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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Development and Enviroment-The Price?

The pollution clearly shown in the Aljazeera clip is probably caused over the many years since the dam was built. Many developing countries like Ethiopia are faced with a daunting task of development while keeping the environment safe. Though one can understand the problem with Koka dam, Ethiopia cannot continue to allow such pollution continue unabated. The question to ask is why are the people drinking from such polluted lake? In the old days our parents used to tell us to not drink from river ponds if we do not see a moving insect or animal in the water! Let alone from such obvious polluted water. Are people informed about the pollution and if so why they keep using this water? If the clip showing kids drinking and washing is simply a production to make points across, we can understand, but if it is not can the responsible authorities educate the people around and put a fence around the part of the lake polluted in question so animals and people will not have easy access. We pray the lake is not lost and can be saved!
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Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage. by Ralph Waldo Emerson by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Eritreans in their own words on their predicament...

Selam Radio Interview with EPRDF Supporters Forum board members Ato Mekonnen Kassa and Ato Eskinder Belachew.
Ato Tsehaye Debalqew host of Selam Radio asked both to comment on Obama presidency, the new CSO law Ethiopia recently passed, Diaspora politics and on the pardon process and Birtukan Medeksa.
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Enginer Gizachew of UDJ
on Gebru's apology and Magnanimity of Kinijit, like Mandela to Forgive, the likes of Gebru

The story of Emama Etenat, a model farmer!!!
(click to watch)
A women farmer, resides some 42 Km far from Gondar in Wegera woreda Amba Giorgies Keble managed to attract the attention of the Amhara region higher officials and PM Meles. The reason was her dedication and hard work to fight poverty. Her motto was” let us make poverty a history” which coincides with the basic vision of EPRDF.

30,000 + Celebrating TPLF/EPRDF
 Yekatit 11 Celebration in Addis, as is!!


Ethiopia exports to United States double under AGOA
ADDIS ABABA, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Ethiopian tax-free exports to the United States more than doubled to $18 million last year Ethiopian exports to the United States rose 172 percent to $152 million last year from $86 million in 2007.

Germany Keen to Make Adama University Country's Best
Addis Ababa — German government on Thursday reaffirmed commitment to assist Adama University in the Oromia regional state in its bid to become a model university in the country and East Africa.

How do you say – Get real about Ethiopia?

UDJ joining MEDREK have sent a jolt to the Extreme Diaspora
(Listen to Dumbfound Diaspora).
The then junior partners in 2005, who have now found a side kick in UDJ, seems too impatient to be diplomatic and are saying get real.
Bulcha commenting on unity and kinjit has this to say (listen to audio. (Ouch! After Bulcha dress down Kinijit and inheritors of Kinijit – did you say Yebase Atamta!), well here is more from Dr Beyene telling it like it is, to get over it--what he calls irredeemable sickness or Sebara Musica. (Audio Beyene)
     And if you need more on the confusion that is setting in among the extremists, add Engineer Gizachew’s "our association is strategic and that they [Gebru and Seye] have come begging for apology ". and Asrat Tase’s dose of Obama inspiration?  and their latest articles...Wiring Ethiopian Diaspora Through Civic Dialogue and Consultation".
As a reminder think hard about the $90,000 spent for lobby by the then Kinjit only to get ONLF to the White House, the flirtation with AFD, the red carpet to hustlers and hate politics of the last three years and judge for yourself if lessons have been learned. .

Ethiopians in Chicago Celebrate the Birth of the TPLF
Chicago, February 21, 2009--Tigrayans and other ethnic groups from all walks of life celebrated the 34th anniversary of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Saturday with a sense of tremendous appreciation for those who paid dearly during the arduous struggle against the defunct military junta to bring about the fruits of democracy and freedom of speech that today’s Ethiopia enjoys.

Seel Also:  The grand show of Yekatit 11 at the millennium hall was a success
with 30,000+ people in attendance. Bands from Tigray, Addis Ababa, LONDON joined hands for the first time in the history of Tigrean Artists in Addis.
Meles hand written letter invitation

Interview Lidetu Ayalew Chairman of Democrat Party
with ETV
With Aend Ethiopia Radio

Pardon, Rule of Law and Political Space

Views, Commentaries and more...

To The Vocal Diaspora!

The Biggest truth

Mark Your Calendar!

The Winnipeg Oromo Youth Association adopted a library in eastern Oromia to provide training and books in Oromiffa and English.

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