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President Debretsion Letter to Head of States

Tigray Govt 12-19-21 - Excellency, It has been over thirteen months since the Ethiopian government in an unprecedented collaboration with foreign and domestic invading forces has waged a genocidal campaign against the people of Tigray. During this period the aggressors have committed countless atrocities including the use of hunger and sexual violence as an instrument of war.

Has the Pandemic Become an Excuse for Curbing Visitors from the Global South?

Prof. Mehari Taddele Maru - Restrictive policies introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19 may now be conveniently applied to contain mobility from the global south to the global north. These Covid-19-related restrictions should have been reviewed pari passu with vaccination and infection rates, and with other mechanisms employed to slow down the spread of the virus. However, in many countries, the revision of laws and policies still lags.

Ethiopia crisis: Human Rights Council sets up international rights probe

Serious concerns over alleged severe human rights violations and abuses in Ethiopia should be investigated by an international rights probe, the Human Rights Council agreed in a vote on Friday. Addressing the Council, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Nada Al-Nashif said that it was likely that more than 400,000 people in Tigray were living in famine-like conditions, since only limited relief has been allowed into the region since UN humanitarians raised the alarm in June.
This is a good start. Better late than never, regardless of what the outcome of such a probe will be. It is still mindboggling the international community is still oblivious to the serious crime of humanity committed by the Abiy and Isaias regime soldiers and followers. We honestly thought Rwanda was one too many for this generation!.

Ethiopia: New wave of atrocities in Western Tigray

Amhara security forces are responsible for a surge of mass detentions, killings and forced expulsions of ethnic Tigrayans in the Western Tigray territory of northern Ethiopia, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. Tigrayan civilians attempting to escape the new wave of violence have been attacked and killed. Scores in detention face life-threatening conditions including torture, starvation, and denial of medical care.


EUNF 12-17-21 -The Eritrean United National Front (EUNF) founding conference was held on November 18 -20, 2021 and subsequently issued a conference concluding statement which can be found here. This is an enormously good news for the Eritrean people both at home and in diaspora that struggle to bring a long overdue and badly needed change to our country. We commend each and every one who worked tirelessly to make the EUNF a reality.

The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War

NAIROBI, Kenya - Secret meetings with a dictator. Clandestine troop movements. Months of quiet preparation for a war that was supposed to be swift and bloodless. New evidence shows that Ethiopia's prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, had been planning a military campaign in the northern Tigray region for months before war erupted one year ago

What do Tigrayans Expect from the UN Human Rights Council?

Isaac M. 12.16.21 - Following the request made by over 50 countries, including EU states, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), will convene a special session on the situation in Ethiopia this Friday. What do Tigrayans expect from this Council's session? 1. They expect an explicit denunciation of the mass arrests, searches, abuses and terrorizing Tigrayans in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia. Why? In the last three weeks alone...

According to our reliable source in Ethiopia, the lying regime in Ethiopia is preparing a make-believe story of atrocities committed in areas that were controlled by the Tigray Army in the Amhara and Afar regions. Lying is not new to the Abiy regime. Abiy has lied to the UN Secretary-General and multiple foreign officials in the past but this time his regime is trying to lie to the whole world so that Tigray Army and TPLF are tainted as killers and accused as genociders. As you all know the Abiy and Isaias regime in Eritrea have been accused of a serious crime against humanity in Tigray. It is a matter of time before they are held accountable. We[Diaspora] should do our best to expose the sinister plan and educate the international community. The international community should not be left for Abiy and his lying foot soldiers to be confused and accept the 'both sides do it" account in this tragedy. Tragedy should not be normalized.
[Aigaforum, 12-14-21]

Massacres, Rape, Siege: Why Israel Must Stop Its UAE Ally Aiding Ethiopia's Atrocities
The UAE is running a huge airlift arming an Ethiopian regime committing mass atrocities in Tigray. That inhumane adventurism is a strategic problem for Israel, too

Abiy Ahmed can't deceive Africa in the name of Pan-Africanism

Mark, 14-12-21 - We commonly hear these days the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, his supporters and propaganda machine extensively stating that they are fighting against Western countries who, they say, are supporting the people of Tigray in the Tigray conflict. Thus, demonstrations have been held condemning Western countries and international media outlets. State and social media have been carrying out an intensified propaganda, going to the extent of calling the USA terrorist.

Human Rights Council to Hold a Special Session on 17 December to Address the "Grave Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia"
The Human Rights Council will hold a special session on Friday, 17 December, to address the "grave human rights situation in Ethiopia". The special session is being convened following an official request submitted on 13 December by the European Union.

Tigray's religious leaders ask Pope to reiterate peace appeal
The Tigray Diaspora Inter-Religious Council (TDIRC) is calling on Pope Francis to reiterate calls against the "enduring unimaginable atrocities" suffered by civilian populations amid the year-long war in Tigray.

