
(MoFA) Jan, 2014 - Every year or two, there’s a wave of suggestions that it might be time for the US to try and once again engage with Eritrea. The latest such effort came in December from former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa (1989-1993), Herman Cohen in a piece entitled: “Time to Bring Eritrea in from the Cold”....See also >>>> A Week In The Horn Of Africa

ጉድ ሳይሰማ መስከረም አይጠባም...for more

Book review - "Ye Asimba Fikir"
Beyene Gura/gebray Jan 25 2014

ሀገራዊ ጥቅማችንን ማስከበር የዜግነት ግዴታችን ነው!...for more

Omo Kuraz Sugar Development Project benefiting pastoralists in the area
Gashaw Aychilihum 01/24/14

CPJ: Black marketer of Freedom
Amen Teferi 01/23/14 Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), in its newest survey released a month or so ago, has declared that worldwide a total of 201 journalists are arrested in 2013, of which 34 are in Africa.

Pictures from the picturesque Bale Mountain in Ethiopia. The pictures were taken during a recent trip. What a magnificent place to visit! click to enlarge!

Egypt vs. Ethiopia at the ICJ Part II
Eshetu Girma January 20, 2014 - The Nature and basis of International liability for non-accidental trans boundary damages the Nile River case. This article is a continuation of the discussion I presented for readers regarding the use of the optional clause as more fully defined under...

Ethiopia joins Somalia's African Union force
More than 4,000 Ethiopian troops have been formally absorbed into the African Union force in Somalia. They will be responsible for security in the south-western regions of Gedo, Bay and Bakool, the AU said.Ethiopia's contribution takes the AU force to the 22,000-strong level mandated by the UN Security Council...
Friends should know that Ethiopia is at peace and secured that they can come and invest anytime... and Foes should know Ethiopia is still capable to guard its territory and continue its development agenda that includes the building of the Renaissance Dam! No doors will be left open to exploit!

Eritrea: Ethiopia, the US and the UN- Part II
Dade Desta 01/20/14 - The US has a short memory of its long history. Eritrea’s is the opposite. In its short history, it has piled up grudges after grudges against everyone but itself. It externalizes its troubles, blames others for everything that goes wrong. Most of the blames are directed at the US. Recently, the Eritrean government media has accused the US of causing...

Renassiance/Hedase Dam when complete will look similar to this!

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