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The renowned artist and long time TPLF member Iyasu Berhe passed away. Iyasu died suddenly in Alamata town Tigrai, Ethiopia on Jan 18 2010. Funeral service will be conducted Jan 20 2010 in Addis Ababa
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Is Ethiopian Televison Up to the Task?

The Ancient country is slowly becoming a modern country thanks to the far sighted EPRDF leadership. The country is in the midst of a historic transformation in all spheres... Information is power they say! It has been that way all along but it is more so now that the world is living in the information age.
The state owned Ethiopian Television has been the sole information provider... Sadly many think the agency has not been up to the task... Currently there are two Television stations on the air (ETV and ETV2). Instead of both stations being managed by the same agency the government should lease one of the stations to be managed by outsiders with a clear mandate to compete with ETV or at the very least have the two stations address different needs.
If the city of Addis Ababa can be reformed and reconstructed to become a modern city, certainly, Ethiopian Television agency can be encouraged to do more.Do you agree…

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Engineer Hailu campaigning in Bahrdar comments on run away politicians"aqerariwoch"(hot air talkers) (perhaps the likes of girigir 7 a.k.a G7) and Diaspora critics and the overall progress of the democratic process in Ethiopia!

An Al-Aharam columnist gets it wrong

The visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister to Ethiopia at the beginning of the year has been characterized as historic by both the Ethiopian and Egyptian media. Generally, the coverage of the visit was more or less balanced though, as usual, some reports were misguided. Several reporters misrepresented the facts of the visit and its implications for both countries..

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News & Analysis

New Books on TPLF History

The last chapter of the history of TPLF is yet to be written! However many writers have started to write about the long and bitter 17 years of struggle and the secret behind TPLF’s success and failure of the past. The following are few among many. Read, be informed and accept the torch and join the struggle to write the last chapter-defeating poverty and building a democratic Federal Ethiopia....
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Orange revolt foe tops Ukrainian vote
KIEV, Ukraine – Disillusioned voters gave the archenemy of Ukraine's pro-democracy Orange Revolution a first-place finish in the initial round of presidential voting Sunday...

Somalia's instability is not Ethiopia's fault
Your article "Violence, fear and confusion: Welcome to the Horn of Africa" (World News) implied Somalia was at peace before Ethiopia's intervention in 2006. Assumptions used to criticise Ethiopia in relation to the instability are unfounded and fallacious. Lack of peace and stability in Somalia date from the overthrow of Siad Barre in 1991.

Ethiopian rebels return home after giving up arms
Some members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) are surrendering to Ethiopian authorities on the Kenyan side of the border.
Once the emperor- OLF uncle Sam Isayas Afeworki, has become naked his foot soldiers have started to abandon him left and right. OLF may not be the last one to leave Asmara now that the world has spoken on Isayas Afeworki regime!

Progress Report of a Millennium Village

The following is the first in a series of reports from the Ethiopian village of Koraro, an important testing ground for the Millennium Village Project,... Five years ago, the northern Ethiopian village of Koraro was on the edge of survival.Today, the village has a school, a health clinic and a market. With the help of fertilizer and better seeds, crop yields have grown dramatically. Parasitic intestinal worms, pervasive five years ago, are almost unheard-of today. Life is still a challenge in Koraro, but things have certainly gotten better

Three Ethiopian Diaspora Entrepreneurs Won The African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM) Award
Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington, D.C. (January 15, 2010) – Three diaspora entrepreneurs of Ethiopian origin won the highly coveted African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM) Program award. According to the African Diaspora Marketplace (AMD) Program, fourteen diaspora-driven businesses in seven countries were awarded matching grants ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 at the African Diaspora...

Ethiopia opens its largest hydroelectric dam
ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – The biggest hydroelectric dam in Ethiopia, financed by Italy, has been opened by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini,... "It's possible to speed up development without polluting the environment," Meles was quoted by the official news agency as saying. Meles recalled that his "government wishes to double the energy capacity of the country in the next five years."

As Ethiopia - Egyptian accord takes effect, Al-Ahram rubs salt on old wounds
By Genet Mersha ( As any prudent person would, I value pragmatism, especially if it promotes mutual benefits and facilitates common search for solutions to difficulties in inter-state relations. In that regard, official pronouncements by the prime ministers of Ethiopia and Egypt at the year’s end have somewhat conveyed that very impression about their budding relations

In the middle of a Green Revolution:Ethiopia in 2010!
(Isayas A. 01/06/10)-In the old days when Derge was the supreme power of the land and EPRDF was fighting to topple it, the slogan that mobilized the people to rise up and take arms and defeat the enemy was “be tsiferena..!” It means with our own hands and fingers! Today with Derge gone and a new federal Ethiopia in place, the enemy the public is raising its arms once more again is against poverty. The new slogan is “yichalal”....


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Boston is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11.

Lekatit 11 in Bay Area California!!!

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