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Current Events
Reportage from EFFORT Congress - Posted February 2016

Must Listen-Very informative report that will shush the naysayers!


Amhara Region at a Glance-London Ethiopian Embassy




Diaspora Discussion on Good Governance issues in Ethiopia

In an ongoing panel discussion on good governance in Ethiopia, Aigaforum invited Engineer Almaz Feseha,Kiros Araya and Gebrehiwot Gebreanenia to share their experience and suggestions on ways to improve the good governance issues that are prevailing in Ethiopia...For More and to Listen Click Here >>.


Coffee Is Going Home -London Ethiopian Embassy


FYI: Good Governance Conference North Western Tigrai - Feb 2016

Part 2

The people discussed among other things on the current extremists agenda of divide and rule using the people living in Wolqayit and Tsegede.


FYI: Playlist for Good Governance Conference Reportage - Tigrai Jan 2016


The side effects of Hate Politics on the Brain!
The learned man "Al Mariam" has posted somewhere on the web claiming a 150 square kilometer of land was given to investors! I don't know why he rushed to bombard without double checking this simple arithmetic. How possible it is to get this much of land in Addis Ababa? Does Al Mariam know how much is 150 This is more than six times the size of Mekele or more than 7 times the size of Nazareth!
According to the original sources, it is 150,000 square meter. When this converts into square kilo meter, it is 0.15 not 150.
The original source is here;
Dear Reader, need we say it one more time people consumed by hate are devoid of common sense! Thanks for the comment (Aigaforum 2/08/16)


Interview with Amanuel Abreha, Investor in Raya Azebo - Jan 2016


(Kudos to our brother Amanuel for being there and standing tall against drought with his own means! Kemaka Zibelu Yisesenu!)
(Aigaforum Jan 31, 2016)


News with zenaneh mekonnen


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News, Analysis & Articles
'Tens of Ethiopians Abducted by Armed People and taken to Eritrea'
If the above news is true the Ethiopian government must do all in its power to bring back these people. We think enough is enough. People are demanding peace, people are demanding security and the Ethiopian government...for more (Click Here!)

ይነበብ ይግለጡ 02-19-16

Can Egypt and Ethiopia share the Nile?
There is no right or wrong here; resolution requires creative compromise (for example, by lowering the height of GERD saddle dams), allowing the Ethiopians to benefit from their waters without Egyptians facing cataclysm.[ is articles like this that is emboldening Egypt not to work on a win win agreement so far! All to no avail we might add, the Dam will be build AS IS!]

'Embassy Connect' seminar discusses opportunities in Ethiopia

The "Embassy Connect" seminar was hosted by the Canberra Business Chamber on Tuesday (16 February 2016), providing the Ethiopian Embassy with another chance to connect with local businesses

Ethiopia feeling pinch of illicit financial outflows

Alarmed by increasing illicit financial outflows, Ethiopia says it is taking new counter measures including installing advanced CCTV cameras at airports and establishing a special intelligence unit.

Ethiopia: It's the 'political capital' of Africa, but how much of a melting pot of cultures is it?
The "Big Five" in Africa are Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa. Their fortunes will change considerably over the next 25 years.DECADES ago Ethiopia was in the headlines for famine, but in a dramatic change of fortunes, in recent years it is a rising star, posting Africa’s and one of the world’s highest rates of economic growth.

Ethiopian Peacekeeping Missions
Bereket Gebru 02-16-16 - Article 86 sub-article 6 of the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia deals with exerting efforts to solve conflicts between countries peacefully. Such efforts range from round table negotiations to military peacekeeping missions based on international law.

(Fanabc) 02-15-16 - Tigrai regional government working on new Laws and Directives to improve good governance on top of some immediate administrative action taken on individuals and leaders accused of wrong doings.

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization: Taking Tourism to a New Level
W.k (ETO staff) 02-15-16

Isaias Afwerki’s Cruel Joke on the People
Kiflezgi Berhe 02-15-16 - Isayas Afwerki, the dictator in the tiny nation of Eritrea, is well known by many. Once in a while, the international media mention the man to highlight the rights violation in that nation

Gift of Ethiopia to the world
Mekonnen Hailu 02-15-16 - Overwhelming number of people dream of receiving a bunch of beautiful and fragrant Ethiopia's roses from their beloved whenever Valentine's Day or other special occasions are approaching. If you are lucky, you will get one.

Eritrea: Independent or a Neo-Colonial Post?
WS Asfaw 02-14-16

Nevsun in Eritrea: Dealing With a Dictator
When a small Vancouver mining company struck gold in a remote corner of Africa, it started with so much promise. In remote Eritrea, Nevsun built a mine that was generating $700 million in profits in its first four years of operation. But it was also generating a lot of controversy

Hiking the mountains in Ethiopia
Stunning cliffs, deep gorges, green valleys, lots of birds and animals, peaks with unusual shapes, and friendly people. That’s the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, a World Heritage site.

