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ልጆቼ አይኖቼ
ኢዬብ ከጮማ እምኒ 12-29-18


Amhara Youth: Stop the Blame Game! Dec 2018



DW TV: Leul Mengesha Siyum on Raya, Wolqayit/Tsegede and Tigrai boundary that existed before Janhoy ordered the transfer of Tigrai land to Begemder and Wollo.


Zete-Aiga: Interview with Bereket Simon, author of "Tinsae Z- Ethiopia" and former Minister EPRDF Official- Dec 22, 2018,


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I Shall Rise, I Shall!
Temesgn Kebede 12-22-18


Still I Rise
(forwarded by Bekele 12-20-18)


TV Tigrai: Dr Debretsion tour of Zarema Dam and Wolqayit Sugar Development- Dec 2018



ምስ ሓንገርኩዎ
ክንፈ አብር.(ዶ/ር)12-18-18


VOA Tigrigna:(Part2) Liya Kassa Tigrai government communication head- Dec 18 2018


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The Ethiopian Prime Minister who captured Africa's imagination
Abiy Ahmed took over as Ethiopia's Prime Minister in April. At 42, he carved a path through Ethiopia's tense, ethnically divided landscape by becoming the first Oromo to lead his country. The Oromo, Ethiopia's largest ethnic group, had never been in prominent positions of power. Grievances of their economic and political exclusion drove anti-government protests across the country. According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 1.4 million people were displaced in the first six months of 2018 because of ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia.
[እነዚህ ሰዎች ሲዎዱህ እኮ! አፍሪካ ምኑ ነው የወደዱልን?]

GeGe Kiya on Warmongering!
Even during the days when we were trying tirelessly to create awareness of the color revolutionaries intention to undo the constitutional order we did not cover social media actors and the hired guns because we thought they may feel embolden if we do so! Little did we know of the scope the color revolutionaries were so determined to see the end of Revolutionary Democracy in Ethiopia! We are sure Jawar and Gege were on the same camp promoting Qerro then! Unlike Jawar who is nowhere to be found these days while his own people are being killed in Western Oromia, Gege is still campaigning to create awareness of the impending catastrophic development. We like those who fight a principled fight! We despise hired mercenaries and wish-washy activist. Gege is the "queen" of social media these days! We have received too many requests to post her work over the last few weeks. Here is one of her recent take in regard to the warmongering talk from Amhara Kilil actors! Gero Yalew Yesema!

No beginning nor an end but kaleidoscopic presence
Tadis Aregay 12-30-18 - With a couple of friends who flew in for Yuletide break, we checked in to a Broadway theatre place, New York, West to see 'Truth West' written by Samuel Sheppard Rigger Ill, an American actor, and Playwright. Upon finally the curtain shut down, as we walking out I ask one of the friends...

If you don't like the current form of government - don't just keep quiet
Kebour Ghenna Dec 2018 - Ethiopia's regional states are quickly becoming a loose confederation of autonomous states, less and less bound by a common law. Today, any form of equal justice is increasingly inaccessible across the nation. Most states have literally dismantled the existing federal norms.

Eritrea closes border crossings to Ethiopian travelers
DDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Eritrea has partially closed two border crossings with Ethiopia that opened this year after the former East African rivals made peace and restored relations, an Ethiopian official said Friday. Thousands of people have crossed the border that had been closed for two decades, with traders pursuing brisk business and families reuniting after years apart.
It is good the international community is aware of the development. While Eritreans are welcome to Ethiopia free, Ethiopians are denied entry! And, Abiy government still thinks it is running a respected government? Something is wrong with Abiy and the Oromo elites running the government!

BBC Interview with OLF Military Leader in Western Oromia
It is really maddening after all the hard work over the last 28 years, the inept EPRDF leaders have decided the fate of the country to be determined by yet another inept government. The Oromo people deserve peace and the only way out of the current dilemma is to hold an election! Let the Oromo people decide who they want to run their government!

Ethiopian Implements IATA's Fast Travel Self Check-in Initiative
Addis Ababa, 28 December 2018 Ethiopian Airlines, the Largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased to announce to its customers worldwide that it has fully implemented Self Check-in Initiative, enabling its customers to checkin using their mobile device and avoid queues at the airport.

