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TMH English: Government of Tigray responds to human rights report- Feb 21,2022

Facebook 'lets vigilantes in Ethiopia incite ethnic killing'

Among the cases where families believe Facebook's continued promotion of hate makes it responsible for killings include Gebremichael Teweldmedhin, a Tigrayan jeweller abducted three months ago in Gonder, a city in the Amhara region. Teweldmedhin's family cited one Facebook user in particular: Solomon Bogale, an online activist with more than 86,000 Facebook followers. Although listed on Facebook as residing in London, Bogale's social media indicates he has been in Ethiopia since August 2021, with posts of him carrying an assault rifle often accompanied by statements praising the Fano
Hiring a fact-checker in Ethiopia is not going to solve the problem since the prime minister of that country is the main killer and main sponsor of the vigilantes and will not allow independent fact-checkers to do their job. What will work is hiring diverse fact-checker teams that can monitor and flag the many hate speeches and posts at Facebook/Meta.

Note to our Readers: TPLF/EPRDF has done many things to sustain the unfortunate empire called Ethiopia. It left the country with a very sound economic engine and a strong infrastructure base. So much so it is sustaining the ego of the stupid, ignorant, and genocidal man called Abiy. He is pretending he has done something since he came to power by shamefully inaugurating TPLF/EPRDF's work. From the tall building in Addis to the mightily Hedase Dam, he may tell you otherwise, but, they are the works of the TPLF/EPRDF. The only thing Tigrayans and Ethiopians saw from this man is bloodshed and continuous lies. Abiy has sold Hedase Dam to Egypt and his Arab handlers. You will not see in your life a complete Hedase Dam any time soon. However, he is trying to tell you he is a man of his words to keep the TPLF/EPRDF legacy by boosting that two of the 16 turbines of Hedase Dam will start to generate power soon. Tigrayans and Ethiopians paid for 16 Turbines, not two!

Response to Amnesty International's Report on the alleged Human Rights Violations in Amhara towns

TEAO 2-18-22 -On February 16, 2022, Amnesty International issued a report entitled, "Tigrayan forces murder, rape and pillage in attacks on civilians in Amhara towns." Specifically, the report outlines alleged extrajudicial killings and acts of sexual violence in the towns of Kobo and Chenna, in North Wollo and Northern Gondar respectively from late August to early September of last year. In light of the numerous procedural and substantive problems that bedevil the latest report, it would be tempting to dismiss it right off the bat. However, out of respect for the alleged victims, the Government of Tigray feels compelled to address these allegations head on.

Tigrayans storm EU-Africa summit in Brussels, call on EU leaders to halt support for Dictators like Abiy Ahmed

Tigrayan demonstrators demanded that the humanitarian blockade imposed by the Ethiopian government be fully lifted to save lives and get help to the people in need. They also called on European and African leaders to "stop Tigray genocide"

Urgent Appeal to End the Brutal Siege and Catastrophic Humanitarian Crisis and Atrocities Against Tigrayans

GSTS 2-18-22 -Tigray is still under a 360○ brutal siege and facing an entirely man-made catastrophic famine and atrocity crimes that have lasted for more than 15 months since the war waged on Tigray by the Ethiopian regime and its Eritrean and Amhara allies. The war on Tigray has involved scores of documented mass massacres, widespread weaponized rape and Conflict Related Sexual violence...

Identifying the Drone-Launched Munitions Used in Ethiopian Air Strikes

In a very short period of time, since armed conflict broke out in the country’s northern Tigray region in November 2020, the Ethiopian Air Force has become a major operator of the world’s second-tier armed drone platforms. Produced by Turkey, China, and Iran, these aircraft are affordable, effective, and (most importantly) available for purchase with seemingly few export or proliferation controls.

Abiy Ahmed should write a book for Dummies titled, "On How to Destroy Your County In Less Than A Year."

Paulos Irgau. 02-15-22 - "If you build it, they will come" is a famous line pitched in the movie of the 90s, "Field of Dreams" by Kevin Costner in it. It is the story of chasing one’s dreams and doing anything possible to make it happen including a farmer turning his land into a baseball playing field on account it was his childhood dream. When he was in doubt, an apparition would say to him,...


Mekonnen Abraha February 12, 2022 - According to the Montevideo Convention of 1933 and UN Articles on Responsibility of states (2002 the following 4 are what are required to call yourself a nation: Article 1 states, "The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: a) a permanent population; b) a defined territory; c) government; and d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states"

HOPEWALKS International based in Mekelle Hospital calls for medical pediatric treatment donations.

