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Current Events
TPLF@42: The Story of Berhe Waldeba- Feb 2017


TPLF@42: Recognizing the Family of the Martyrs!- Feb 2017



Arhibu with Former TPLF CC Member Wondwosen Kebede- Feb 2017

Wondwosen who understood the question of nation and nationalities early on chose to join TPLF instead of EPRP even though he was non Tigrean!!


Interview with Beza Film Director and Producer Berhane Negusie.
Beza is a film based on a true story of TPLF Tegadalit/fighter/ Azeb Bekele. Berhane came to the USA to participate in an international film festival and to promote the film in North America. Berhane was kind enough to sit down for on online interview with Zenebe , Addisu and Isayas. Aigaforum Feb 2017


Despite what happened last year in Ethiopia, despite the challenges from the ongoing deep tehadeso of the EPRDF, the spirit of Lekatit 11 lives in many millions around the world and inside Ethiopia! Below is selected recordings of Lekatit 11 Celebration Event from around the world


The Amazing Awet Wodaj: Reminding us about our martyred brothers and sisters during Lekatit 11 2017!

(It will be a big failure if the living generation of today fails to fulfill the promise! A peaceful and developing Ethiopia!)


Tigrai Tv:Zanta - Yemane/Jamaica/ and Yishak


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News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.
Ethiopian Wins African Cargo Airline of the Year Award
February 28, 2017 - Ethiopian Airlines, the largest cargo operator in Africa, has been awarded the African Cargo Airline of the Year Award during the 2017 Air Cargo Africa Conference held in Johannesburg from 21st to 23rd February 2017.

Woyin the magazine Interview with Alem Gebrewahid TPLF Politburo Member and Head of TPLF Office - Feb 2017
The Battle of Adwa: Campaign Plan and Combat Actions
Tsegaye Tegenu February 27, 2017 - In spite of communication and transport problems, in a matter of two months after the call for total mobilization on September 17, 1895, more than 100,000 soldiers were assembled in the specified areas (Addis Ababa, Were Illu, Ashenge, and Mekele). Of these troops, about two-third were raised by the Gebar Madäriya system. The emperor himself mobilized around 35000 troops ...

An open letter to the South African President, Jacob Zuma:
Yared G Bairu 02-27-17 - Forgive me to say that what is being witnessed in your country (South Africa) is so unforgivable, so embarrassing, shocking beyond comprehension and deeply sickening. How on earth can you be that heartless and a person with a least humanity to ignore the innocent human slaughtering...

"Facts are Sacred"
Amen Teferi 02-27-17 - Dear Editor, I read the report published on Feb. 12, 2017, titled “How long can Ethiopia’s state of emergency keep the lid on anger?” bylined - William Davidson. I hope the aforementioned report is not a sacrosanct statement of truth scribbled by a journalist who has the monopoly of truth

Let Us Waste No Time
Teferi Mekonnen 02-27-17

ይነበብ ይግለጡ 02-27-17

Enhancing export through capable industry parks
Fekadu Wubete 02-27-17 - Reuters on February 16, 2017 reported that Europe's largest hotel group, AccorHotels, will open three hotels in Ethiopia by 2021, becoming the latest international chain to tap into the growing business and tourism sectors in the country.

Adwa: An Ever-shining Victory
Amen Teferi 02-27-17 - This week we will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the battle of Adwa. The victory at Adwa shocks the world. And it all began with the treaty of Wuchale which was signed between Ethiopia and Italy on May 2, 1889.

Have Your Say!: New Policy Towards Eritrea What Would Work?
PM Hailemariam said his government is nearly finished a study on how to deal with the one man government in Eritrea. As you all know ever since the last war ended the two government were following a no war no peace policy to guide their relationships. Despite the no war no peace policy the one man government in Eritrea has been trying to ...For more and to Have Your Say Click Here!

Alien landscape
Amazing Ethiopia:Intrepid photographer, Francesco Pandolfo, from Italy, navigated the area and managed to avoid stepping into pockets of boiling water to capture these incredible images

GERD increases installed generation capacity to 6,450MW
Addis Ababa, February 25, 2017 (FBC) –Following the upgrading of generators, the installed hydropower generation capacity of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been increased to 6,450MW.Initially, the dam was designed to generate 5,250MW. However, due to the upgrading made on the power plant, its generation capacity has been raised...

