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    TPLF Stories Retold!!.

    You want to know the secrets of TPLF success? You want to know a little about what courage is, what valor is and what "tsinat" means! If you do, listen to the following round table discussion with former members of TPLF. It will give you a window view in to the vast, rich yet magnificent history of the TPLF and the Tigrean people who successfully defeated one of the largest army in Africa! The discussion was recorded on the occasion of the 36th Lekatit 11 anniversary at Dedebit-meqalih online forum on Feb 20, 2011.
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Current Events

Upheaval in Libya, Mercenaries and our Extremists in DC!

The dying breed of extremist in Washington DC, after failing to garner any support for their noisy demonstration, are now trying their luck with Sunday's. The rumor is since no one is showing up at their demo on Monday, Tuesdays....Friday, they will try if Sunday will do the trick.(Niree belet Eweriti...!)

Mean time there is unconfirmed report circulating in the cyber world that Chad, Central Republic of Africa and Eritrea have sent soldiers to Libya to quash the protests in remote areas of the country and abnormal activities and flights have been observed in Asmara Airport in the last few days.
Hundreds of protesters and several of these soldiers (they call them mercenaries) have died in confrontation particularly in a town called Benghazi (as shown in Aljazeera - AJE). As a result, angry protesters in Tripoli are now hunting and attacking Africans refugees. There are also unconfirmed reports Gaddaffi [latest news is he has not left town yet!, 02/22/11] as he has fled away and now heading to Venezuela, wife and other family members to Germany.[Aigaforum 02/21/11]

Gezategaru Interview with North America Tigrai Alumni and Development Associations.
With TDANA Chairperson Dr Gebrewahid
   part1    part2

Visit Dimtsi Woyane Page for More Coverage on the 36th Anniversary of Lekatit 11!!
   Message from TPLF

Interview with Umer Mohammed from UTNA

   Part I    Part II

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Growth and Transformation and Diaspora Community Role

As we all know the Ethiopian government and Ethiopian people are deeply engaged in the Transformation and Growth Plan. The plan calls for Ethiopia to be self sufficient in food with the Industry sector playing a leading role in the economy and surpassing the service sector by the end of the next five years.

As Prime Minister Meles pointed out in his latest Q&A session with Parliament, all Ethiopian Foreign Mission's primarily role is to seek investors and promote investment...For more and to Have Your Say!

Mums for Mums is an NGO based in northern Ethiopia. It is dedicated to working with some of the most marginalized and forgotten members of Ethiopian society - young single women and people living with HIV and AIDS.
Please donate what ever you can!

News, Analysis & Articles

PM Meles calls on Diaspora Ethiopian to strengthen dev't efforts

Addis Ababa, February 21 (WIC) – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has urged Ethiopians in the Diaspora to strengthen their joint efforts in the endeavors to successfully implement the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).


Ethiopia to host second India-Africa summit
New Delhi, Feb 21 (IANS) India Monday announced it will hold its second summit with African states in Ethiopia later this year and underlined that the continent enjoys a special place in the hearts of the Indian people

Ethiopia expanding bilateral ties with various countries: PM Meles February 19 (WIC) – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said that Ethiopia’s bilateral ties with other countries have been branching out in the economic, political and social spheres.Briefing about the current situations in Egypt, Prime Minister Meles said that despite their differences on the issues of Nile waters, Ethiopia wants the flourishing of peace and democracy in Egypt.

Selam Radio Interview with Mr.Zerihun Teshome, an expert on social and political issues & Owner and Founder Of ZAMI Public Connections, on Current Arab countries upheaval and on the development of private media in Ethiopia.

  On private media

  On Arab upheaval

Centre for peace building, Development & Dialogue
Condemnation of Sh. Mohamed Dubad killing

(Feb 19, 2011)-I am saddened and shocked to hear that the brave and dedicated peacemaker who was senior leader of UWSLF was killed at his own home town of Garissa in North Eastern Kenya

President Isaias continues to sabotage his own ‘vision’
(MoFA,Feb 18, 2011)- After a prolonged absence of several weeks, President Isaias finally reappeared before Eritrean TV but only to make an unusually brief speech, following a two-week absence in Qatar...
A Week in the Horn (18.2.2011)

H.E. Ambassador Minelik Alemu Getahun Expressed his readiness to work closely with the Ethiopian Community in Switzerland
Feb 16, 2011- The Permanent Mission of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia hosted a function at the Official Residence of the Ambassador on Saturday 12, February 2011. At the occasion, Ambassador Minelik briefed members of the Community that Ethiopia has been registering rapid and sustained socio-economic growth. He informed the participants that the Government is now fully engaged...

Culture and our future: where are we going from here?
Godofai Tgiorgis Feb 16 2011- The world has become almost one. Given the communication and technology we have in place, closing one’s doors to prevent entry of external influences has become a thing of the past.

Ethiopia’s bold ethnic-based policies ended decades of bitter conflicts
A decentralised system of government was ushered into Ethiopia in 1991, when the socialist Derg was toppled by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRDF).It was a radical departure from the past political system that did not allow for self-rule.Following decolonisation, state building in Africa was widely seen as forging a nation state with a common culture and identity.

The Ethiopian government proclamation number 286/94 required all tax payers to register their businesses with the Ethiopian Custom and Revenue Authority(ECRA) office, submit the business owner’s finger print, and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN). For Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia obtaining accurate and timely information about complying with this proclamation has been rather difficult. More

Mark Your Calendar

Lekatit 11 in Seattle

Date:  Sunday, Feb 27 -2011 , 12PM
Place:   1902 E. Yesler Way, Seattle
Place:  Tigrean Community Center
There will be barbecue and entertainment at this festive event. Come and join us to celebrate the 36th anniversary of Lekatit 11.

( Music Ethiopia Mizan Tesfay "Kancha Mishela" )

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