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Weldiya - Mekelle Railway Project Ground Breaking Ceremony




Woyin -Poem
wedi sebA 02-18-15


Reportage from TPLF at 40 Symposium- TPLF founders and leaders Seyoum Mesfin and Abay Tsehaye as well as Arkebe Uqubay on the Genesis of TPLF up to the formation of EPRDF.


Aigaforum Feb 16, 2015--- We will try to bring you the second phase of this symposium that deals on TPLF after EPRDF formation and the role of the late PM Meles Zenawi

Two questions came to our mind after we listened to these wonderful insights 1) Would we have had this symposium if Meles was alive and 2) If this was planned all along while PM Meles was alive what would Meles be saying in this symposium!-- may be how the Cadre School develop and shape TPLF as we know it today?!


Monumental Date – lekatit 11
By Fikre Gebrekidan (PhD) 02-17-15


Raya Beer Inauguration and Economic Symposium Reportage

Raya Beer summarized reportage from the Inaugurations sand Symposium speeches!


40th Anniversary of TPLF Eve!
(Aigaforum) 02-17-15 - On the eve of the historical 40th Anniversary of Lekatit 11 the city of Mekelle was buzzing all day. On top of the hundreds of thousand residents who crowd the city every day the city was also warmed and graced ...


Live Ethiopian TV Streaming


Selected TPLF at 40 - Woyanay Songs -Remix!


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40th Anniversary of TPLF
 (Full Reportage)

( Thank You all for all the feed backs and words of encouragements!...Aigaforum will keep trying to uphold the promise/hidri! The challenges are still great but no matter what we will remain true to our mission!)

40th Anniversary of TPLF colorfully celebrated in Eight more Cities across the US
Tsehaye 02-19-15

World class achievements as dams reach new heights
Semeon Yefru 02-18-15 - A number of major new hydroelectric and dam projects are under construction or have recently been completed throughout the world, with some of these dams reaching heights approaching 300m tall...

TPLF 40th Anniversary was Celebrated in Rome ...02-18-15

TPLF 40th Anniversary was Celebrated in Milano...02-18-15

Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives made by

Ethiopians in Kenya expressed their resolve to support the development endeavor of their country
Eth Embassy Nairobi 02-17-15

We Chose to Swim Together
Amen Teferi 2-16-15

Supporting statement of the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK) to the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Tigray’s People Liberation Front (TPLF)
DMLEK, 18th February, 2015

Ethiopians Praise Meles’s Priceless gift
Tg Ayana 2-15-15 - World leaders, journalist, scholars expressed the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as the most intelligent leader and acknowledged

Hundreds gather for Chinese New Year performance and cultural exhibition in Ethiopia

Minister Shiferaw Shigute Laid the cornerstone of Raya University in Maichew Town Tigrai Ethiopia.
(Aigaforum) 02-15-15 - Ethiopia's quest to create a well-educated workforce that will carry on the burden of running and developing the economy of the future took another turn today. As part of the second phase of the GTP Ethiopia will open 12 more universities ...

TPLF at 40 Seattle Event Report
Zenebe Nega 02-15-15

Czech firm builds brewery in Ethiopia
The firm ZVU Potez, a Czech-based supplier of technology has completed the implementation of a brewery in Maychew, Ethiopia. The modern facility for Raya Breweries will be inaugurated Feb. 15 with the participation of senior representatives of the Czech Republic.

የጉዞ ማስታወሻ... ሲሳይ መንግስቴ አዲሱ ቀን 04/06/2007 ዓ.ም

GlaxoSmithKline considers Ethiopia as a strategic country for investment in Africa (Feb 12, 2015)
Dr Allan Pamba, GlaxoSmithKline’s Vice-President, Pharmaceuticals, East Africa and Government Affairs, Africa, said on Thursday (February 12) that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) considered Ethiopia as one of the strategic countries in Africa for its growth and investment plans

Safeguarding the fruits of a singular event Reflection of an ordinary citizen
Daniom Redda February 2015

Yara study confirms potash mining potential in Ethiopia
Oslo, 13 February 2015: A feasibility study, carried out on behalf of Yara International confirms significant potential to extract potash in the Danakil depression ...[With a promising tourism industry, Ethiopia should protect the future of tourism in the area!]

Government, Industry leaders Express High Expectations of Upcoming Hotel Investment Forum in Ethiopia.

The govt of Eritrea has issued an official communique to the recent Ethiopia and Djibouti bilateral stance on Eritrea

Experts: Drug Resistance Thwarts Chances to Eradicate Malaria
Options are running out in the race to eliminate malaria before the parasite responsible for the deadly disease completely outsmarts man's last line of resistance...[We thought we were getting close to eradicate this disease in Ethiopia since not much has been heard of any outbreaks in recent years!]

First of its kind wholesale Store in Ethiopia!
ALLE is Ethiopia’s first modern cash and carry wholesaler of food and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). ALLE’s wholesale stores provide quality food and other FMCG products at competitive prices...[ We hope this trend will continue and solve the erratic price fluctuation of goods that has made life unbearable to millions from time time!]

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TPLF at 40!: Selected Documentaries Aired by TV Tigrai! Jan - Feb 2015.

The playlist is updated continuously, however for individual links >>>Click Here!
Political experts on Ethiopia, researchers and political science students will not have a better chance to study TPLF,the struggle and how it was won than watching and listening to all the interviews and documentaries being aired now!)


Dimtsi Woyane Coverage of TPLF at 40!:  DWET



  Tsenat Radio

  Radio HIDRI
((Radio HIDRI TIGRIGNA broadcast Melbourne Australia))


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