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Update on DC demonstration against UN Sanction by supporters of the one man regime in Eritrea!

Washington DC 2/22/10 (Aigaforum)-Despite the month old campaign by Ethiopian extremists and the one man regime in Asmara to come out and demonstrate against the UN sanction, Eritreans shun the call and stay home.

According to our source of the more than 50,000 Eritreans in the Washington Metro Area, only few hundreds showed up for the demonstration. All in all there were close to 700 hundred demonstrators that came from more than 12 states sources told us!

Eritreans stayed home despite the regime's blackmail. Despite repeated calls by Ethiopian bloggers and website owners from the opposition, an eyewitness told us by phone he saw only two Ethiopians from the extremist camp.
See also:   U.S. condemns Eritrea for "destabilizing" role
Eritreans rally against UN sanctions
Radio Merhawit Interview with Ato Woindimu Asamnew, spokesman for the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington. Ato Wondimu debunked many of the age old lies extremist and opposition website owners tell their audience day in day out. Some of the lies are 18 years old and others even older!
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Current Events

Al Jazeera confronted Isaisas Afwerki, the president of Eritrea. with the allegations about Eritrea's ties with Iran, Hamas, al Shabab in Somalia and rebel groups in Sudan and Houthis in Yemen.
The man is naked, so much so, bloggers like the Ethiopian-Eritrean review guy have become his savior trying to save his skin by demonstrating against the sanction! Yet, he still thinks he can fool the world he is fully dressed and has done nothing wrong in Somalia and elsewhere in the Horn country!....... Terakibna alena Mr president!

Interview with Ato Lidetu Ayalew chairman of EDP in Ethiopian Forum For Political Civility


First debate between EPRDF, EDP, MEDREK and other Oppositions
Part Four

  part III    part II    part I

News & Analysis

Rising populations and overseas aid

ZERIHUN RETTA, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,
Madam, – Contrary to Eamon Delaney’s article, (“Rising populations are at core of overseas aid issue”, Opinion, February 16th) the state of affairs in Ethiopia is neither miserable nor are we heading to a Malthusian catastrophe.

28 Million Voters Registered Across The Nation
32 Million Voters Registered Across The Nation
Some say EPRDF's worst enemy is EPRDF! We never understood the reason behind this assumption completely but could it be because of news like the above? The ruling party who oversights ENA and the other news media should really pay attention to what is said and claimed by its own news media outlets. In the first place why can't the election board have its own website? It will save the confusion that comes with he says she says....amazing! It is not the first time ENA! (we are three months away from election 2010 and election board website is at a standstill since 2005!)

“Eritrea’s External Affairs” reviewed
“Eritrea’s External Affairs”, subtitled “Understanding its Regional Role and Foreign Policy” is the title of a book published by Chatham House in London. In 2007 a workshop on this subject was organized at Chatham House, and the papers delivered there have now been updated and published in a book edited by Dr. Richard Reid, author of one of the papers.
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  • The wonders of Dallol Ethiopia, the lowest point on Earth!

    Mekelle University in cooperation with foreign researchers and experts is planning to carry an extensive study around Dallol. With all its potentials, the area around Dallol is least explored and researched (picture courtesy of Dr Kindeya)


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    a film by Owen 'Alik Shahadah

    Motherland (Enat Hager) is a bold, epic film through Africa with an African voice. Fusing history, culture, and political issues. Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent.

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