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Current Events
Interview with Ethio-Somali Elders on current issues and on what the federal government must do - Dec 2017


Somali Ethiopians fighting for Ethiopia's Unity and for the respect of the federal system is one of the biggest achievement of the EPRDF. It is understandable now why extremists and even western enablers have been crying a crocodile tear over Ogaden over the years and why the recent mass killing was ordered!



Current Status of Jijigga University - Reportage Dec 2017


Jijigga Dec 2017


Merry Christmas!


Interview with Raya University President Professor Tadesse Dejene - Dec 2017


Mekelle Dec 2017


New Book: Classroom Language -Ato Hayelom Dec 2017

  Part1     Part2

Inauguration Reportage, Mekelle Dec 2017


New Book: Gereb Arena Woyane

  Part1     Part2     Part3    
Inauguration Reprotage, Mekelle Dec 2017


News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

EPRDF Executive Official Statement - Dec 30,2017
ከኢህአዴግ ስራአስፈሚ ኮሚቴ የተሰጠ ድርጅታዊ መግለጫ

A Draft Proclamation that Would Potentially Infest "Addis Ababans" with Ethnic Viruses
Seifeselassie Gebre 12-30-17 - As it is known, Addis Ababa is a chartered city and the official capital city of FDRE and home to over five million Ethiopians comprised of about eighty ethnic groups. It is also the de facto diplomatic capital or hub of Africa and the headquarters of the African Union (AU) and has...

EPRDF Politics : Aba Dula is Back!
Dec 29, 2017 - Aba Dula Gemeda has rescinded his resignation and is returning to his post as Speaker of the House for now. The speaker is quoted to have said he is ready to accept any position EPRDF is assigning him to fill in and that he will be returning to Parliament as Speaker of the House! Meantime Ato Bereket Simon has also said he will be ready to work in any capacity EPRDF will assign him.

EPRDF executives have just concluded their marathon meeting and more executive decision(s) are expected to come, Stay-tuned! Aigaforum Dec 29, 2017

Better days for Ethiopian domestic workers in the Middle East
Bereket Gebru 12-29-17 - Even under stable and prosperous states, human rights are a challenging issue to realize. The rule of law creates a favorable condition for states to cater to the social security, health, education, equality, security of person, freedom of thought...

A colonial massacre in Africa fully revealed for the first time
Eighty years ago a colonial massacre of over 20,000 people was carried out by Italian fascist forces in Ethiopia in north east Africa.In three days and nights of arson, murder and looting, thousands of men, women and children were burned alive, shot, beaten senseless, stabbed to death or blown to pieces.

EPRDF Politics Vs Extremists Wishes
Dec 28, 2017 - The other day we posted general news about a closed door meeting PM Hailemariam had with some parliamentarians. The extremists were not happy perhaps because they were sensing the door is closing on them and their insiders in Addis and elsewhere in the country! We reported regional presidents were present at the meeting with out paying attention to who actually attended -the presidents or chairperson of the four EPRDF member parties!We were told presidents and we reported as is! Bemused by the extremists unique attention to the story, we tired to find out more! Ato Gedu and Dr Balema are in Israel on a very important meeting about "Sekota Project" This project is active and is huge! Tigrai and Amhara regional governments are involved because Sekota lies between Amhara and Tigrai! Otherwise, experts and head of key NGO groups are also attending the meeting.
Things are not at a stand still in Ethiopia due to EPRDF executive meeting as extremists would have you believe! The extremists may wish otherwise but EPRDF meeting is going on and will finish soon. At this point the absence of two executives is not critical we are told. EPRDF has reached a consensus sometime ago where individual vote is not an issue any more! Aigaforum Dec 28, 2017

Kenya's doubts on whether the bell has rung
Bereket Gebru 12-28-17 - There is an internationally recognized rivalry between Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes. The fierce fight between Haile Gebreselassie and Paul Tirgat was a staff of legends, although skewed only one way.

ጉዕዞ ህዳሰናን ፀገማቱን
ፍስሃ መረሳ 12-28-17

Democracy and the Changing International Order
Getachew Mequanent Ottawa, Canada December 27, 2017 - The dismantling of the Communist Block and end of the Cold War in the late 20th century gave rise for the prominence of a liberal international order which for the most part manifested itself in the form of expansion of liberal democracy, free market economy, multilateral trade and new or renewed security alliances around the world.

