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    Price Fixing: Good or Bad Economics!

    The Ethiopian Government in agreement with the business community has introduced a price fix for certain everyday items. Is this good or bad in lieu of current world economic conditions and Ethiopia’s development stage? Is such intervention in accordance with what a developmental state would do?
    (See news on this from
    Do you think the current inflationary pressure in certain commodities is due to uncontrolled greed or fast development? And is the Ethiopian government justified to fix the price? To leave your comments and... Have Your Say Click Here!
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Current Events

Ethiopia girl receives surgery for cancer in eye

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ETV News(Amharic)

Interview with Colonel Yitbarek Amare.

Col Yitbarek comments on current events and on former TPLF members in Diaspora who are badmouthing TPLF history.
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To All Compatriots

Call for Your Reflection
Mekelle Institute of Technology(MIT) is a young Science and Technology Institute in Mekelle (opened in November 2002). It has made impressive progress in producing professionals in critical fields of information communications engineering and technology. Currently, the Institute is making preparations to launch graduate MBA program as of October 2011. We have prepared a draft design of the curriculum, and we are calling up on all compatriots with related background and experience to critically evaluate the draft and to send us their reflections ( ).
While we are sending you an eight pages document, the important parts we like you to give us your professional comments are Part VII and VIII.
Mekelle Institute of Technology

Interview with Ato Gedu Andargachew, V/ Chairman of ANDM and Deputy Chief Administrator of the Amhara National Regional Administration.
Tsehaye Debalkew of Selam Radio in Washington DC.

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News, Analysis & Articles

Egypt, Playing The Wrong Chords And Producing A Discordant Tone!!!
Tsehaye Debalkew Jan 07, 20111- The seemingly insurmountable hurdle affecting cooperation on the sharing of the resources of the River Nile has been the glaring lack of a binding agreement between all the Nile based countries pertaining to the optimum utilization, fair and just...

Discovery Hole at Canaco's Harvest Project in Ethiopia Intersects 52.1 Metres at 1.55 Grams Gold Per Tonne and 4.10% Copper
(Marketwire - Jan. 6, 2011) - Canaco Resources Inc. is pleased to announce exciting diamond drill results from the Terakimti concession, part of the Company's Harvest project in Ethiopia,...The Nefasit, Hamlo, Terakimti, Adi Nebrid, Igub and Medri Felasi concessions are located in the Tigray region of Ethiopia within the Neo-Proterozoic Asmara VMS Cu-Zn-Au-Ag metallogenic belt

Egypt's Annual Council of Foreign Affairs meeting lays out legal and political strategy to fight for Nile
Diplomats and environmental and legal experts in Egypt are as one on how to address the issue of Nile water distribution. Attendees at lectures sponsored by the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs discussed how to move on beyond the current impasse in negotiations with the other Nile countries

An Irishman's Diary
Most Westerners, when I tell them that I have been to Ethiopia, immediately associate the country... Hunger and poverty remain a challenge, but lost in the media storm around development are the country’s great physical beauty, its long history of fierce independence and resistance to colonialism,

The Ancestral Homeland of Humanity: The Nature and Current Strategies of Ecotourism in Ethiopia
Asayehgn Desta, Ph. D. Jan 05, 2011-Recently I was very fortunate to watch a documentary film on Tourism in Ethiopia, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The film rightly portrayed that Ethiopia is not only the land of thirteen months of sunshine but...

“We’ve made history!” They have made history indeed!!!
“We have made history!” Ethiopian CEO Girma Wake said on Thursday, flanked by his successor Tewolde GebreMariam and his new management team. Indeed they made history with Girma Wake writing the main chapter. Ethiopian Airlines’ most successful CEO Girma and Chairman of the Board Seyoum Mesfin officially retired together this week...(Capital)
Thank You Gashe Girma and thank you Chairman Seyoum! Job well done! And to CEO Tewolde, we wish you the best!... Ade'ra!

Adal Isaw Jan 02 2011-The law on some perverted occasions becomes blind; for instance, when it indiscriminately prohibits the owner of a mansion and a homeless from spending the night underneath a bridge.When its sight is twenty-twenty, it is likely to see and treat an accused black person with impunity more so than it does a white convicted killer.

A New Approach to Fighting Poverty: Koraro, Ethiopia
The Millennium Village cluster in Koraro is located in the Hawzen district in northern Ethiopia, an area surrounded by jagged escarpments and dusty arid land

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Invitation for a fund rasing party for Boston Tigrai Community!!!

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