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Current Events

A panel discussion on the 39th Anniversary of TPLF formation under the theme "TPLF Led Tigrean Revolution in Pre and Post 1991 Ethiopia :causes and courses dynamics... More

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ተጋዳላይ በርሀ ሃይለ /በርሀ ዓዴት / ዓሪፉ ፡፡ ገዲም ተጋዳላይን ካብ ሃገረ ኤርትራ ሳሕል ጀሚሩ መስራቲ ድምፂ ወያነ ትግራይ ጋዜጠኛ ተጋዳላይ በርሀ ሃይለ ንኣዋርሕ ሕክምና ከገብር ድሕር ምፅናሕ ሎሚ ለካቲት 06 ፣2006 ዓ.ም ኣጋ ወጋሕታ ደሃይ ዕረፍተ ዜንኡ ተሰሚዑ ፡፡ ምስንዳእ መርበብ ሓበሬታ ንስድርኡን ፣ንፈተውቱን ንብፆቱን ምፅንናዕ ንምነ !!
He wrote in one of his book the following on death:

ሞት እውን ሰልጢኑ
ቆፀራ ዘኽብር ከተፍ ኣብ ግዚኡ
ዝሰልጠነ እዩ ክብሃል ሰሚዑ
ግድፍድፍ ኣቢሉ ብድንገት ምምፅኡ
ሞት እውን ሰልጢኑ ቆፀራ ኣፅኒዑ።
(ተስፋ፤ ገፅ 64)


ኣጋይሽ መደብ ህዝቢ ምስ ህዝቢ- ዶ/ር ዓወት ምስ ኣቶ ዳደ
እዞም ክልተ ኣጋይሽ ዝተኻትዕሉ ነጥቢ"እገዳ ውድብ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ኣብ ልዕሊ ኤርትራን ኣብ ዝቕንያት ዝቐርቡ ዘለው ሓሳብትን" ዝምልከት'ዩ።


PM Hailemariam Press Conference with Journalist on Current Issues - Feb 10, 2014

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Aba Dula Gemeda's, Speaker of the House of Representative Interview with Selam radio.
February 9, 2014



Interview with Author tegadalay Beyene
 part1   part2


Reshan Gebre - 2014 ጽንዓት ብ ርሻን ገብረ

Thank You Reshan, what a wonderful tribute!


News, Analysis & Articles

Dr Tedros at Illegal Wildlife Trade conference; meets Ethiopian Community Leaders
14th February 2014 - Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Dr Tedros Adhanom was in London this week to participate in the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade, hosted by the UK government ...

UN monitors warn of 'systematic' Somali arms diversion
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A confidential U.N. monitors' report warns of "systematic abuses" by Somalia's government, which the monitors say has allowed the diversion of weapons...

Inclusion Policy and the Political Burden
The concept of inclusion has in recent years become an import framework of policy development. Its meaning is not difficult to understand as it simply means ensuring that every member of a national society ...

An Investment In Ethiopia's Future
Ezana Sehay Feb, 13, 2014 - It goes without saying Members of the Ethiopian defence forces are the embodiment of Ethiopians’ valor and determination. Consequently, the weeklong celebratory tribute – the national defence week...

Banking Sector Reform in Ethiopia: An Abstract
Admassu Bezabeh, Ph.D and Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D, 02/13/14 - The fragile and inefficient state-dominated banking sector that existed in Ethiopia during the military government (1974-1991) was a major hindrance to economic growth.

የሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ሩጫ፤ ካፍ እስካፍንጫ ...for more

Serving Somali and Regional interests unilaterally and multilaterally
Bereket Gebru 02/14/14

Putin Backs Sisi for Egypt Presidency
Russian president Vladimir Putin said he was "aware" of Egypt military chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi's plan to run for the presidency ...

አዲሱ የቀለም አብዮት ማስፈጸሚያ ሰነድ (ክፍል አንድ_ (ክፍል ሁለት) ...for more

አዲስ መነፅር…ለግብፃዊያን...for more

የአፈሪካን ጉዳይ በአፍሪካውያን...for more

ምልክታ ዋኒኑ፣ ኣብዚ 2ይ መንፈቅ ዓመት ብሊዝ ጨረታ ዝመሓላለፉ ቦታታት ምፍላጥ ይምልከት፣

ትምህርት፣ ልማት እና ነፃነት፤ ከ39 ዓመታት በፊት የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በአጠቃላይ እና በተለይ ደግሞ የትግራይ ህዝብ የትጥቅ ...
ዶ/ር ክንፈ አብርሃ ገብረእግዚኣብሄር 02/12/14

Eritreans in Britain forced by embassy to pay 2% diaspora tax
A 2011 UN resolution demanded Eritrea halts the tax on expats, but evidence shows embassy extortion continues.

"የወፍ በሽታ ለያዘው - ሁሉ ቢጫ መስሎ ይታየዋል"...for more

Investment Opportunity and Economic Development in Ethiopia
San Jose Event Report - Feb 2014

የኢ.ፌ.ዲ.ሪ ኤምባሲ በዴንማርክ ከሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያዊያንና ትውልድ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ጋር ውይይት አካሄደ፡፡

Ambassador Teshome Toga presents credentials to European Commission President Mr Barroso
Brussels, 11th February, 2014– His Excellency Ato Teshome Toga, Ethiopia’s Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to The European Union presented his letters of credence to Mr Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission On the 10th of February 2014.

Is it an appealing argument to bash the EPRDF for growing in leaps and bounds?
Dilwenberu Nega London 11/02/2014

ብምኽንያት መበል 39 ዓመት ልደት ህወሓት ካብ ማሕበር ተጋሩ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ ዝተውሃበ መግለፂ
ማሕበር ተጋሩ ሰሜን አሜሪክ 02/11/14

Ethiopia: Identity Crisis
Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D. 02/11/14

ልማት - ልማታዊ መንግስት - የልማት ጋዜጠኝነት...for more

The Belgo-Ethiopian Association held its 19th Cultural Festival on the 1st of February, 2014
The 19th Belgo- Ethiopian Association festival was held on February 1, 2014, at the Espace Senghor Center in Brussels Belgium...

‹‹ወሪያ ባለውሸት›› እና ‹‹ቁጩው ጋዜጠኛ››...for more

….and the road to rehabilitation for the regime in Asmara
(MoFA) 02/08/14 - The whole tenor of the discussion and questions on Eritrea’s National Report for the Universal Periodic Review was a rebuke to Eritrea with the firm calls for reform and changes its oppressive policies. For a regime, which implements a shoot to kill policy against those of its own people trying... More A Week in the Horn of Africa

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