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Current Events

VOA Tigirgna with David Shinn

Amb David Shinn said PM Meles told him one day Ethiopia and Eritrea will become one country. This makes sense since nothing explains the intolerable tolerance of EPRDF when it comes to Shaibya. PM Meles must have been hoping the divide and rule policy of our former rulers that caused Eritrea to separate was reversible by peace!



Hedase le Ethiopia Interview with Minister Kassa Tekelebrhan

  Part 1
  Part 2
The interview covers, current Issues in Oromia and the abduction of Ethiopians by Forces from Eritrea in Humera Area -- The Minister did not deny people were abducted nor did he specify what steps the government of PM Hailemariam is taking to bring back the people safely!


Public anger demonstration in Western Tigrai, Ethiopia against extremist agenda of questioning their identity!


Federal Govt Ready to Intervene in Oromia Region to weed-out anti-peace Elements

We understand building a democratic nation that is strangled by abject poverty is a tall order and EPRDF has done a marvelous job so far but enough is enough! Peace and order must be restored before investors flee and the country's image is tainted once again as a famine and war ravaged land! Dealing with the mad man in Eritrea must be part of the solution!


Amhara Region at a Glance Part 2-London Ethiopian Embassy


Reportage from EFFORT Congress - Posted February 2016

Must Listen-Very informative report that will shush the naysayers!


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"The people abducted by Forces from Eritrea were released to Sudan says FanaBC!"
ሰሞኑን በኤርትራ መንግስት ተጠልፈው የተወሰዱት ኢትዮጵያውያን ተለቀቁ

The public was not informed about the abduction of people by the responsible government! The only news the public heard was VOA-Tigrigna News! For those of us wishing the betterment of our country and government, day in and day out, it is painful to realize things are not improving! The government must one day realize it is better to govern an informed subjects! People are losing hopes! FanaBC please keep the promise(Hidri) of our Martyrs! You should have covered the abduction and inform the public what really happened! You should have investigated the news as a one of the most reliable news media in our mind! What is good about this news -- telling us people were released with out telling us who these people are and when and where they were abducted?(Aigaforum Feb 28, 2016)

A response top Obang Metho’s false allegations over Gambella incident!
Pagak Nyier 02-27-16 What kind of Gambelia do we reallly want? I am sure we all want Gambella free from the conflict and violence. There have been allegations which have been aired by Ginvot-7 supporters ....

Travel: New tour opens door to Djibouti and Ethiopia
Nomadic tribes and volcanic wastelands are highlights of a new tour opening up areas of East Africa in Ethiopia and Djibouti, says Sarah Marshall It's hard to imagine what the world might look like following the collapse of humanity.

Tsenat Radio Interview with Amb Kuma Demekssa

The interview covers current issues in Oromia. The Ambassador as former Mayor of Addis Ababa and Senior OPDO Leader shared his thoughts on the genesis of the problem and the solution to the problem. ....   Interview

Ethiopian firm to execute first overseas project
Addis Ababa, February 27, 2016 (FBC) – A local firm, the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation, has taken its first overseas project as it concluded agreement to execute irrigation infrastructure in Rwanda.

Wester Tigrai Zone Administrator Essayas Tadesse on Current Issue In Wolqayit Tsegede.

Ayte Essayas Explained the current Public Demonstration all over the Zone against extremists agenda of questioning the identity of the Inhabitants of the zone. The reportage is in Amharic ....   Interview

Pushing GTP2 forward through IAIPs
Bereket Gebru 2/26/16 - The last five years period of the implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan pushed Ethiopia’s odds of becoming a middle income country by 2025 further forward. The economy managed to grow at an annual rate of 10.1% in the specified time.

A Week in the Horn 26.02.2016
(MoFA) 02-26-16 - Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn is in Bujumbura, Burundi attending peace negotiation between President Nkurunziza and opposition politicians since Thursday (Feb 25).

Eritrea won't shorten national service despite migration fears
Eritrea is not prepared to stop forcing its youth into lengthy stretches of work as soldiers and civil servants, a conscription policy that is driving waves of refugees to make the perilous trip across the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

The Slow But Inexorable Decline in Authority and its Paradoxical Implications
Teshome Abebe February 27, 2016

British Prime Minister David Cameron to visit Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, February 24, 2016 (FBC) –Prime Minster and the Foreign Secretary of the British government will visit Ethiopia, Mr. Oliver Robbins, Second Permanent Secretary of the U.K Home Office, said without revealing the exact date.

Ethiopia Vows 'Decisive Action' Against Oromia Secessionists
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on state television that “destructive forces” in Oromia, backed by neighboring Eritrea, “are on a mission to subvert the system and change the government,” the BBC reported on Wednesday...

Commentary on VOA Amharic Jalene!
ዮናስ 02-24-16 - የጋዜጠኝነትን ካባ ደርባ የሠነበተችው የ“VOA”ዋ ጃለኔ ከኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ቃል አቀባይ ጋር ያደረገችው ቃል ምልልስ እንበለው እንጂ ለወጉ ሙግት የዚህ ጽሁፍ መነሻ...

Advancing higher education, advancing Ethiopia's renaissance
Abay Getaneh 02-25-16

East Africa: Eritreans' Impasse - Political Not Economic
Zeray Hailemariam Abebe 02/23/16 - It is to be recalled the EU has declared its 200 million Euro so called aid to the regime in Eritrea which is in sharp contrast to its old 'core principles'. This is particularly the case for the EU, which has placed human rights at...

Human Trafficking and Smuggling on the Horn of Africa-Central Mediterranean Route
The report is hereafter divided into four additional chapters, the next of which deals with general trends and patterns of migration from the Horn of Africa...

800 Ethiopians may be forcibly returned to Ethiopia
800 Ethiopians living in Norway without having legal residence may now be forcibly returned to Ethiopia, according to NRK. Ethiopia has previously refused to accept the returns, but authorities in the country have now changed their minds.

The Challenges of Remaking Addis Ababa!
Ethiopia's growth and development is not coming easy. Changing Addis is very hard due to the magnitude of change that is involved and due to the thousands of people living in the shanty areas that will have to be moved. Old Addis is resisting the changes to the delight of the extremists! We expect the extremists to take advantage of the this story! Expect them to leave Oromia for American Gebi!

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41st Anniversary of Lekatit 11 - Boston, Massachusetts 2016


TPLF 41 Anniversary-Interview with Zeru Geday


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