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TV Tigrai - Amharic - The government is on a dangerous path! Dec 14, 2018



The federal government of Ethiopia is becoming extremely reckless by allowing the continued killing and displacement of the Qimant people in northwestern Amhara Region. To make it worst the federal government is allowing poisonous propaganda to be aired over government-owned media against "Tigrigna speaking people"! This heroic lady stood up in front of Gedu Andargachew delegation in Seattle Washington, the USA on Dec 2018 to speak on behalf of the persecuted Qimant people. People's call must be heard else they will revolt to be heard! Kudos to those who posted the clip. Dec 12, 2018!


*ወይ የትግራዋይ መከራ*
ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ 12-11-18


VOA Tigrigna: Liya Kassa Tigrai government communication head- Dec 10 2018


We heard some social media pundits from "demur" camp are belittling the reason ten of thousands of Tigreans came out in mass to a demonstration against injustice the other day! They said they [demonstrators] came out to protect an individual! We understand the "demur" camp are living in utopia land but unless the individual they are dying to get hold of is Jesus Christ or the Prophet Mohamed it is unimaginable such huge crowd will be gathered together to voice their anger against his persecution!. Shet Meanta! The second time cannot be harder than the first!


HA TV: Analysis of the controversial draft law on regional boundaries and identity issues commission


Why Getachew Assefa

A detail analysis of why Getachew Assefa is of Interest! - Dec 2018

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Aid community silenced in Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopia had more internally displaced people than any other country in the first half of 2018, but NGO workers are having a hard time talking about it.Representatives from humanitarian aid and human rights organizations working in Ethiopia say they can't speak about the internal displacement crisis without fear of backlash from the government.
See Also:-   Ethiopia one of the top 10 countries most at risk in 2019

Seb Hidri Public Discusion in Adigrat Town - Dec 2018

Ethiopia's Torture Problem and the Court of Public Opinion
The airing of Tuesday's torture documentary came several weeks after another documentary appeared on state television involving state-owned Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC). While this may signal a new commitment to justice, the government should avoid the past practice of using these documentaries to undermine defendants' right to a fair trial by mobilizing the public to support a judiciary that was far from independent of state control. Human Rights Watch and others have continually stressed the importance of accountability and justice but trials not turned into politicized shows targeting those seen to be opposed to the government and its policies,
Even HRW, staunch supporter of the Abiy government can't hide its displeasure! HRW in a way is wholeheartedly agreeing with the Tigrai demonstrators!

Way Forward to Deter the Hateful Campaign against our Peopleand to Resolve the Impasse
M. Gettaw, Dec 2018 - As of recently, the intensity of the government-sponsored hate propaganda is increasing and the consequences are becoming obvious and real. People are dying and properties of people are being burned to ashes. A consequential media campaign is well underway with the full blessing of the Prime Minister's Office.

The Making of 10th National Regional State or Even More :What is Next for SNNPRS?
Asham Hawassa 12-14-18 - The Ethiopian constitution provided for nine national regional states that constituted the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional State is one of them recognised by the 1995 federal constitution. While all the other regions were named after the nation or nationalities in their respective states ...

Senate Votes to Limit War Powers in Yemen, Angered by Saudi Killing of Journalist
WASHINGTON - The Senate voted resoundingly on Thursday to withdraw American military assistance for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen, issuing the latest in a series of stinging bipartisan rebukes of President Trump for his defense of the kingdom amid outrage in both parties over Riyadh’s role in the killing of a dissident journalist.
This is really a breakthrough in deflating the Saudi's war machine

Prospect of Information Warfare in Ethiopia
Aesop 12/12/18 - The forces of darkness have resurrected in Ethiopia. These zombies are roaming in the social media. They nest online clicking "like war" on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. accounts. They cook information as a dark magic to bend reality to their fantasy. They hurl disgusting insults they've earned. Truth be told: who is the lion that defeated the Derg...