የበቀል መዳረሻው የት ይሆን?
ወንድይራድ ኃብተየስ 12-28-17

Obama says social media is 'corroding social discourse' in interview with Prince Harry
Former President Barack Obama was interviewed for the first time since leaving office last January by Prince Harry in an interview that aired this morning on BBC’s Radio 4.The two discussed social media, with Obama warning that caution is necessary.

Egypt and Ethiopia clash over huge River Nile dam
On Tuesday, Sameh Shoukry, the Egyptian foreign minister, flew to Addis Ababa for talks. He underlined Egypt’s concerns about water security and said the issue was too sensitive for his country to rely solely “on promises and assertions of good intentions”. He proposed the inclusion of the World Bank as a “neutral party” in the negotiations.
Egypt is unnecessarily agonizing! The Dam will be finished no matter what! The win win formula is for Egypt to stop making it hard for Ethiopia to build the dam! Egypt could have made it easier for international financiers to finance the dam long time ago and the negotiation would have been better handled. The sooner Egypt realizes Ethiopia is dead serious to finish the dam no matter what the better! It is open secret Egypt has tried everything to derail this project we shall see what the world bank will bring to the table.

የኢህአዴግ ሰሞነኛ ውሎ
ዳዊት ምትኩ 12-27-17

Ethiopia:A land of unlimited opportunities
Gemechu Tussa 12-26-17 - Ethiopia, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has been attracting the attention of global investors. There are now a large number of investors flowing to Ethiopia, since the past fifteen years. Unlike some three decades ago,...

Note to Our Readers: Some of you have asked us why we posted this reportage now and if Aigaforum is taking sides. We heard the report of mass killing almost as it happened then but did not post the news! We thought the news was too sensitive and no good reason to post news that is too sensitive without verifying. We also received many articles about the killing since it happened and yet we declined to post them for the same reason. This time Tamrat was invited to see and report first hand and as a responsible media we have to post what the people are saying. Remember we are the voice for the voiceless! We must tell you we have been trying to get hold Oromia officials to talk to us for a long time! For some reason that is not clear to us they have refused to talk to us even though they always say we will call you back.Thank You! Aigaforum, Dec 27 2017
Reportage on the Recent Mass Killing of Ethio-Somal in Oromia Region

Dec 26, 2017- The recent killing of innocent Ethio-Somal in Oromia region has touched nerves with many Ethiopians! Tamrat Yemane and other invited journalist were invited to visit the area affected by the recent killings. He has prepared the following report to highlight what happened and how it happened based on direct eye witness and people with direct knowledge.Click Here for More!

Ethiopia and Egypt agree to work together on many bilateral issues
ኢትዮጵያ እና ግብፅ በሁለትዮሽ እና በባለብዙ ወገን መድረኮች ለመተባበር ተስማሙ

Development stakeholders build confidence in Ethiopia
Tesfaye Lemma 12-26-17 - The encouraging emerging economy in Ethiopia has brought a number of development partners in the past twenty six years. According to government reports the real GDP growth of the country has averaged to 10.5 percent per year between 2003 and 2015.

Way-forward to address the current political challenges in Ethiopia
Temesgen Fikiru, Addis Ababa, 25 December 2017

We need a vigilant Government
Amen Teferi 12-25-17 - In what looked like a premature celebration of its success registered through the implementation of the “deep renewal” the EPRDF was in a mood of complacence. It had complacently declared the positive impact of its venture of self-scrutiny only shortly after to understand the preposterousness of its venture.

Tsenat Radio Interview with Amb Kassa Tekelebrhan

Amb Kassa who recently left his post as Minister of Federal Affairs is now Ethiopia's Ambassador to the United States of America. Amb Kassa told Solomon Tekalegn of Tsenat Radio he intends to engage the Diaspora on an ongoing bases after reviewing his options. He also covered his thoughts on the ongoing trouble in Ethiopia and more....

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.


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Hedase Dam Progress In Picture - Aug 2017
The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Hydro Dam in Picture- August 2017


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