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Current Events
Heart Warming Poem read by Awet During Getachew Woldu Preparatory High School Inauguration

  Blessed Funeral!



Ethiopia: Drought, Good Governance and EPRDF
As you all now Ethiopia is facing a tough battle against nature. The El Nino disruptive weather has hit the country hard . Millions of Ethiopians will need extra support...Did EPRDF fail to prepare enough for drought years thus why it has to ask donors to help or it has prepared enough thus why people are not dying and help is arriving at the door steps of the farmers? The PM Minister is on record that the issue with good governance is acute enough his government is dead serious to tackle it head on! Do you think this time the government is serious enough...Do you think Ethiopia is ready or capable to address good governance issues? ....Have Your Say!


EFFORT News: On Drought Effect Mitigation - Dec 2015


Getachew Woldu Preparatory High School - Nebelet Inaugural Nov 2015


Senate confirms Gayle E. Smith as head of USAID

Al Mariam and Company once more strikes out! As if some one was listening and reading them the extremists were campaigning to derail Ms. Smith nomination but once more they were proven they were talking to themselves!



Metec: The Jewel of Ethiopia


የራሳቸው ጉዳይ
Sisay G.W 12-02-15


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News, Analysis & Articles
Human right protection system: individual complaint
Adisalem Desta 12/12/15 - Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law.

ኣብ ኣጋጢሙ ዘሎ ሓደጋ ድርቅን ሳዕቤኑን ብ ኢ ሊኖ ክንውሰን ርትዓዊ ድዩ???
Berhane Teklu

Digital soil fertility mapping in Ethiopia: a first for Africa
Jessica Summers 12-10-15 A brand new soil fertility mapping project – the first of its kind in Africa – is underway in Ethiopia. Extensive information about Ethiopia’s landscape and agricultural land will ensure soils are properly maintained to feed plants and thereby the population for generations to come

Reflection of two week visit in jigjiga, Somali Region of Ethiopia.
Ilyas Elmi Abdi, 12/11/15

በጠባቦች፣ በትምክህተኞችና ኪራይ ሰብሳቢዎች የተለኮሰ ሁከት
ለሚ ዋቄ 12-09-15
After reading the well summarized analysis we wonder why the Oromia Administration is taking too long to call a public meeting to discuss the plan? Also, is this an economic issue or political issue? If this is an economic issue why aren't the citizens affected raising the issue? All that we hear is people who have no immediate economic interest demonstrating. If this is political issue does this mean the political activist from OLF and what have you have given up on "fenfene" as non Oromia? If not what is the fuss about if Ambo and "fenfene" join as sister cities? Somehow we think these issues are being promoted by insiders for all other reason(s) and it is too bad, 25 years later, Ethiopia has to still deal with such characters! What is wrong with OPDO?Why can't they reach out to the students and explain? Do they know other regional cities are crying out loud to get federal help in developing their cities?

The EPRDF Paradox
Ezana Sehay 12/10/15 - It seems the EPRDF government has developed a habit of acting constantly inconsistent. On areas, where one would expect it to shine, you see it stumble. Contrarily, it surprises everyone with logic- defying success in areas where most of its peers [governments] fail.

ሞዴል ህገ- መንግስት
በስንታየሁ ግርማ 12-09-15

Time for Action on Climate Change
Adane Belay 12-08-15

’’መን እዩ እዚ ህዝቢ?’’
ብእምባየ ደዲማስ 22/03/08

መድረኻዉያን ዓንዶም ዲክታቶርነት፥ ወገንነትን፥ ዓሌታዉነትን
ቢንያም ፍጹም ሲልቨር ስፕሪንግ፣ ሜሪላንድ 12-09-2015

A Town Known with Military Camps, is Transformed into Higher Education learning and Research Center (Kebri-dahar)
Ahmed Deeq Hussein, independent analyst. Jigjiga Somali region of Ethiopia 12-09-15 - In general, this note is sought to look back to the historical background of Kebri-dahar, which is known to be one of the oldest towns in Somali Region of Ethiopia- specifically, Kebri Dahar is well known with military camps, since European colonial era in Ethiopia.

Tanzania to Export Electricity by 2017
The government of Tanzania in collaboration with US-based Symbion Power, have recently announced that with the construction of the mega power plant in Mtwara Tanzania, the country will be capable of exporting electricity by 2017[Why is the US supporting the development of Gas powered Plant when it can help Ethiopia develop Hydropower that is cheap and green!

Some 48 African leaders were in South Africa for China party, but who did not attend? And why?
Sometimes the list of those missing is more interesting than those at the party. Most were from North Africa where living standards are higher.

Kenya and Ethiopia sign cross-border agreement
Kenya and Ethiopia have signed a UN-backed trade deal worth $200m (£130m) in a bid to ease cross-border conflict. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn agreed the deal in the border town of Moyale.The deal aims to tackle youth unemployment by creating jobs ...Ethiopia has secured an agreement with its immediate neighbors with the exception of Eritrea! We think this is a good agreement. It will allow Ethiopia to play its role in maintaining peace in the region! We hope the government is working to secure similar agreement with the Saudi Kingdom!

German Vice Chancellor warns Saudi Arabia over Islamist funding
BERLIN (Reuters) - German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel urged Saudi Arabia on Sunday to stop supporting religious radicals, amid growing concern among some lawmakers in Berlin about the funding of militant mosques by the world's biggest oil exporter.

Bashir says Ethiopian Renaissance Dam 'has become a reality,’ Halayeb is part of Sudan
  Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir said that the Ethiopian Renaissance dam has become a reality and that it requires the cooperation of all parties to "ensure its success". In an interview conducted on Al-Arabiya News ..

Bishoftu Automotive Industry: Leading Ethiopia in to the Future.
  (Aigaforum) Isayas A. Dec 4th, 2015(updated!) - The Ethiopian government is doing everything to transform the country’s economy from its current dependency on rain fed agriculture. Although the country’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture it is not far-fetched to imagine an Ethiopian economy that is based on manufacturing and modern heavy industries like mining. While the mining Industry is still for most part in the preliminary stage of development the manufacturing sector is off to a good start. One among the few home grown...

Right to Healthcare in Ethiopia: Then, Now and Tomorrow - Part3
G.Amare 12-05-15

From Zero to Hero
Amen Teferi 12-04-15 - Ethiopia has experienced a growth acceleration since 2004 that enables it to catch-up with the rest of the world, as a part of a very successful broader development

Tsnat Radio Interview with Ato Yoahnnes Abraha from Brussels Ethiopian Embassy.
We did not think the invitation of Dr Berhanu Nega to Europe as claimed by ESAT and other extremist websites, was news worthy since we knew from the get go these extremists were lying eyes wide open about the invitation as usual. But, Tsnat Radio thinks it is news worthy and has conducted an interview with Ethiopian Embassy Officials. Listen and be informed......   Interview

How long will Berhanu cheat himself thinking he is still relevant in Ethiopia's politics even though he is now stationed in Comishtato! For a sane person the fate of OLF, ONLF, Arebgnoch and DMHIT are good indication that Asmara is a death camp for Ethiopian politicians but Berhanu does not seems to understand!

Eritrea conscription still indefinite, says Amnesty
  Conscription in Eritrea continues to be indefinite despite the government saying last year it would be limited to 18 months, Amnesty International says.The compulsory service, which often lasts decades ...

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