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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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New Somali leader, Ethiopia agree to peace push

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — Somalia's new President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his neighbours in the Horn of Africa agreed Monday to work together for peace, in a remarkable political change for the region. A statement issued after a meeting in the Ethiopian capital marked a turnaround in regional affairs, two years after Ethiopia invaded Somalia to drive out Sheikh Sharif

What next for Somalia?

As we all know Somalia has been a trouble spot almost since it gained its independence. Although there was some resemblance of peace during the Ziad Barre government everyone knows today’s trouble started during Ziad’ government. Now that Ethiopia has completed its withdrawal from Somalia,... Will the new president, president Sharif help improve or exacerbate the situation?... Will Asmara declare its support to Al Shebaba and Aweys to derail the Sharif government? And what do you think Ethiopia has gained with its intervention in Somalia? ... have your say!

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Current Events
The Extreme Diaspora got a one two punch this week with EU's aid of 250,000 million Euro for Ethiopia and the new Obama administration confirmation to continue the strong relation with Ethiopia. The hustlers (what else?) are still hustling and still vulgar - lamenting that the opposition leaders have let them down by bickering with each other and preaching them the Ethiopian Diaspora to take a lesson form Eritrean Diaspora who is getting milked 2% tax by Shabia. This they say with no shame as if they themselves were not the Kinijit leadership who got a red carpet welcome coming to the USA only to create upheaval demanding collective leadership! And as if what Eritreans got in return to the 2% is being called “Spoiled” and are forced to sell “flour” because selling raw grain is illegal. Amazing!
So the buzz word “Paradigm Shift” is being heard by the high priests. The recent “Obgangiyee” (the same Obang who recently found out the Diaspora politician in all the meeting he canvassed are all over 50) is as transparently phony as the selection of Michael Steel for the RNC. Michael Steel has as much chance to rustle the party form the Rush Limbaugh as any third party winning the presidency in the USA. The pain of coming to terms with reality!

Thought for Today

Failure is the one fear that always puts the brakes on crativity, innovation, risk taking, growth, and productivity, yet most of us have been programmed from our earliest years to be afraid of failure. The person who has learned not to be afraid, who has shifted his or her paradigm about failure, creates the feedback necessary for learning. He or she turns the fear of failure into personal power. Life is an error-making and error-correting process. by Jonas Salk

Ethiopian Electric Power Authority Millennium Bond Information Kit

A Week in The Horn
  • The African Union Executive Council meeting
  • IGAD Ministers discuss Somalia, Sudan,-Eritrea
  • Somalia’s new President to be elected later
  • The first stage of the APRM
  • MFA Workshop on Parliamentary Diplomacy
  • A new South African Chancery building
  • Eritrea and the need for reason
  • DMLEK destroyes administrative building in Eritrea

    Gaddafi elected as next AU leader

    Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been elected as chairman of the 53-nation African Union. Col Gaddafi was elected by delegates at the AU summit in Ethiopia. A BBC correspondent at the summit says Col Gaddafi was seen to be the obvious choice, but some delegates are uneasy about his nomination

    Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the EU on the adoption of the Charities and Societies Proclamation by the House of Peoples´ Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
    EU realizing Ethiopia's right to draft and pass its own laws, looks on ways to influence Ethiopia respect EU's interest implemented by some of the big NGO's! Fair game if you ask us! Since it does spent millions on direct aid.

    New US administration said ready to forge existing ties with Ethiopia

    The new US administration is desirous to forge existing strong relations and strengthen multi faceted development cooperation with Ethiopia, a US government official said.


    Somalia's elects a new president, President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed
    DJIBOUTI – Somalia's parliament elected a moderate Islamist leader as the country's new president early Saturday, handing over the elusive task of stabilizing a country wracked by violence and anarchy for nearly 20 years.

    EU grants 250 million euros to Ethiopia
    ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — The European Union has given Ethiopia 251 million euros (322 million dollars) in aid to boost development projects across the Horn of Africa nation, the government said Friday.The agreement was signed Thursday by the bloc's Director of Aid to sub-saharan Africa, Carribean and Pacific regions Gary Quince and Ethiopia's Finance and Economic Development Minister Sufian Ahmed
    EU like the World Bank seems to be determined to help Ethiopia continue on its fast economic development. This in spite of the continuous campaign of defamation by extremist on the EPRDF govt with the help of the Anna Gomez!

    These days you will find the Prime Minster discussing with Coffee Exporters(Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3), Flower exporters or pastoralists ( P1, P2), consulting on the bread and butter issue that matters to them or laying the ground stone for a University making good of his promise. On the other hand, the old goons above have nothing to bring to the table in the form of better idea, suggestion, compliment, disagreement to pull their weight as legal opposition. In the bygone era, they were in the camps of the Murderous Derge regime wearing their tailor made Kaki (Documentary). Nowadays, they are the "Taliban’s" from the camps of let's overthrow government philosophy, taunting and challenging justification of the STATE daydreaming a self fulfilling prophecy of make believe combat( “TINIKINIK”), allied with their counterparts in Diaspora who declared the time is not for bringing agenda to change administration but for the removal of the State whom they label as a colonizer and un Ethiopian. As Ethiopia pulls itself from the abyss of poverty and its institutions are being built on firm ground, they will go down scheming for one more day of destabilization and anarchy. 


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