With one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Ethiopia offers a wealth of cultural attractions that tend to receive more attention than its environmental ones. The natural side of Ethiopia, though, is an invaluable asset for its tourism industry, and inextricable from its cultural and historic features. Sustainable tourism, while preserving Ethiopia’s natural environment, also serves to preserve the nation's rich cultural heritage.

Drought in the Horn, Ethiopia’s experience
Gemechu Tussa 02-24-17 - The Horn of Africa is one of the volatile regions. The people have been facing various manmade and natural disasters. Conflict and drought are two of the challenges the people in the Horn ...

PM Hailemariam Discussion with Humera Residents


PM hinted Ethio-Eritrea relation is entering last phase and will inform the country about it soon!
PM Hailemariam Laid Cornerstone for Baeker Agro Industry Park


University Youth Panel Discussion on the Occasion of 42nd Lekatit11


Dr. Tedros Adhanom, “Together for a Healthier World”
Zeray Hailemariam 02-22-17 - This year 2017, the World Health Organization (aka WHO) is going to elect a new Director-General. In the beginning stage, WHO member states designated six candidates for the Director-General position. Among the chosen candidates: Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Ethiopian Former Health and Foreign Affairs Minister respectively...

Public Announcement: There will be a fundraising event to help our people who are affected by the ongoing drought in Somali Kilil. The event will be held in Washington DC. For further information Click Here.

There are so many reasons to admire, respect and support the Ethiopian government. There is no country, at least in Africa that has managed to build so many schools and institutions of higher learning in a short period of time... My Observations Part1     Part2      Part3
Orion Demame 02-21-17

ያማረ ፍሬ ሁሉ አይበላም!
ኢብሳ ነመራ 02-23-17

In Red Sea, Gulf states look to block Iran's expansion
(Moves by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to expand their military reach across the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden have long-term objectives, most prominent among them blocking Iranian ad­vances in a region that has become increasingly strategic in the strug­gle between the Arab monarchies and the Islamic Republic...
See Also:US Navy beefs up Red Sea presence

The reality of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)
(MoFA) 02-20-17 - Ethiopia commenced the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Abbay River, the Blue Nile, at Guba in the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State in 2011. The decision to build the Dam followed the signing of the Nile Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) a year earlier by the countries of the Nile Basin ...

Uncovering the ill intent behind HRW's article on Lake Turkana
(MoFA) 02-20-17 - Human Rights Watch (HRW) published an article this week, repeating its claims that the Gilgel Gibe III Dam and the ongoing plantations along the Omo River Valley were negatively affecting the water levels ...

Ethiopian Airlines to Host ICAO Global Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium
February 20, 2018 Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines, proudly announces that it will host the ICAO Global Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium with the theme: “Together, Enhancing Training to Build Capacity” at the seat of the African Union, Addis Ababa from April 11 through 13, 2017.

ጥልቅ ተሀድሶውና የወቅቱ ይዞታ
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 02-21-17

Ethiopia’s Stand on major issues of the UNSC & its Priorities
Berhanu Tsegay, Yekatit/2009 E.C - The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, charged with the maintenance of international peace and security as well as ...

Reply to ‘Challenges of Sustaining Peace beyond the Emergency Decree’
Habtu 02-20-17 - This is just a very brief piece of paper in response to the article written by an individual who claimed herself/himself as a Tigrian-origin Ethiopian living in Gonder. It is still my sincere and strong belief that any Ethiopian ...

A Tale of Two Journalists: Graham Peebles and William Davison on Ethiopia
February 18, 2017 - In this “Opinion Roundup,” we present our views on how the international media writes about Ethiopia using two examples: Graham Peebles and William Davison. Why Graham Peebles and William Davison? We think (again, our opinion) that the two represent two faces of the same phenomenon—one writes blatant opinion that is passed off as fact and the other is more tempered in his approach but succeeds in falling short of good journalism.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

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Mark Your Calendar

All Tigrayan, members and non-members, are cordially invited to attend general meeting of the Tigrayan Association in Toronto and Surrounding area that will be held:
Place: St. Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
125 Broadview Ave, Toronto
Date: Saturday March 4, 2017
Time: 4:00 – 7:00 PM


Public Announcement: There will be a fundraising event to help our people who are affected by the ongoing drought in Somali Kilil. The event will be held in Washington DC. For further information Click Here.


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