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President Debretsion (PhD) of Tigrai message to Tigreans all over the world and the international community- Jan 30, 2021

  Video+ After what seems to be a very long, yet short absence from public view, President Debretsion assured the people of Tigrai that victory is certain and that the enemies will be defeated soon. He asked the people to stand tall against tyranny and aggression.



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Bring it on!
Aesop 02/04/2021 - Why are Tigrai's persecutors crying these days? Didn't they claim that the "law enforcement" operation was over? Didn't they declare that they have executed the key "junta" leaders? Well, they are crying for two reasons: (1) They know Tigrai's center of gravity rests on the Tigrean people, and 2. They know the global narrative on the Tigrean genocide is approaching the truth. The table is turning against Tigrai's enemies!

Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed goes from flying start to a quicksand of troubles.
For Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the promise and optimism he projected in abundance when he took the reins in the Horn of Africa nation three years ago must have become a fading memory.Those expectations have since been replaced by a civil war, widening ethnic schisms and a growing crisis with neighbouring Sudan

ቅዋም ዓለምለኸ ሕብረት ኣመንቲ ወንጌል ክርስትያን ተጋሩ እዋናዊ ቕዋም
መተሓባባሪ ኮሚቴ ዓለምለኸ ሕብረት ኣመንቲ ወንጌል ክርስትያን ተጋሩ 02-05-21

UN: Ethiopia May Not Have Control of a Large Part of Tigray
The United Nations humanitarian chief has privately told the U.N. Security Council that Ethiopia may not have control of up to 40% of the territory in its embattled Tigray region and does not have full command of forces from neighboring Eritrea operating there.

One thing that troubles us day and night these days is that will current and future Tigrean generations prepare to revenge what is happening today? Or will it not? We fear more about the future than today! How could we let Abiy and Isaias enablers live in peace going forward?

  • Dear Aigaforum, - " ...The chauvinists from the south and the dictator from the north are on revenge. Tegaru do not do revenge. They do avenge. We did not do revenge when we won 30 years ago. will not do it now. We did not kill prisoners of war. Will not do it now either. God willing if we get there, we will make them accountable to their crimes. We will avenge the tears of our people. The verb "to avenge" means to seek retribution on behalf of somebody else. It contrasts with "revenge," which is about seeking retribution for yourself.[From our email folder]

  • Abiy Ahmed's Call for Diaspora and Friends of Ethiopia: No need for reading it between the lines.
    Ezana Hager 02-04.2021 - Abiy Ahmed made a call to the Ethiopian diaspora and friends of Ethiopia 'to fight against the spread of false information about Ethiopia'. He characterised those who are making noise and protest as remnants of the 'junta' who are painting a false picture of Ethiopia in collaboration with foreign enemies

    Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who served in Ethiopia and Eritrea letter to U.S Congress
    "We are miserably broken by what is happening [in Tigray].We have lost everything," Gebrahid Welderfael, a farmer sheltering at Sudan's Um Rakuba refugee camp, told Reuters."The one thing we have is that we saved our lives, but we’re suffering here, and we’re not much better off than those who died."

    UN Secretary-General and UN Security Council Inactions Tantamount to Complicity in the War on Tigray and the Making of Genocide
    Makonnen Tesfaye; 3rd February 2021 - It is now three months since the armies of the Ethiopian Federal Government, the Eritrean Regime, the Somali Federal Government Forces and the Amahra Regional Government Special Forces and Militia invasion and occupation of the Regional National State of Tigray, an autonomous and self-governing Region in the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

    Lemonde: Abiy has lied to the secretary earlier in his phone call
    "The UN Secretary called an emergency meeting to discuss the miserable condition in Trigay that has been created by sadistic Isayas and the dictator Abiy. In this article, it has been cited that the Eritrean involvement. Abiy has lied to the secretary earlier in his phone call."

    Tigray opposition parties assert 50,000-plus civilian deaths
    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - A trio of opposition parties in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region estimates that more than 50,000 civilians have been killed in the three-month conflict, and they urge the international community to intervene before a "humanitarian disaster of biblical proportion will become a gruesome reality."

    The enemy within, the end of Ethiopian unity.
    W. Yilma February 2/2021 - No one knows when and in what circumstances Abiy was recruited to become an agent to spy for foreign countries. One group said that he was recruited by Eritrea while he was in Rwanda working as a member of the Ethiopian peacekeeping mission. The second group believe that he was recruited by CIA.

    Abiy Ahmed Finds Himself in a Political Straitjacket
    Aynalem Sebhatu 02-01-21 - In time of all-out crisis of the country, the boundary between the domestic and foreign enemies disappeared, but in the war against Tigray, Abiy Ahmed and the Amhara elites - over the vigorous rebellion of Tigrayans - insisted on maintaining the non-Eritrean involvement in the war with a straight face.