Taking Ethiopia’s Competitiveness Forward with Agro-Industry parks
Eshetu Hailemariam 02-13-16 - This week the government made a major announcement. That is, four National Integrated Agro Industrial Parks worth 30 billion birr will be launched as of September 2016/17 in central east Oromia , south west Amhara, eastern SNNP , western Tigray.

Esaias Afeworki and the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Inferences vs. References
Yemane Zeray Mesfin, Mekelle University 02-13-16 - Eritrea’s lifelong president, Esaias Afeworki, has recently issued a press statement through the country’s state television on a range of issues, inside and outside with Ethiopia

ዜና ለካቲት 11 ካብ ኦስሎ/ኖርወይ/
ለካቲት 11 ብናይ ወሎዶታት ናይ ሓደራ ቕብብል እናተኾለዐትን እናደመቐትን ትነብር!!! 02-13-16

US company to construct Ethiopia Djibouti pipeline
United States Company has agreed with Ethiopia to construct the fuel pipeline linking landlocked Ethiopia to Djibouti.US secretary of state said in a statement seen by APA on Friday that the black Rhino company owned by funds from United States investment firm Blackstone Group has obtained the privilege of the construction of a 550-kilometer fuel pipeline linking Ethiopia to Djibouti.

South Sudan president reappoints rival as part of peace deal
South Sudan President Salva Kiir has reappointed bitter rival Riek Machar as vice-president as part of a peace deal aimed at ending more than two years of war, state television reported. [Thank You Amb Seyuom Mesfin and the Negotiating Team for persevering to bring peace to South Sudan!]

Diversity is not the root of Conflicts
Beyene Dibaba 02-12-16 - Despite some very simplistic analyses from political commentators diversity is neither necessary nor sufficient condition for conflict. The sole fact that a country has diverse ethnic, collective, religious, and national groups doesn't make conflicts and clashes certain

El Niño and Climate Change: Wild Weather May Get Wilder
Wild weather is gripping the planet. An El Niño has been wreaking havoc around the world, causing major flooding in South America, droughts in Indonesia and southern Africa, an unprecedented hurricane season in the North Pacific last fall, and much more.

We're growing fast, but it's not enough
After a hectic three months dealing with conflicts and negotiating with investors across Africa, Asia and Europe, Tedros Adhanom explains his country's diplomatic strategy.It was a diplomatic conundrum that needed urgent resolution. Tedros Adhanom, Ethiopia's indefatigable foreign minister, had arrived in Accra for the launching of The Africa Report Debates, organised in conjunction with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation on 20 November.

Ethiopia - Changing Times for a Timeless Land
Schmegie Kulbalya told me that the sale of 30 quintals (three tonnes) of seed she grew on a half-acre plot on her small farm earned her $100...[We would like to think the money our mother earned for the seed is a misprint else it is worth checking who the buyer was? Did she got ripped off?]

አልገብቶም !!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 02-11-16

Ethio-Kenya Power Connection, Taking Cooperation a Step Further
Rahel Mulat 02-10-16 -It has been years since the plan to transmit electricity power to Kenya became a public knowledge. The Ethiopia Kenya Power interconnection project was conceived in 2006 when Ethiopia and Kenya signed a memorandum of understanding...

ቑመና ህወሓት ድሕሪ 10 ዓመት
ገብረየሱስ ረዳ 02-10-16

Somali Kilil/Region Inaugurated First Sesame Oil Factory in Jijiga!
Ahmed Deeq Hussein 09-Feb-2016 - Ethiopian-Somali region has witnessed tremendous economic and societal transformation. Due to security improvements, the diaspora community decided to investment and contributes to their home country. As of February 7th, 2016, President Abdi Mohamoud Omar has inaugurated first oil factory in Somali region in Jig-jiga.

Gulf Alliance and Eritrea relation in Assab, Eritrea
Press Release 09-Feb-2016 - Our organization has received credible information regarding Eritrean government’s engagement with Gulf Alliance to set up military presence in Assab, Dankalia, Eritrea. The geostrategic and commercial agreement with Government of Eritrea includes the revamping of Assab Port for commercial use and the expansion of Airport

Ethiopia - Land of Origins
The tourism app displays important information about Ethiopia that is useful for anyone that wants to know more about the country.It shows various tourist destinations, World Heritage Places, Maps that display routes to places to visit etc. It also has important features like weather info, currency converter etc.[ Note:Apps will be available in apple store shorty but is available in google play now!]

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