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Zete-Aiga: Interview with Bereket Simon, author of "Tinsae Z- Ethiopia" and former Minister EPRDF Official- Dec 22, 2018,


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I Shall Rise, I Shall!
Temesgn Kebede 12-22-18


Still I Rise
(forwarded by Bekele 12-20-18)


TV Tigrai: Dr Debretsion tour of Zarema Dam and Wolqayit Sugar Development- Dec 2018



ምስ ሓንገርኩዎ
ክንፈ አብር.(ዶ/ር)12-18-18


VOA Tigrigna:(Part2) Liya Kassa Tigrai government communication head- Dec 18 2018


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The End of the Democratic Century
As democracy flourished across the world, it was tempting to ascribe its dominance to its inherent appeal. If citizens in India, Italy, or Venezuela seemed loyal to their political system, it must have been because they had developed a deep commitment to both individual rights and collective self-determination. And if Poles and Filipinos began to make

Inter-ethnic fighting in Ethiopia forcing millions to flee their homes
Ethiopia is going through one of the fastest growing displacement disasters worldwide. Three million people have been forced to flee their homes over the past 18 months because of an increase in inter-ethnic violence.

Ethiopians Are Adjusting To Rapid Democratic Changes
Reading the two articles above it is clear our motherland is in trouble. In the name of a western style "sham populist democracy" our mother country is being torn apart. How ignorant can any one become to not see the millions of people displaced and killed since Abiy came?.

The dog I raised
Temesgn Kebede 12-25-18

Stop the hate-campaign epidemic, internalise the spirit of reconciliation and Go win-win:
Petros Tesfagiorgis 12-24-18- In the Amhara owned social media there is awful hate campaign against the TPLF and the People of Tigray... It is simply a death wish. It is sawing the seeds of violence gripping Ethiopia every day. The hate-campaign has impacted these tragic violence in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Inaugurates Second Toll Road
The newly upgraded Dire Dawa- Dewale, the 220 kilometers road network linking Ethiopia with Djibouti, has gone operational. The toll road is the second to Ethiopia next to the one linking Addis Ababa with Adama. The upgrading of the previously gravel road into asphalt toll road has cost Ethiopia 5.2 billion birr, according to Samson Wondimu, Communications head of Ethiopian Roads Authority
More is to come, but, Is Abiy the most "blessed" person to be the one who inaugurates all the projects EPRDF government planned and executed over the years? If Abiy fails the country down the road despite all these projects becoming operational the blame is on him and his OPDO/ODP! Take notice Oromo elites, the ball is on your field. Fix your problem and lead this great nation! "Ye enate meqenet adenaqefegn ayseram!"[Zeru Hagos Dec 24, 2018]

TPLF-Tigray People Dichotomy and Unity: Technicality versus Practicality
Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele 12-23-18 - It does not require the brain of a genius to understand that a party is not equal to people. This is so simple a logic that using this simple “technicality” as a big finding in the midst of complex Machiavellian politics can only be considered as naive. The question is why are the people of Tigray, except for a few opposition party leaders, not opposed to the assertion that...

Call Early Election!!
It is a collective failure for all Ethiopians to sit idle and watch the country fall into the abyss. Regardless of any agreement signed, OLF is right the only way out is to hold a snap election and let the people choose their own representatives! TPLF and any other worthy political organization left standing ought to exert maximum pressure the current federal government prepares the nation for an early election. Sitting idle while the constitution is undermined and many minorities are killed left and right across the country is unacceptable! Jawar has said it there is no government to speak of in Oromia! The least the Lemma government can do is allow the people to vote for a new government!
The sad part is Ethiopia will be suffering for a long time to come because the current government is signing all kinds of Arab supported agreements on behalf of Ethiopia. Much similar to Atse Menelik who sold out Eritrea and Dijubit! No lesson learned at all.[Aigaforum Dec 21, 2018]

Abraha Desta doesn't know his constituency & can't grasp a political agenda that matters to voters in Tigrai.
Haile Tessema, Dec 22, 2018 - Abraha reminds me of the "a fool is a fool even if he goes to school" saying. Seems to me the Arena Party leader is the biggest political fool despite his not only studying, but also being a "political science" instructor at a university level. Abraha spent most of his political life /activism/ at internet cafes...

27000 Eritreans 'seeking refugee status' in Ethiopia
More than 27 500 Eritreans have filed for refugee status in Ethiopia since the two countries reopened their joint border in September, according to EU documents seen by AFP on Friday. More than 24 000 people from northern Eritrea have applied for refugee status at Endabaguna, in the Ethiopian border region of Tigray, and another 3 500 have done so in Afar.

Trump's Africa Policy Is Destined for Failure
Last week, in a speech at the Heritage Foundation, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton announced a new U.S. Africa strategy. Bolton wants to advance U.S. trade and investment, suppress terrorism and conflict, and ensure that U.S. aid is well spent. At its heart, however, the strategy is about countering China. Bolton attacked Beijing for...

Guilty Until Proven Innocent.
EsaTed 12-21-18 - In Christianity all sins are forgiven as long as one asks for forgiveness and accepts Christ as his or her savior. Leaving aside the problematic nature of that belief, I can’t help but see the similarities between what happens now in Ethiopia.

Insiders say President Isaias is now ruling largely unilaterally, keeping the public, military leaders, and even ministers out of the loop.
Eritrea's life-president Isaias Afwerki could hardly have had a busier 2018. This year, he has signed an historic peace deal with Ethiopia. He has built close relations with the UAE and Saudi Arabia. He has re-emerged as a man of paramount importance in regional politics, and he has had UN sanctions lifted on Eritrea.Who knows what 2019 will bring?That is not a rhetorical question. Isaias has long overseen a closed political system, but this year, its secrecy has reached new heights

Herman Cohen belittle's Africa!
(Aigaforum) 12-19-18 - It is unfortunate "team lemma" and even Abiy government have befriended people like Herman Cohen who thinks little of Africa not to mention Ethiopia!. Apparently, Mr. Cohen thinks Africa and Ethiopia are not worthy of a loan and development aid since they can not pay. No wonder why the USA is always donating sterilized wheat to Ethiopia. We stand to be corrected, but, not a single big project is financed by a USA loan in Ethiopia! What is wrong with our learned Oromo elites these days? Ethiopia is burning daily and they do not understand the reason it is burning is that the country is poor because of people like the Cohen's will not allow it to develop its rivers and valleys! What will it take for them to understand Ethiopia's future depends on finishing the current development agenda!

Lij Mandefro Shibeshi 12-20-18 - Previously, we were talking about Ethiopia's being at a crossroad and it had two extreme possibilities. The first one was to look inward, evaluate self and respond to the questions posed by the Ethiopian people.At that time, it was possible as EPRDF was existed as a political leader of the country. The second option was failing to look inward and end up with choas.

Members of Parliament Denounce the Draft Border Commission Law

(Aigaforum) 12-19-18 - A number of parliamentarians from Tigrai Region denounce the planned border commission draft which is slated to pass in the coming days without wide public participation. The draft if passed as it is will undermine the constitution.
Full Detailed Analysis Why the MPs are Denouncing the Draft Law!

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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