Water crisis looms for Egypt as Ethiopia's Nile mega-dam nears completion
Ethiopia's GERD dam is set to reshape the complex water politics of the Nile Basin - and 'water stressed' Egyptians will be the biggest losers.In his second report, environment journalist Kieran Cooke reports on the progress of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and its likely consequences for Egypt.There have been hold-ups and reports of large cost overruns but building work on the lavishly titled Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or GERD, under construction on the Blue Nile in the north of the country since 2011, is nearing completion.
Didn't the Egyptians twit the Dam was dead and work has stopped? What news from Ethiopia triggered the above story? Could it be the current assessment by the Abiy government that the Dam was 65% complete? In any case, history will be harsh to those who are deliberately killing this grand project. The people overseeing this project should show in a picture the progress made since the death of the beloved hero Engineer Semegnew! In case authorities are not aware, most if not all Ethiopians think this project is killed! The anger is brewing from inside!

Buffalo Bovine falling Coup de foudre with Leonine
Temesgn Kebede 12-26-18 - In an audacious speech, though not surprising from a person every word his tongue coined and uttered had no curtsey and manners, Colonel Mengustu repeatedly blazoned in public places that the Tigray did not have the financial resources at its disposal to purchase basic items such as blackboard writing Chalks...

የአንድነቱ መንገድ
ከብርሃኑ ተሰማ(ኢዜአ)12-27-18

Eritrea: 'I just sometimes wonder who is left inside the country.'
Hundreds of people continue to pour out of Eritrea every day into neighboring Ethiopia. The reopening of the border in September and the peace deal ending two decades of war have raised hopes in some quarters of an improved human rights situation in Eritrea. But the head of the world's largest Muslim charity, Naser Haghamed, who fled the country as a young teenager, worries that it will be crippled by the ongoing exodus.
See Also: In secretive Eritrea, historic reforms across the border have sparked hopes for the future

The End of the Democratic Century
As democracy flourished across the world, it was tempting to ascribe its dominance to its inherent appeal. If citizens in India, Italy, or Venezuela seemed loyal to their political system, it must have been because they had developed a deep commitment to both individual rights and collective self-determination. And if Poles and Filipinos began to make

Inter-ethnic fighting in Ethiopia forcing millions to flee their homes
Ethiopia is going through one of the fastest growing displacement disasters worldwide. Three million people have been forced to flee their homes over the past 18 months because of an increase in inter-ethnic violence.

Ethiopians Are Adjusting To Rapid Democratic Changes
Reading the two articles above it is clear our motherland is in trouble. In the name of a western style "sham populist democracy" our mother country is being torn apart. How ignorant can any one become to not see the millions of people displaced and killed since Abiy came?.

The dog I raised
Temesgn Kebede 12-25-18

Stop the hate-campaign epidemic, internalise the spirit of reconciliation and Go win-win:
Petros Tesfagiorgis 12-24-18- In the Amhara owned social media there is awful hate campaign against the TPLF and the People of Tigray... It is simply a death wish. It is sawing the seeds of violence gripping Ethiopia every day. The hate-campaign has impacted these tragic violence in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Inaugurates Second Toll Road
The newly upgraded Dire Dawa- Dewale, the 220 kilometers road network linking Ethiopia with Djibouti, has gone operational. The toll road is the second to Ethiopia next to the one linking Addis Ababa with Adama. The upgrading of the previously gravel road into asphalt toll road has cost Ethiopia 5.2 billion birr, according to Samson Wondimu, Communications head of Ethiopian Roads Authority
More is to come, but, Is Abiy the most "blessed" person to be the one who inaugurates all the projects EPRDF government planned and executed over the years? If Abiy fails the country down the road despite all these projects becoming operational the blame is on him and his OPDO/ODP! Take notice Oromo elites, the ball is on your field. Fix your problem and lead this great nation! "Ye enate meqenet adenaqefegn ayseram!"[Zeru Hagos Dec 24, 2018]

TPLF-Tigray People Dichotomy and Unity: Technicality versus Practicality
Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele 12-23-18 - It does not require the brain of a genius to understand that a party is not equal to people. This is so simple a logic that using this simple “technicality” as a big finding in the midst of complex Machiavellian politics can only be considered as naive. The question is why are the people of Tigray, except for a few opposition party leaders, not opposed to the assertion that...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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