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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2009 ‘Towards Copenhagen: an equitable and ethical approach’
Prime Minister Meles will be one of the speakers during the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2009 ‘Towards Copenhagen: an equitable and ethical approach’

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Ethiopian PM in India to bolster bilateral ties

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Current Events
There will be a live interview with Ato Eyob Tekalign Tolina at "Ye Ethiopia Hedase Discussion Forum" in Pal Talk. Ato Eyob is the Head of Economy and Business at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC.

The highlight of the interview will be on how we go about buying the Ethiopian Electric Power Authority Millennium Bond. As you may all be aware we in the Diaspora have the privilege of buying a $500 US Bond and we want to start the ball rolling.

Time: tonight at 7:00 pm PST or 10:00

[EPRDF Support Forum 02/06/09]

Interview with Dr. Demissie B. Aredo Oslo University College
  Interview (

Justice in the eyes of the Opposition and some western media: The case of Bekele Jirata
(Aigaforum Feb 5 2009):-It has been known for many that Ethiopia’s inept opposition and their hirelings from the foreign media were and still are on a continued smear campaign on the judicial organ in Ethiopia. Today some of the so-called opposition websites and Reuters have reported about the 'release of Bekele Jirata'. We are sure you have already read the news...What we would like to inform you, based on our sources close to the case, is that the federal prosecution... more

Thought for Today
It takes great courage and massive support to think outside the box and venture into unknown territory. It also takes a conscious choice to accept the premise that our circumstances are self-created; they have become so familiar that we have accepted them as real. Our ability to be creative becomes blocked when we assume that our circumstances will never change. For many, unfortunately, it is more comfortable to feel powerless than to challenge the system. It is change we seek and change we resist, the ultimate human paradox. by James Mapes

What next for Somalia?
As we all know Somalia has been a trouble spot almost since it gained its independence. Although there was some resemblance of peace during the Ziad Barre government everyone knows today’s trouble started during Ziad’ government. Now that Ethiopia has completed its withdrawal from Somalia,... Will the new president, president Sharif help improve or exacerbate the situation?... Will Asmara declare its support to Al Shebaba and Aweys to derail the Sharif government? And what do you think Ethiopia has gained with its intervention in Somalia? ... have your say!

Ethiopia: Desertification Reversed in North
Some of the most severe cases of land degradation in semi-desert areas could be reversed with the right policies, researchers in Ethiopia have concluded. A study of a dry region in the north of the country, whose population had increased ten-fold and whose land had become highly degraded, found that local people have nevertheless managed to coax it back into recovery...
While cynics and ill informed individuals were undermining local NGO like REST giving them all kind of names the country under the leadership of the EPRDF was quietly implementing a policy a) to recover the over grazed and cultivated land b) to revitalize natural streams and remaining forest. This research result can be easily confirmed looking at the vegetation and greenery of the landscape when troubling from east to west across Tigrai . Thank you to those who persevere to change the tide!!

Eritrean Faces at Sawa Military Camp

Interview with
President Shekh Sherif Shekh Ahmed

Extradition of Mengistu high on agenda of new Zimbabwean unity government

PM Meles Zenawi Addressing African Leaders at AU Summit

Part 1 | Part 2

The New Somalian President Called For Eritrea to Stop Interfering in Internal Affairs

IMF Deputy Managing Director Kato Visits Ethiopia and Discusses Global Economic Challenges with the African Union
"The IMF is committed more than ever to assist governments in the best possible way to adjust to the crisis and get back on track to achieve ambitious development goals. Ethiopia is a very good example of Fund engagement in Africa to deal with those challenges. The country was adversely affected by last year's sharp increase in international commodity prices. The global economic turmoil is likely to worsen the balance of payments and reduce economic growth...In my meeting with Prime Minister Meles, I commended the Ethiopian authorities for having adopted an appropriate macroeconomic policy package to address the challenges
See Also:   Ethiopia’s Meles Warns Crisis May Cause African States to Fail

Views, Commentaries and more...

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Lekatit 11 Celebration dates in your area

UTNA Boston invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
Date February 14 2009
Time 8 PM --- 2 AM
Place:  (323 WASHINGTON STREET Brighton, MA)


UTNA Atlanta invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!

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Place: 4771 Britt Rd.(Smoketree Center)
Date: Feb 7, 2009
Time: 8:00pm—


UTNA Seattle invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
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ዕለት፦(date) -  Feb 15, 09
ሰዓት፦ (time) - 1፡00-6:00PM
ቦታ፦ (place) - 1902 E.Yesler Way, Seattle


UTNA Chicago invites you to Yekatit 11 Celebration!!
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Place: Ethiopian Diamond Resturant
6120 N. Broadway Sreet
Chicago, IL 60660
Date: Feb 21, 2009
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UTNA and TDVA Bay Area invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
Place: Masonic Temple
2500 Masonic Dr.
San Jose Ca
Date: Feb 21, 2009
Time: 6:00-3:00am—

UTNA DC invites you to Lekatit 11 Celebration!!
Place: Holiday Inn Capitol
550 C Street SW.
Washington DC
Date: Feb 21, 2009
Time: 8:00-2:00am—

Music Works Northwest
14360 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 102
Bellevue, WA 98007
February 20th, 2009

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