    A call for Germans and Europeans to Help Tigray (German)
    Das vorsätzliche Verhungern von 4.5 Millionen Menschen in Tigray bei dem Nobelpreisträger, Abiy Ahmed von Äthiopien, die aktuell für die größte humanitäre Krise unserer Zeit gesorgt hat, ist ein Kriegsverbrechen

    Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: What a blind man's death reveals
    Having joined the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) around the time of its formation in 1975, Asmelash lost his eyesight when he was bombed during the war that ended the notorious Mengistu Haile Mariam regime in 1991. Then in 1998, Asmelash lost his left arm in an airstrike on the regional capital, Mekelle.Asmelash - who was a member of its executive - was killed along with two other TPLF veterans - former foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin and former minister of federal affairs Abay Tsehaye

    Wolqait: How Achamyaleh Tamiru killed Geography.
    Kalayu Abrha 01-31-21 - Undisciplined armed hordes, commanded by the Amhara right wing nationalists, have violated every article in the Constitution and occupied Western and Southern Tigray, with tacit permission from the Central Government which was expected to protect the Constitution.

    ኢትዮጵያዊነት ምዋርተኝነት ነው
    ሙሉጌታ ወልደገብርኤል01-31-21

    Hundreds of thousands could starve to death
    As more and more states are involved in the war in northern Ethiopia, millions of people are starving. Despite this massive humanitarian catastrophe, very few people get help - and that seems to be deliberate.

    A New U.S. Policy Toward Africa: A Conversation with Chairman Gregory Meeks and African Activists
    Representative Meeks outlines his vision for a reimagined approach to U.S.-Africa policy in a democratically controlled house and senate. Representative Meeks will engage directly with Ugandan and Ethiopian activists working on the frontlines to advance democracy in their respective countries and in the region. In conversation with Rep. Meeks, panelists Rosebell Kagumire and Tsedale Lemma discuss Uganda's controversial elections, the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region

    Tigray crisis: 'Genocidal war' waged in Ethiopia region, says leader
    Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have waged a "devastating and genocidal war" in Ethiopia's Tigray region, the region's ousted leader has said. Debretsion Gebremichael urged the international community to investigate the alleged atrocities

    Selective Criminal Investigation and Charges: Prejudice, Hypocrisy & the need for Credible International Inquiry
    Ezana Hager 31.01.2021 - On 29 January 2021, officials from the Ethiopian Attorney General and the Federal Police dishonourably gave press release on Tigray authorities and other Tigrayans' 'crimes'; this was expectedly lauded by diehard supporters of Abiy Ahmed and Isais Afewerki, but sturdily detested by those who advocate for justice and truth.

    Ethiopia says Tigray back to 'normalcy;' witnesses disagree.
    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Ethiopia's government has privately told Biden administration staffers its embattled Tigray region has "returned to normalcy," but new witness accounts describe terrified Tigray residents
    Those of you in DC should demand a sit-down meeting with any Biden Administration official and demand that international observers and journalists are allowed to visit Tigrai to witness the atrocities being committed by Isaias Afeworki soldiers and Abiy Ahmed troops. Abiy and Demeke should not escape accountability. The international community should know Tigrai cannot keep bleeding. There will be a do or die self defence (አይኒ የብለይ ሰኒ የብለይ ዓርሲ ምክልካል) coming soon unless the international community steps in soon.

    US Ambassador Michael A. Raynor - An Abettor of the War on Tigray and the Making of Genocide
    Makonnen Tesfaye 01-29-21 - On 25 January 2021 and on the eve of his departure as US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael A. Raynor had the audacity to say, after three months of complete silence, that he was concerned about the War on Tigray (what he called the "Situation in Tigray"). First, after three months of deliberate silence on the most horrendous and heinous War on Tigray, its people and its leaders;

    The Honorable Members of the House of Representatives and Senate United States Congress Washington, D.C. 20515
    Dr. Woldu 01-28-21 - Dear Honorable Members of Congress: It is with deep sadness that I kindly request your support in ending the humanitarian crisis in Tigray region, Ethiopia. Since the large-scale war on the people of Tigray started on November 4th, 2020, the humanitarian crisis has increased exponentially with no end to this crisis. United Nations members and many other organizations have called for an immediate ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to reach areas... The Honorable Members of the House of Representatives ... (PDF)

    UK says killers in Ethiopia "must be held to account whoever they may be"
    Lord Alton of Liverpool - To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of reports that three senior members of the Tigray People's Liberation Front, including the former Ethiopian Foreign Minister, have been killed by the Ethiopian military on 13 January

    Joint NGO Letter call for a Special Session on the deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia
    We, the undersigned human rights non-governmental organizations, strongly support the call for a UN Human Rights Council (HRC) special session on the deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia and urge your delegation to support such a session without further delay.

    መፍትሔው ትግራዋይ ብሔርተኝነት ነው
    ሙሉጌታ ወልደገብርኤል 01-30-21

    "Quralew": Aren't Eritreans worried about their own integrity if not about Tigray?
    Kalayu Abrha 01-29-21 - Tegaru are the most resilient people who never panic however odd the odds are. Some young people had the guts to hide in a building and take a video of an Eritrean camel caravan loaded with looted furniture and kitchenware. While the long caravan passed by those taking the video were making fun of the dishonorable act Eritreans were engaged in.

