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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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News of Yekatit 11

TPLF Press Release

Yekatit 11 Celebration in Your Area
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The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the Arthur C.

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The story of Emama Etenat, a model farmer!!!
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A women farmer, resides some 42 Km far from Gondar in Wegera woreda Amba Giorgies Keble managed to attract the attention of the Amhara region higher officials and PM Meles. The reason was her dedication and hard work to fight poverty. Her motto was” let us make poverty a history” which coincides with the basic vision of EPRDF....have your say!

Selam Radio Interview with EPRDF Supporters Forum board members Ato Mekonnen Kassa and Ato Eskinder Belachew.
Ato Tsehaye Debalqew host of Selam Radio asked both to comment on Obama presidency, the new CSO law Ethiopia recently passed, Diaspora politics and on the pardon process and Birtukan Medeksa.
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In Memory of Lekatit 11 by Dimtsi Woyane

Ketema Gedli
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  Tegadaly Habtom Belay

  (the bell)-Merewah of Sobiya)

  Tegadaly Gebremichael(Demsess!)

Left to right Manjur, Measho ( Gallant fighters of TPLF ) Manjur passed away in Debretabor 1982 E.C at the 11th hour to Addis Ababa Meashopassed away during a fight against Al Ithad in Degahabur not far from our Ginbot victory.

Kinijit is out, MEDREK with washed out disgruntled x-EPRDF leaders is in – but the rituals of election by the anti-government force Masquerading as a legal opposition remain the same. They are no where in the day to day life of the people but when they hold press conference they insult the intelligence of the youth, rave, complain, defame, de-legitimize the government and institutions and ask for negotiation, and forewarn about ballot boxes that will be stollen and gear toward post election tumult to reclaim “entitled victory” in an election for which they are not sure to will join, for which they have no coherent agenda (And idiotic and gibberish analysis - Listen to Seye’s lame and embarrassing Sherif was leader now is leader then explanation)
 By now Ethiopia has held three elections and there is system in place that needs to be strengthened.There is NO need for NEGOTIATION with the government to change the rule of the game. They can join the election with the game in place or boycott - good riddance. But their readiness for post election violence should be met with pre-election readiness - by the government, the people.  Time will tell if the Benedict Arnold's will fair better than the Hailu Shawil's.

Pardon, Rule of Law and Political Space

Ethiopia receives over $380 million in remittances
APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) During the last six months Ethiopia has received $389 million in remittances from its citizens living in the diaspora, according to the Ethiopian National Bank. The bank said this reflects a 19% increase over last year’s remittances despite fears that the inflows would decline due to the global financial crisis.

Defar breaks 5,000m WR

Ethiopian Meseret Defar broke the women's world indoor 5,000 metres record when she clocked 14 minutes and 24.37 seconds at the DN Galan meeting in Stockholm.

Premier Meles Zenawi's briefing to
questions from international journalist

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Nigeria, Ethiopia top Africa investment index

LONDON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Nigeria and Ethiopia topped a new index of African potential investor destinations on Wednesday, with the survey organisers saying the continent offers good potential growth even against the global economic crisis
The sound economic policy of the EPRDF govt has been showing results over the last few years. The high investment Index ranking is an affirmation the policy is indeed working. Pity those who are trying to bring her down by scavenging any bad news that will defame the EPRDF govt. How could any sane person chastise the EPRDF govt when it comes to poverty reduction? Something is wrong with some of our bloggers!

Ethiopian Defence Forces Received Warm Welcome

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No link between Darfur deal, Beshir indictment: US
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice on Tuesday said she saw no linkage between the war crimes case against Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir and the tentative deal reached in Doha between Khartoum and a leading Darfur rebel group


Response to the EU Parliament

(MoFA 02/12/09):-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to put on record the position of the Government of Ethiopia concerning some matters raised in the resolution on the Horn of Africa adopted by the European Parliament on 15 January. The Ministry had hoped that a visit by the Development Committee of the European Parliament on a fact finding mission to Ethiopia would have helped

Didn’t I tell you? Obama and the EPRDF will coexist
Dibaba Regasa (02/13/09):- In my previous posting, I informed readers why the opposition inside and outside of Ethiopia should get worried about Obama's administration. Some people laughed at me. I was serious however. Since Obama's inauguration last month, the statements coming from diplomats in Addis and Washington vindicate me...

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NGOs and CSOs in Ethiopia
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Mark Your Calendar!

The Winnipeg Oromo Youth Association adopted a library in eastern Oromia to provide training and books in Oromiffa and English.

Lekatit 11 Celebration dates in your area

UTNA Chicago invites you to Yekatit 11 Celebration!!
For more info

Place: Ethiopian Diamond Resturant
6120 N. Broadway Sreet
Chicago, IL 60660
Date: Feb 21, 2009
Time: 9:00pm—


UTNA and TDVA Bay Area invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
For more Info
Place: Masonic Temple
2500 Masonic Dr.
San Jose Ca
Date: Feb 21, 2009
Time: 6:00-3:00am—

UTNA DC invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
Place: Holiday Inn Capitol
550 C Street SW.
Washington DC
Date: Feb 21, 2009
Time: 8:00-2:00am—

Union of TigreansMilano invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
De:Feb 22, 09
Tme: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Place:oncucco, 29
Zona Famagosta፣ Milano

Music Works Northwest
14360 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 102
Bellevue, WA 98007
February 20th, 2009

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