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Two Sisters with Kidney Disease in need of urgent Financial help
The two young sisters named Muluberhan Melaku and Frehiwot Melaku are residents of Adwa town. Doctors from Bethel General Hospital in Addis Ababa have said they need kidney replacements. Their medical treatments, including kidney replacements, have to be done in a foreign country. This creates a huge financial burden which the family cannot afford. As such, they are appealing for people’s generous assistance. The mother of the two sisters is donating one of her kidneys but a second kidney has to be purchased. The mother lost her third daughter to a similar disease last year. The mother has sold her only house. We think this is an opportunity to make a difference, perhaps to save lives in the spirit of the New Year and Ethiopian Christmas! Please keep in mind, time is against us and let us act quickly and donate as much as we can! The sisters are going through kidneys dialysis treatment twice a week.
Doctor letter

Letter from officials in Adwa

Account Information:
· Bank name: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Meskel Adebabay Branch
· Name of Beneficiary: W/ro Gidey Zegeye Wasihun
· Account Number: 01730-1551-1600
· RoutingNumber: CBETETAA

The mother’s mobile phone number is: +251-910211547
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Current Events

On the occasion of the 37th anniversary of TPLF’s armed struggle, we will have an interview and discussion with veteran Tegadalay and Author of a recently published book “FNOTE GEDL” , Bsrat Amare , along with other veteran Tegadelti panelists at:
Dedebit Paltalk Forum this Saturday, Jan.7, 2012 at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern).

Ginbot 7 and supporters behind close door!
In the audio you will realize teflon Birhanu after hiding behind the pc for a while coming out and promising his members and supporters that he will hold a congress. Also note how everyone was happy ESAT was one of their best achievements. Well today ESAT simply a YouTube file and the promised congress has been transformed to b a congress for EX General Gelchu!
  Ginbot 7 from behind door!
(we will publish other audio files we received once we have clearance to share from the sender since they are time sensitive!)

Thought for Today!
There is a person with whom you spend more time than any other, a person who has more influence over you, and more ability to interfere with or support your growth than anyone else. It is YOU. by David Bodman

ETV News(Amharic)

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News, Analysis & Articles

The depressing New Year message for Eritreans and the Region
As we have pointed out last week, for the New Year, President Isaias Afeworki gave a lengthy briefing on a wide range of issues to his people. In addition to his marathon lecture on far-flung issues of the world at large, of little or no relevance to Eritreans’...
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A Week in the Horn (06.01.2012)

Bank Stops U.S. Money Transfers To Somalia, Risking Greater Instability
With millions of Somalis still reeling from the 2011 famine, the recent decision by the Minnesota-based Sunrise Community Banks to shut down its Somali remittance service... Sunrise’s decision came about because of fears of violating existent terrorist financing regulations. Even while upholding all compliance requirements under the Bank Secrecy Act –which requires financial institutions to assist with the detection and prevention of money laundering,
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NBE to put in place system to combat money laundering, terrorism financing

Fog and complications within OLF raises false hope in Gimboat 7
Dilwenberu Nega 4th January 2012- If folly were grief every OLF supporter would weep. That would be your honest verdict if you had the misfortune of reading blurred and confused statements that was churned out by two groups both claiming to be Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). That the OLF has been on a downhill spiral ever since it walked out from the Transitional Government is an open secret. So, too, has been its relegation to the league of despicable quislings in the service of the fountainhead of terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

የስዊድንያኑ ጋዜጠኞች ቅጣት |ጫጫታ´ መንስዔዎች
ቶሎሳ Jan 4, 2012 - ምን ላይ ተጽፎ እንዳነበብኩት ለጊዜው አላስታውስም - ብቻ ክንዋኔው ከብዙ ዓመታት በፊት የተደረገ ነው፡፡ የደርጊቱ አፅመ - ታሪክም በአዕምሮዬ ማስታወሻ መዝገብ ላይ እንዲህ ተከትቦ ቀርቷል፡፡… |በአንዲት ሀገር ውስጥ የሚኖሩ ሰዎች ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ለመውጣት ይጠራራሉ፡፡

The Old New face of the Eritrean Propaganda Machinery,
Orion Daniel Jan 3, 2012 - Dear Max, Very Happy New Year 2012 and thank you Max and Stacy for being the voices of the voiceless 99%...on Tuesday 27/12/11, I watched the Keiser Report Episode No.228 that was aired at about GMT 21:30. I specifically refer to the interview you had with a certain self appointed "independent journalist" Thomas C. Mountain

Ethiopian extremist elements in Diaspora are in love with Isaias Afeworki in Eritrea! So much is their love for him they are willing to be his clowns no matter what. Ever since Isaias Afeworki became a naked emperor he has been trying all kind of tricks to resuscitate the dying Ethiopian oppositions in exile. One of his latest tricks is creating an OLF that smells and feels like Ginbot 7. He does this while keeping a separatist OLF at home as you can see in the two press releases below! The gullible foot soldiers of Birhanu Nega who are in love to death literally with Wedi Afom have been raising the Champagne to welcome the latest news from the other OLF! The Diaspora extremists were full of Drs and Engineers and yet they cannot see the game plan from Asmara! sad sad!( commentary from our email folder!)

Occupy Wall-Street, Two Schools of Liberalism,And The Great Renaissance Dam
Befekadu Wolde Jan 2, 2012 - Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is a protest movement which was sparked by a simple call put out last summer by a Canadian group,...

Ginbot 7 and Dr Birhanu Nega :-Dr Birhanu Nega and Ginbot 7!
Endelebu Wodaj Dec 31, 2011 - Ever since Kinjit came apart after the leaders were released from government jail opposition politics has not been the same. For many supporters the failure of the leadership to lead the struggle was hard to swallow. In fact many became disillusioned and left the struggle all together and many others thought and hoped the emerging Ginbot 7 organization founded by Dr Birhanu will become...

Ginbot 7 was not and can not be a force to be taken seriously when it comes to promoting democracy in Ethiopia.The organization is simply used as a comfort vehicle for Birhanu's life in exile. We are certain the other characters in Ginbot 7 will spin out as soon as the marraige with OLF is signed!

Double standard by critics of two Swede jailings: Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA Dec 30 (Reuters) - Ethiopia accused international rights groups of double-standards on Friday, citing their criticism of its treatment of two Swedish journalists who were jailed this week for aiding rebels and entering the country illegally.

Mark Your Calendar
TDA 9th conference is to be held in Mekelle from January 14-16.
Agenda of the conference:
1. TDA’s three year accomplishment report
2. Election of new TDA board members
3. Ethiopia’s New NGO law
4. Approval of decisions and resolutions of TDA 9th conference.

TIME: 2.00 PM

Tigrai Youth Sweden
   Jan 7, 2012


Tsenat Radio program is a weekly program hosted by artist Solomon Tekalign from Atlanta

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