Special UN rights council session expected on Ethiopia this week
(AFP) - The United Nations Human Rights Council is expected to host a special session on the civil war in Ethiopia this week, following an urgent request from the European Union. In a letter sent to the council president, the EU called for the UN's top rights body to swiftly address the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia

Tigray Government statement on alleged warehouse looting in Kombolcha

TEAO 12-10-21 -Over the past two days, there have been some media reports, citing a brief statement by the World Food Program in Ethiopia (WFP Ethiopia), that Tigray forces have looted food stock that had been stored in the city of Kombolcha. While this baseless claim has received undeserved coverage, the truth of the matter is that at no time during their stay in Kombolcha did Tigrayan forces ever loot aid meant for those in desperate need of emergency assistance.

Photos show weapons stockpiled after Ethiopian Civil War in 1991, not a recent seizure in Debre Sina

Images of a weapons stockpile have been shared on Facebook in Ethiopia alongside a claim that the arms cache was recently seized in Debre Sina, Ethiopia. But the claim is false: these are old photos of a rebel from the former Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) sitting next to a pile of weapons in Addis Ababa in 1991 following the Ethiopian Civil War that ended in the same year.
The Abiy and Amhara Elite lying machine has no bounds. Innocent people who were paraded as prisoners of war may not speak out of fear but pictures do! Tigray Army withdrew Debresina of its own will. No matter how Abiy spins the current withdrawal, the truth is the withdrawal was not because of 'General' Abiy's military capability. If we have to give Abiy the credit it is that he was smart enough to fly in to places Tigray Army left without wasting precious time. He did not give time for the Tigray Army to announce the completion of the withdrawal. Zi Westelu Arada Eyu!!

Is Ethiopia the new Syria?

Michael Rubin December 08, 2021 07:00 AM - Today, Ethiopia is rapidly becoming the new Syria. In November 2020, Tigrayan leadership rejected Ethiopian Premier Abiy Ahmed's order to postpone elections. They feared that he sought to follow the path of self-described reformers who consolidate dictatorship. Abiy reacted with fury, sought to decapitate the Tigrayan military leadership, and then dispatched the Ethiopian army to Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray state. While Ethiopian officials insisted Abiy's battle was just with the Tigray People's Liberation Front, the army not only denied food to the entire Tigray Region but also closed Tigrayan businesses in Addis Ababa and rounded up ethnic Tigrayans in internment camps. To be a Tigrayan in Abiy's Ethiopia is to be a dead man walking.

Tigray Government Message to Diaspora - Dec 9th, 2021

TEAO 12-09-21 -Tigray Government Message to Diaspora on the Occasion of the Dec 9th World Wide Demonstration Denouncing Genocide in Tigray

Joint Statement on Detentions in Ethiopia
We, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, are profoundly concerned by recent reports of the Ethiopian government's detention of large numbers of Ethiopian citizens on the basis of their ethnicity and without charge. The Ethiopian government's announcement of a State of Emergency on November 2 is no justification for the mass detention of individuals from certain ethnic groups (Tigrayans).

Tigray Government Letter to UN Secretary about UAE, Iran and Turkey Support to the Abiy Government to Commit Genocide in Tigray

Tigray Government Letter to UN Secretary about Tigrayan Mass Arrest in Ethiopia

(Mekelle) 11-29-21 - Tigray Government sent two letters to the UN Secretary about the ongoing genocidal campaign by the Abiy regime and the wide-scale mass arrest of Tigrayans in Ethiopia, the continued support by UAE, Iran, and Turkey to arm the Abiy regime to commit genocide. The government asked the Secretary-General to use his good office to help stop the ongoing genocidal campaign in Tigray.

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From Our Archives: Exclusive Interview with Author Memhir Gebrekidan
"(August, 2013) In an exclusive interview for Aigaforum and online readers. Tamrat Yamane sat down with Memhir Gebrekidan, the Author of the history of Atse Yohannes. Memhir Gebrekidan explained why he wrote the book and who Atse Yohannes was and how he died and more... You must listen!!!"

( Interview )

(Pls do not call the telephone number as it is not in service due to the siege of Tigray by Abiy Ahmed regime)

Note: Long before Memhir Gebrekidan became popular and became an idol for millions of Tigrayans, Aigaforum was fortunate to see how Memhir was a very important person to teach the young generation about Tigrayan history. Memhir wrote a very telling book during the Ethio-Eritrea(the Year 1998) war about how Menlik sold Eritrea and sow the seed for the future war that the country was fighting. Aigaforum carried the book despite the uneasiness of the then political leaders about publicizing such a book! May his Soul Rest in Peace!



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President Debretsion (PhD) - Briefing on Current Issues- Dec 05, 2021


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