TDA, 10 February 2022 - Family consultant in HOPEWALKS International based in Mekelle Hospital calls on diaspora Tegaru, international NGOs, and international humanitarian organizations to donate medical items to be used for the pediatric treatment of clubfoot children.

Tigray Government Statement on UN Suspension of Aid to Tigray
Tigray Govt 02-12-22 - The United Nation has repeatedly blamed the Ethiopian government for obstructing-humanitarian Aid delivery into Tigray. Indeed, the UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, had as far as late September publicly noted a "de facto humanitarian blockade" ...yet the United Nations has lately sought to attribute the suspension of aid delivery.. to a conflict in the area....

The Tigray war, its impacts on women, children, and the challenges ahead

W.Yilma February 11/2022 - The war in Tigray was ignited without a cause, but with great consequences both socially, economically, politically, religiously, and most importantly created a major shift in traditional societal ties between different ethnic groups. Unjust war is an enemy of peace and democracy. It impaired economic growth as well as human development and consumes human life, and create unproductive social groups, dependent on foreign aids.

Ethiopian officials accused of extorting Tigrayan detainees

Ethiopian security officers have been systematically extorting and abusing Tigrayan civilians held without charge, including minors and the elderly, since a wave of nationwide mass arrests began last year, according to alleged victims and their families.
A wise friend told us to use "avenge" instead of "revenge" when it comes to the measure we will take to hold those who killed our people, imprisoned our people, and destroyed the livelihood of our people. We listened to our wise friend's advice until now. We are not sure anymore "avenge" will do justice when the time comes. Time will come for sure!

Ethiopia - US: Congress advances sanctions bill requiring American strategy

US lawmakers advanced a new sanctions legislation on Tuesday, amid lingering congressional concerns that the Joe Biden administration lacks a comprehensive plan to end the violence in Northern Ethiopia. The bipartisan Ethiopia Stabilisation, Peace, and Democracy Act and other bills addressing human rights concerns

WHO Says Crucial Supplies Not Reaching Embattled Northern Ethiopia

GENEVA — World Health Organization officials say insecurity and bureaucratic difficulties continue to prevent medical supplies and other crucial relief from reaching millions of beleaguered civilians in conflict-ridden northern Ethiopia. An estimated 9.4 million people in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray, Amhara, and Afar regions are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

A Message to Ethiopians and the World

Note to the Reader: This article was written in January 2021, when we were in the fields of Tsaei and Tsedia(Central Zone). As we were in communication and Internet blackouts, it didn't publish on time.

Tilahun Kiros 2-8-22 -Tigrai is a region found in the northern part of Ethiopia. It is at the heart of Ethiopian history. The making of the country - Ethiopia - started in Tigrai. Tigrai is a land of history, a land of antiquity, and a land of tolerance and hospitality. Tigrai is also a land of religions - both Christianity and Islam.

A captured Eritrean minor soldier said, Eritrea built minds when Tigray built bricks and mortars.

Paulos Irgau. 2-8-22 Note: this piece is about an Eritrean minor soldier who was captured in Tigray sometime in May or June last year and what he said during an interview.

One can get tempted to take it for a philosophical aphorism where Plato's "Forms", Cartesian Mind-Body duality and Kantian Noumenon come to mind but the reality is an antithesis to anything that is a refined philosophical postulate or discourse. To be more precise, it is vulgar, decadent and a product of Orwellian un-person instead.

Ethiopia accused of 'serious' human rights abuses in Tigray in landmark case

Ethiopia has committed a wide range of human rights violations in its war against Tigrayan rebel forces, including mass killings, sexual violence and military targeting of civilians, according to a landmark legal complaint submitted to Africa’s top human rights body.

Saving children from man-made acute malnutrition in Tigray, Ethiopia: a call to action

The Lancet 2-3-22 -Armed conflict has been raging in Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, since Nov 4, 2020. Some of the defining characteristics of this armed conflict are a total blockade of humanitarian aid, wanton destruction of health facilities, and the displacement of millions of people. These weaponized actions have exposed children in Tigray to preventable severe and moderate acute malnutrition.