    መኸተ ትግራይና ከመይ ኣሎ?
    ማህተመ ደመወዝ(ዶ/ር) 01-28-21

    12 weeks into the conflict, 'deeply troubling' situation for children in Tigray
    NEW YORK, 27 January 2021 - "The very little we know about the impact of the conflict on children in Tigray - from limited partner accounts and UN assessments - is deeply troubling."Across Tigray, immunizations have ground to a halt. Civilian infrastructure, including health facilities, has been damaged or destroyed, and essential supplies looted.

    Open Letter to Mr. Pawel Jablonski The Deputy Foreign Minister Warsaw, Poland
    Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe 01-27-21 - This is to express our sincere appreciation for speaking out loudly and clearly on the plight of our people, particularly on the massacre at St. Mary's historical Cathedral in Axum. At this opportunity, may we bring to your attention that the Ethiopian PM. Col. Abiyi Ahmed and his ambassadors are not from the decent part of the Ethiopian society...

    War Crimes: Rape and Sexual Violence in Tigray
    Mulugeta Abai, Executive Director Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture 01-26-21 - Almost two months have passed since the occupation of Tigray by the Ethiopian army with the order of the Prime Minster, Abiy Ahmed Ali. Despite strict censorship and lack of accessibility by independent observers, cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity come to the fore one after another. Among these crimes are shocking news about rape, sexual violence and enforced prostitutions perpetrated by the occupying forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    The Three-Legged Genocide in Tigray in the Making
    Aynalem Sebhatu 01-26-21 - The international community could no longer look away from what is unfolding in the making of genocide in Tigray. There would be no particular point to elaborating here about the daily killings, bombing, rape, looting, burning farms, destroying cultural and historical assets of Tigray. There is, however, one point that should be made.

    Open Letter to former American Ambassador to Ethiopia: Michael Raynor
    Gebre Selema 01-26-21 - I have to be honest I was so elated when I heard Ambassador Michael Raynor was departing from Ethiopia, almost immediately after his excellency president Joe Biden assumed power. It is true Michael Raynor has caused so much damage to our community and it is too late now.

    Unassuming and Dauntless Seyoum Mesfin:His powerful message in the aftermath of the Tigray Election 2020
    B.T. 24.01.21 - On 9 September 2020, the people of Tigray in Northern Ethiopia held a historic regional election where 2.7 million people turned out to cast their votes. Four regional parties took part in the election. While the unelected dictatorial Government of Abiy Ahmed declared it illegal, the people of Tigray overwhelmingly backed and saw it as their constitutional right that no one can deny them from exercising it.

  • Are those ten stages of genocide executed in Tigray?
    W. Yilma January 25/2021
  • Which is the real enemy of Tigray: Individual Leaders or the Established System in Ethiopia?
    Kalayu Abrha 01-25-21
  • Emergency Rapid Military Rescue Operation by EU, UNSC and USA; can only stop the genocide in Tigrai.
    Gebre Selema 01-24-21
  • Members of the Tigray Community of Illinois Express Outrage over War Crimes Committed in the Tigray Region by Ethiopian Government and its Allies
    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, November 23, 2021
  • An urgent message to his excellence Mr Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States of America, from Tigray.
    From Governance Forum Mekelle, Tigrai Jan 22, 2021
  • Traitors in History
    Kalayu Abrha 01-23-21
  • Abiy Ahmed and the Political Weaponization of Lies
    Aynalem Sebhatu 01-22-21
  • UAE: Investment or military Interference in the Horn?
    Firew (12.01.21)
  • Ethiopia, Land of Atrocities
    Tesfay Atsbeha 01-20-21
    Ethiopia, Land of Atrocities(German)

  • The Axum Civilian Massacre of November 2020
    M. J. 18.01.2021
  • Elusive Peace in the Horn of Africa
    Fessahaye Mebrahtu 01-19-21
  • The Eritrean Democratic movements should campaign vigorously to bring Isaias to the International Criminal court
    Petros Tesfagiorgis 01-19-21
  • The Deafening Silence of Ethiopians is Silently Slaying Ethiopia
    Aynalem Sebhatu 01-18-21
  • The Vandals of the 21st Century: Eritrean and Amhara Troops in Tigray
    Kalayu Abrha 01-18-21
  • Afewerki, Extremist Amhara and Ahmed's Dreadful Crimes against Retired and Elderly former Tigray leaders
    Justice Michael 01-16-21
  • Triumph of Chauvinism and the Disintegration of Ethiopia
    Aynalem Sebhatu 01-15-21
  • Are Eritreans Working for or against their Nations future?
    Kalayu Abrha 01-15-21
  • Press Release on the current situation of Tigray
    We, Said Ahmed Negash Support Group in Toronto, Canada
  • How PM Abiy Ahmed Ali Duped the World including the Nobel Prize Organization: Deconstructing Abiy Ahmed's Alternative Facts
    Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE), Jan 13, 2020

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2021 All rights reserved.

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