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US concerned at "restrictions" on Ethiopia opposition what restriction?

In the middle of a Green Revolution:Ethiopia in 2010!

(Isayas A. 01/06/10)-In the old days when Derge was the supreme power of the land and EPRDF was fighting to topple it, the slogan that mobilized the people to rise up and take arms and defeat the enemy was “be tsiferena..!” It means with our own hands and fingers! Today with Derge gone and a new federal Ethiopia in place, the enemy the public is raising its arms once more again is against poverty. The new slogan is “yichalal”....

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Current Events

Matti Multiplex to Go 3-D

The Addis Abeba entertainment scene is finally catching up to this trend as Matti Multiplex Cinema is in the process of procuring 3-D film screening equipment at a cost of over seven million... (Arcade and kids entertainment center inside Edna Mall)

Amhara Development Association 2010 Major Telethon event.

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Failed Terrorist Plot in Ethiopia
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Addis and Mobile Phone...

A cop (police) in the United States hears all kind of excuses from motorist who are caught violating the speed limit or any of the driving rules. These excuse stories are retold during traffic school! Not to be outsmarted Addis resident’s who are caught driving while talking on the mobile phone have started their own excuses!
One business man was driving while he was talking on his iphone (surprise!)with speaker on. The Cop stopped him and asked him for his driving license. The driver told the cop but…but I am using the speaker eko Getaye(sir)!
The cop replied smiling of course!...Wondime! (brother) forget the speaker; you cannot even move your lip while driving!
The business person could not stop laughing and accepted graciously his ticket which was $160.00 birr! As you know Ethiopia has a strict law against use of mobile phone while driving.

News & Analysis

NBI proposes largest hydroelectric dam project in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, January 6 (WIC) - The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) has proposed the largest hydroelectric dam which is expected to serve Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. According to, the Ethiopian government has plans to establish the dam on the Blue Nile River off Bure town on the road that leads to Nekemt at Bako-Ambo area, located in the Oromia State.
Comment:  Horn politics particularly that which affects Nile basin countries is entering in to a new phase. It seems gone are the days when Egypt single handily decides the fate of any project in and around the Nile River. Not sure if the latest desire of Egypt to invest in Ethiopia, particularly in Bahr Dar and Afar, is based on business opportunity and nothing else, nevertheless, regardless of Egypt's intention Ethiopia is becoming a country to be reckoned with. While the Egyptian prime minister was visiting Ethiopia, the country announced a plan to build a huge dam on the Abay/Nile River. Perhaps Egypt and Sudan have realized the new order in the Horn and have decided to go along with the new Nile Basin Agreement that is good for all before it is too late. ...See also:  Egypt to Grow Crops in Ethiopia

Eritrean president says CIA behind war with Ethiopia

January 5, 2010 –( president, Isaias Afeworki said that intelligence agencies of the United States were the main instigators of the 1998-2000 Ethiopia-Eritrea border war which claimed the lives of 70,000 people. In an interview with the state-run TV the President on Sunday said that CIA mainly aimed at creating a crisis situation in Africa and exposes its people to animosity among one another, and thus plunders the resources of the continent, besides imposing one’s narrow interests....
Do you wonder why Isaias Afeworki always blames the CIA? Sometimes we wonder if he is talking as an insider! Did he work with them before and knows how CIA works or is he simply blubbering...kab aqli chinqet! (11th hour panic)

Azeb lauds FGM, HIV/AIDS prevention activities in Afar state
Azeb Mesfin Addis Ababa, January 4 (WIC) – The Founder and Board Chairperson of the National Coalition for Women against HIV/AIDS, First Lady Azeb Mesfin, lauded the successful endeavors carried out to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and prevent HIV/AIDS in Afar state.

The integrity of the electoral process: Sweden’s unfounded allegations – is this the way to promote democracy?
It has been a little over 15 years since the first ever press law was introduced in Ethiopia, a development which sparked off an unprecedented level of growth in the number of press and media outlets. These have, over the years, promoted a significant variety of views on a broad range of issues. They have provided full opportunities for people to exercise freedom of expression ...
More from.... Week in the Horn (01.01.2010)


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