African Union Urges For Political Solution To Ethiopia Conflict With Immediate Ceasefire

African Union appeal for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, urging all parties involved in Ethiopian conflict to find a long-term political settlement. Conflict in Northern Ethiopia has prompted the African Union (AU) to appeal for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire, urging all parties involved in the conflict to find a long-term political settlement on Sunday.

President of the Republic of Kenya Statement on Tigray-Ethiopia Conflict

Kenya 2-2-22 - As President of the Republic of Kenya and friend of the brotherly people of Ethiopia, I join the Secretary General of the United Nations, H.E. Antonio GUTERRES, in appealing to all parties to cease hostilities in the ongoing conflict in our neighboring country of Ethiopia.

Italian Ministry of Defense Statement on Tigray-Ethiopia Conflict- Written Response

2-2-22 -[ Ethio-Italy] Agreement in a specific sector was signed on the 10th of April 2019, as you mentioned. The Agreement's parliamentary ratification process has already been completed by both parties, confirming their common will to strengthen the bilateral cooperation. In light of the deteriorating situation in Tigray, I report that the Dicastery has ceased all types of activities under the Cooperation Agreement. In this delicate context, the MAECI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) continues to follow the developments of the crisis with the utmost attention and extreme concern.

Nobel Peace Committee - Resign!

Paulos Irgau. 2-2-22 - This piece is an attempt to put the recent interview of the Peace Nobel Committee chairwoman with CNN in a broader context when she tried in vain, I must add to defend the committee's decision to award Abi Ahmed the Peace Prize in 2019. The Danish Physicist Niels Bohr once said ...

The Re-birth Of Eritrea's Kebessa and The Necessity Of Strategic Depth For Tigray.

Paulos Irgau. 1-30-22 - The resurgence of "going back" to the roots particularly among Eritreans who hail from the Highlands has become one of the tectonic shifts the war has wrought where one cannot afford to see it as a benign symptom on the side when it is the real deal in its own right. Unexamined history is not worth knowing is the new motto if I can paraphrase Socrates which is firing up the new Eritrean generation. A generation that has been cheated and robbed of its history during the last thousands of daylights.

Ethiopia: To achieve peace, take Eritrea out of the game

Since its independence three decades ago, Eritrea has been involved in international conflicts, ranging from minor border skirmishes with its neighbors, such as Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen, to a full-fledged conventional war with Ethiopia. Its notoriety as a regional troublemaker had resulted in the imposition of crushing sanctions lasting several years.

The Imperatives of a Strong State in Tigray.

Paulos Irgau 1-26-22 - Here is one of those "once upon a time" stories where one is taken back to a memory lane of childhood, but the takeaway is intellectually robust, nonetheless. You're forewarned though for I am going to take you for a long haul and bumpy road in between and I suggest you buckle up. Hope it is worth your time.

Abiy Ahmed's Playbook for Dealing with Ferenjis (Foreigners): Lie and Then Lie Again

Elias Dawit 01-09-22
Buddha says there are three things that cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.
Beginning with his declaration of victory over Tigrayan Defense Forces (TDF) just weeks after the fighting began in November 2020, Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed has mastered the art of dealing with ferenjis (foreigners). He lies and then he lies again. This is the fundamental misunderstanding of the international community when dealing with Ethiopia's leadership, particularly Abiy Ahmed.

Farewell Message and a New Beginning for

(Aigaforum) Jan 4, 2022 - For over two decades Aigaforum has been owned by a dedicated owner and managed by wonderful volunteers. The requirement to provide balanced information was a priority. The intention of the website was to inform, educate and create a civil discourse for the development and prosperity of the Ethiopia that espoused the diverse background of its people. The dawn of a new era in the Ethiopian history required a platform for the expression of the new emerging landscape of its diverse people...... (More)

Remembering Dr. Mikael Tessema - a unique intellectual of his time

Abrham Berhane 12-26-21 -This short article covers a brief history of Dr Mikael Tessema a Tigrayan who shaped early Ethiopian politics. Dr. Mikael was an intellectual that suffered at the hands of Italian fascists and was also home imprisoned by Haileselassie. It is too sad to see imposters and pseudo nationalist rewriting history hoping to belittle the role of shaping Ethiopia The fact is: Tigrayan elites were at the forefront of the struggle to build a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia then as now.

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Our deep condolence to the family of one of our beloved mentor and father Dr. Solomon Inquai. We will miss you Dr. Solomon. Know that you have done your share to help your people, and Tigray is indebted for your service. Aigaforum, Feb 19, 2022.


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