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Press statement on Eritrean backed tourist killings in Afar Regional State !!! Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 18 January 2012
On Monday, 16 January 2012, a group of 22 tourists traveling in the Afar Regional State were attacked by gunmen. It was an act of open terrorism resulting in the death of five people with others injured and kidnapped. Those killed were two Germans, two Hungarians and an Austrian. The injured included an Italian, a Hungarian and two Germans. Three Ethiopians were also kidnapped. is incidents like this that makes people yearn for the likes of Ras Alula and Atse Tewodros! How did we end up in this quagmire where our existence is tied with the international community and the one man regime in Asmara playing us as a pawn? No the international community has nothing what so ever to do with our security and well-being!Our security relies in our capability and the defense ministry is not accountable only to retire and fire experienced Generals and Colonels! Simply mad and powerless!(from our email folder!)(we concur!)
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Nepali Folk Song- (one of our reader has chosen this for you all!)

አዲሱ የሊዝ አዋጅ
የኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት ፖለቲካል ኢኮኖሚን በር ለመቀርቀር

ሚስባህ ያሲን- በአሁኑ ሰአት ስለ አዲሱ የሊዝ አዋጅ በህብረተሰቡ አንዳንድ ነጥቦች እየተነሱ ውይይት ሲደረግባቸው ይታያል። አዋጁ የበርካታ ሚዲያዎችን ትኩረት ከማግኘቱም ባሻገር ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎችም የየራሳቸውንና የመሰላቸውን አስተያየት በየሚዲያው በመስጠት ላይ ናቸው። መንግስት በበኩሉ በርካታ መድረኮችን ፈጥሮ በአዋጁ ላይ ማብራሪያ እየሰጠ ቢሆንም እስካሁን ድረስ በአንዳንድ ወገኖች ዘንድ የጠራ ግንዛቤ የተፈጠረ አይመስልም። ምክንያቱም አዋጁን አስመልከቶ....

Thought for Today!
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. by George Bernard Shaw

A Week in the Horn

Contemporary Tigrean History in the eyes of veteran UTNA members.

The other unsung heroes from the Tigrean struggle to defeat the derge regime of Ethiopia are the members of the Union of Tigreans in North America and Europe. Friends and supporters of TPLF as well as members of the Tigrean community in Diaspora met Ambassador Fesseha Asghedom, Ato Wahde Belay, Ato Oumar Mohamednur, and Ato Mulu Assefa, all veteran UTNA members, in an online discussion forum to learn more about the then UTNA!

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ETV News(Amharic)

News, Analysis & Articles

The Deputy Mayor of Pingdingshan City visits the Ethiopian Embassy.
H.E. Amb. Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China welcomed H.E. Mr. Huang Xiang Li, the Deputy Mayor of Pingdingshan City in Henan Province on January 16, 2012 and discussed on issues of mutual importance .

We abhor the latest dastardly terrorist acts of Brinkmanship by the bellicose Eritrean regime!!
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, January18, 2012 One can surmise and indeed succinctly argue that today, the single most, cardinal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety by summoning onboard Africa, and indeed the world at large, a rare commodity in the global political and diplomatic market; is the clarion expression of concern, condemnation and worry against the broad daylight acts of terrorism and none camouflaged killings and kidnappings unleashed by the Eritrean regime .

Another terrorist attack: how long should we mollycoddle Isaias Afewerki?
Dilwenberu Nega 18th January 2012- Terrorists trained, armed and dispatched by Eritrea have inflicted a major blow to Ethiopian tourism by killing five foreign tourists in Ethiopia’s Regional State of Afar. Both Government and public were quick to finger Asmara as the mastermind of this heinous crime.

ስሩዕ ጉባኤ ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ካብ ጥሪ 4 ስካብ ጥሪ 5 2004 ዓ.ም ተኻይዱ ብዓወት ተዛዚሙ ኣሎ፡፡
ኣብ 9ይ ስሩዕ ጉባኤ ማ.ል.ት ዝተሳተፍና ጉባኤተኛታት ኣብ 8ይ ጉባኤ ዝተሓንፀፁ መደባት ብዝርዝር ገምጊምና ኣብ ቀፃሊ 3 ዓመታት ዝፈፀሙ ዓበይቲ መደባትን ናይ አፈፃፅማ ኣንፈታትን ኣነፂርና ኣለና፡፡ ብሄራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስቲ ትግራይ ናይ ሓሙሸተ ዓመት ናይ ዕብየትን ትራንስፎርመሽንን መደብ ሓንፂፁ መላእ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ኣብ ምርብራብ ከምዝርከብ ብዝግባእ ብምግንዛብ ስሩዕ ጉባኤ ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ብክልልና ዝተሓንፀፁ ናይ ዕብየትን ትራንስፎርመሽንን መደባት ኣብ ምዕዋት ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ አድማዒ አስተዋፅኦ ንኽትገብር እዞም ዝስዕቡ ወሳኔታት አሕሊፍና ኣለና፡፡

