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Current Events
Obituary:Our sister Mulu Gebremedhin(Mulu Nedera) Passed Away- Dec 16, 2016

Her funeral Service will be held Dec 21, 2016 In Winnipeg Manitoba.


The Great Dams:GERD and Gibe3
By Salini-Ethiopia, Dec 2016

Imagine how much more could have been done had the extremists and their western handlers leave alone Ethiopia and the EPRDF government! Glad to witness such development! Glory to all the Martyrs!


Archive:PM Meles Zenawi responding to critics of Gibe3 project



Dedebit Micro Finance: (ግደ ትካል ማይክሮ ፋይናንስ ደደቢት ኣብ መንበሪ ኣባይቲ)


Roundtable Discussion with Diaspora Tigreans members of the Ethiopian Diaspora on current Issues - Dec 2016

[Aigaforum Dec 14, 2016]


Ethiopia -Tigray መብርሂ ኣብ ጉዳይ መንበሪ ኣባይቲ ከተማ መቐለ


11th Nation & Nationality Day in London Dec 2016


Reportage on inefficient use of Plasma TV and School Net in Tigrai Schools - Dec 2016

[Aigaforum Dec 14, 2016]


Kahsay Abraha - LOVE OF ASSIMBA Interview


News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2016 All rights reserved.
Ethiopia opens Africa’s tallest and most...
SUB-Saharan Africa’s largest mass-housing programme; its first metro; its biggest army. Ethiopia’s government likes to deal in superlatives. Last week the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) added another to the list: the tallest dam.
Ethiopian to Launch Flights to Jakarta
December 21, 2016: Addis Ababa Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines, is delighted to announce that it will start services to Jakarta, Indonesia, in June 2017 using the ultra-modern Boeing 787-800.Jakarta is Indonesia’s economic, cultural and political center.

Ethiopia, Qatar agree to bolster relations
Qatar and Ethiopia on Tuesday signed 11 agreements and memoranda of understanding (MoU), to strengthen their bilateral relations.This came in at a joint press briefing the Qatari Foreign Minister Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani gave with his Ethiopian counterpart, Workneh Gebeyehu.
[It is great to see Ethiopia playing its role in the region well! Such diplomatic move will go a long way to convince Egypt to behave in a civilized way in the region and to maintain the red sea as a free and peaceful zone.]

የሴቶች እኩልነት ትናንት እና ዛሬ
ከሀይለማሪያም ወንድሙ 12-21-16

Riders on the storm: Ethiopia bids to become wind capital of Africa
(CNN)After a decade of rapid growth, Ethiopia's bubble is not bursting.Dubbed the 'African Lion' by economists, Ethiopia is the home of booming industry, new infrastructure, and showpiece summits. It has become a powerful force in the region and beyond.

Ethiopia’s Challenge: Can it Rise after a Fall?
Strathink Editorial Team December 19, 2016

The World Bank: more of the cliché please!
Bereket Gebru 12-19-16 The World Bank and IMF are two of the biggest international monetary institutions in the world. These monetary institutions established at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA in 1944 are run by...

Ethiopian will Start Direct and non-stop Services to Singapore
December 19, 2016: Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and fastest growing African airline, is pleased to announce that it will start a direct and non-stop services to Singapore as of June 2017

Isayas Afworki’s policy: Shooting to all directions, what to achieve?
Zeray Hailemariam 12-20-16

Teaching Almariam How To Write
Yenieta A. 12-20-16 - I am a lover of good sentences. I have more weakness for ‘sparkling’ prose than sex or alcohol. This Almariam guy has been on my nerves. He is perhaps, the worsts political writer among...

Government side of the story on Gambella Farm Issues

Saudi High-level delegation concludes Ethiopia’s visit
December 18, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) –A Saudi High-level delegation Saturday concluded visit in Ethiopia where it held talks with the premier and other ministers on a range of bilateral issues.The Saudi high level delegation led by Ahmed Alkhateeb, the senior advisor at the Royal court of the royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia and board chairman of the Saudi development fund
የልማት ባንካችን ብልሹ አሰራር ይታረም !!
ታማኝ ይበልጣል-ካፋ ዞን ሺሼእንዴ ከተማ 12-19-16

Public Complaint by Gambella Farm Cooperative: Bureaucratic hurdles and unfair treatment is killing our Investment!
Such complaint left unresolved satisfactorily, one way or the other, will undoubtedly tarnish the "Deep Tehadeso" process from the get go! The government should come clean and explain the story behind this complaint and inform the public how it has resolved it or intends to resolve it. Early investors should not be punished for any reason! We know how hard it was to invite investors to the region some years back!The complaint is in Amharic.

Ethiopia opens massive Gibe 3 hydroelectric dam on Omo River
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia has officially opened the Gibe 3 hydroelectric dam, which is among the biggest in Africa, despite concerns by environmentalists about its impact downstream and upon neighboring countries.Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said Saturday while opening the dam that Ethiopia aims to produce 15,000 megawatts of electricity in the coming five years.
[Imagine how proud every official must be right now! We pray Meles the architect is looking down from high above right now! Imagine how proud Ethiopians will be when Hedase Dam is complete!
Government sued Gondar Riot Ring Leaders
በወልቃይት የማንነት ጥያቄ ሽፋን የሽብር ወንጀል በመፈጸም የተጠረጠሩ ክስ ተመሠረተባቸው- Reporter 12-18-16
Ethiopian Los Angeles Area Office Receives Star Alliance CEO Awards 2016
December 16, 2016: Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Los Angeles Area Office received the Star Alliance CEO Awards for 2016, as a member of Star Alliance project team at Tom Bradley International Terminal, during the annual Chief Executive Board Meeting held in Los Angeles recently.

Gibe III to be inaugurated
Addis Ababa December 15, 2016 The Gibe III dam, the third in a series of cascading hydroelectric projects in the Gibe-Omo area, will be inaugurated on Saturday. The Gibe III dam is part of a series of dams including the existing Gibe I (184MW) and Gibe II (420MW) as well as the planned Gibe IV (1472 MW) and Gibe V (560 MW) dams.
We hope our readers forgive us but we really want to say in your face to all the naysayers, the likes of - International Rivers, Oakland Institute and Mr Leakey with this news! Very proud to be born Ethiopian and part of the Woyanay generation!
Engaging Ethiopian Youth in the Workforce:
Almaz Fesseha, P.E. December, 2016 - The recent unrest in some localities in Ethiopia caused by, among other things, the frustration of unemployed youth, has triggered the author to brainstorm for possible ways of engaging these young people in their country's development.

Reportage: Mekelle University Ayder College Wheelchair Donation - Dec 2016

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2016 All rights reserved.




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