Understanding the Roles of Government and Political Parties in Economic Development: Lesson to Oromia
Dr. Teshome Adugna December 13, 2018 - The economic development of any societies depends on the roles of government and political parties. The qualities of the government and political parties have played crucial roles in forming an effective government and political system. For instances China's government formation and its political security make the country the second...

The Grave Danger of unbridled hatred: Is there a stop to the madness?
Zekarias Ezra 12-13-18 - It was a mere 30 years or so ago that Ethiopians were living under a military dictatorship camouflaged as a democratic republic. Beginning with the massacre of the 60 high government officials, the Derg continued what it did best - killing anyone that it perceived as a threat to its power. The killing program, dubbed, Red Terror, claimed, by some accounts, as many as 500,000 Ethiopians.

It's more than stupid; it's idiotic.
Haile Tessema, Dec. 2018 - "It's the economy stupid" is a term coined by Bill Clinton's campaign strategist James Carville during the 1992 American presidential election against the then political rival and incumbent president the late George HW Bush. Carville used it to attract ...

Milkias Mihretab Yohannes 12-12-18-The greatand gallant people of Tigray are going through very difficult and trying times. Probably this is one of the most challenging and really exasperatingtime in their history. But this phase or the current situation is by no means the only one, and not even the worst one at that that faced Tigray and its children in their long...

Katy, TX. (December 11, 2018)-Displaced Tegaru Relief Fund is pleased to announce it has received $10,000 donation from Kilte-Awlaelo Schools Development Association. These funds will support the Displaced Tegaru Relief Fund's initiative to support internally displaced Tigrayans from various parts of Ethiopia.

Defying Ethiopian Toxic Ethnic Politics
Tecola W. Hagos (11 December 2018) - I have never supported federalism based on ethnicism or on language for Ethiopia. I believe in a "unitary" system with guided limited local autonomous provincial administration, with few incorporated urban structures as needed. I justify my position of a unitary administrative structure based on two sold grounds...

It's back to the future as IMF spots opening
We could all see that the 'Meles model' was running out of steam, but the treatment must be strategic, and above all it must be homegrown. Instead, the IMF seems to be exporting a failed prescription from the 1980s. After a 16-day stint in Ethiopia, meaning fine dining with the political elite and hobnobbing with our executive class, the International Monetary Fund delivered its annual report on the economy.....

Ethiopian Launches Services to Manchester
Addis Ababa: December 11, 2018- Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, inaugurated flights to Manchester, its second destination in the UK next to London...

Somali MPs aim to impeach president over Ethiopia, Eritrea 'deals'
An impeachment move brought by lawmakers against Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has been rejected by deputy speakers of the country's parliament. A copy of the motion, seen by Reuters, lists as grounds for the impeachment an allegation that the president secretly signed agreements with other countries including Ethiopia and Eritrea.The agreements touched on the use of Somali ports and economic and security cooperation, it said....

Gebreselema Hailemichael 12-10-18 - I have read your latest article titled AS ITS RIVERS FLOW, SO DOES THE FUTURE OF ETHIOPIA! It does not matter how you partition the land. It does not matter whether you partition land using rivers, mountains, trees, roads, language, ethnic or tribe. What matters is the land must be partitioned based ...
የመቐለው ሰልፍና የመደመር ፖለቲካ
ድምፂ ወያነ፡ ህዳር 30/2011 ዓ.ም (ዘመንፈስ ኣክሱማዊ)
Abiy's big steps shouldn't obscure undercurrents in Ethiopia
The global media - as well as ordinary Ethiopians - have been positive about the country's improved political gender representation. But this shouldn't obscure the fact that ethnic tensions remain rife on the ground, and could flare up at any point. There are three disturbing trends in Ethiopia: tensions within the ruling party as well as a lack of a formal roadmap to outline where it's taking the country; continued ethnic tensions; and the lack of transparency around the deals done with insurgent groups....

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2018 All rights reserved.

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