Ethiopian Airlines is refuting the accident investigation report of the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority on the accident involving flight ET 409 when it was leaving Beirut on 25th January 2010.
See attached press release. An executive summary is also available.

አንቀጽ 39፡ ሂሳዊ ምልከታ
አለማየሁ ቢራራ፣ January 17, 2012- በዚህች አጭር ጽሁፌ፤ የአንቀጽ 39ን መሰረታዊ መከራከሪያ ነጥቦች አስቀምጣለሁ። ቀጥሎም እኚህ መከራከሪያ ነጥቦች ሁለት መሰረታዊ ጉድለቶች እንዳሉባቸዉ አሳያለሁ። (1) አንደኛዉ አንቀጹ እርስ-በርሱ የሚቃረን መሆኑ ነዉ። (2) ሁለተኛዉ፤ አንቀጹ በመገንጠል አደጋነት ያስቀመጠዉ የብሄር መብቶቸን መረገጥ ብቻ ነዉ።
Dear Alemayehu, the constitution has many articles and sub articles. The reason it has so many is because not all issues are the same and require the same remedy. One among the many issues the constitution tried to address with article 39 is that of nation and nationalities. Ethiopia is not a union of two nations (Ha and Le), thus the issue of secession will not be raised because one nation is abusing another nation! Second, if one of the nations, say Oromia or Amhara or Harari, wants to separate because the federal system is not working to its liking or the rest of the nations (not one nation since there is no way for that to happen in Ethiopia today!) are abusing or exploiting its resources, it has to go through the process. And yes there will be a government with the institutions intact to run the process. The rest of your assumption of economic windfall as a potential cause for secession and unfair divorce is also flawed! Secession will not happen at a disadvantage to any one!The process is clear on this one! But the main reason for article 39 is deterrent, as such why worry as long as we get along well!.

Ethiopia overtakes Colombia as number three producer
LONDON Jan 16 (Reuters) - The International Coffee Organization on Monday raised its estimate of the global coffee crop in 2011/12 to 132.4 million 60 kg bags as Ethiopia overtook Colombia as the world's number three producer..

Ethiopia, Pivotal in the Promotion Of Sino-African Bond!!
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, January 16, 2011- Ethiopia has continued to play a pivotal role in promoting and expounding African interests true to its central place as the Headquarters of the African Union, and as a pioneering free nation in the long and arduous liberation struggle for the independence and sovereignty of the continent at large.

CPJ: Working to Undermine Third World Governments’ Reputation
Ermias Mekasha Jan 16, 2012-Since CPJ is never been governed by the universal principles of impartiality and neutrality, it didn’t try to prove its claim—the two Swedish journalists were jailed for “doing their jobs”—by giving genuine opportunity to the Ethiopian government to provide its own views concerning the allegations in which it was accused of.

The highly successful Ethiopian Diaspora investment conference scheduled for Los Angeles and Northern California
Washington, D.C., January 15, 2012 – The second stage of the highly successful conference titled “Collaborative Investing by the Ethiopian Diaspora in the U.S.” will take place in Northern California (Silicon Valley) on Saturday February 4 and a week later in Los Angeles, on February 11, 2012.
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States and Markets: Neoliberal Limitations and the Case for a Developmental State, By Meles Zenawi
Reference: A. Noman, K. Botchwey, H. Stein and J. E. Stiglitz, "Good Growth and Governance in Africa, Rethinking Development Strategies", pp. 140-174, Oxford University Press, Jan 2012, ISBN13: 9780199698561

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Bay Area Chapter Fund Rasing Event Invitation!   Jan 21, 2012

Denmark For Hedase Dam!!!

(Interview with Minister Berket!)


Tsenat Radio program is a weekly program hosted by artist Solomon Tekalign from Atlanta

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· Bank name: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Meskel Adebabay Branch
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