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Reportage of the Signing Ceremony of the Addis Light Rail Way Management Contract to a Chinese Company- Dec 2014 (Audio)


40th Year Anniversary of TPLF is Coming...!!

"This is An Official web pages of Supporters Of TPLF /EPRDF All over the world"



Reportage from German TDA 25th Anniversary Conference - Dec 2014


Interview with Dr TewoldeBrhan Gebregzabher


Great Celebration In London Ethiopian Embassy


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Ethiopia starts marketing debut Eurobond with 6.75 pct
LONDON Dec 3 (Reuters) - Ethiopia has begun marketing its debut, 10-year Eurobond with a yield of 6.75 percent,

Letter of Condolence: Frome DAS-NA to the Family of Gebretsadik Teklu
DAS-NA Dec 2, 2014

Ethiopia adopts Israeli day/night solar power system
The company announced Tuesday that it had signed a deal to build one of its Tulip solar-hybrid power plants in Ethiopia. “We are transforming our Green Economy Strategy into action...

Saudi Billionaire to Invest $100 Million in Ethiopian Farm
Saudi Star Agricultural Development Plc, an Ethiopian company owned by billionaire Mohamed al-Amoudi, plans to invest $100 million in a rice farm in western Ethiopia next year ...[This project must succeed unless one wants to see a happy Oakland Institutive and International Rivers folks laughing in our face!]

Ethiopia issues unfamiliar investor warning over war and ...
Every country tapping the global sovereign bond market details the dangers investors face in its prospectus[It is good to know what the potential risk Ethiopia may face in the future are from the government itself! It is interesting the govt thinks sea access could be one potential risk of the future!]

Free Market Economy and State Intervention; Reality versus Myth!!
Tsehaye Debalkew Washington DC Dec 2, 2014

የቢሾፍቱ አውቶሞቲቭ ኢንጂነሪንግ ማምረቻ በሲሲቲቪ እይታ

Bishoftu Automotive Engineering Complex Coverage by CCTV.

Ethiopia's Outstanding Progress in the Fight Against Hunger!
Ejegu Belay 12/2/14

Eritrea: Courageous people Sadly led by a Spineless Dictator
It is neither right nor fair to compare and contrast Ethiopia and Eritrea in terms of political, social, and economic achievements…

Inspiring People
Tribute to the Late PM of Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi

Yohannes Gebresellasie Dec 1st, 2014 - The renowned musical legend Mahmood Ahmed has a very good song: it goes like this: “balem Yeminorew Hulum Ekul New way Andu Kandu Fetur yeleyay yelem wey…”

Ethiopia's multi-national federalism: A fitting formula to accommodate diversity
Yigezu Abate Dec 1st, 2014 - One of the major changes that took place in 1991 - after the overthrow of the centralized military regime that had ruled the country since 1974 -was that Ethiopia opted for a federal democratic system....

ለ ባሕር ዳር ዩኒቨርሲቲ ቦርድ ሰብሳቢ( Open Letter to Bahir Dar University Board)
የኮምፒዩቲንግና የኤሌክትሪካል ም/ት/ቤት ለሁለት እንዲከፈል ሳይንቲፊክ ዳይሬክተሩ ያስተላለፉትን ውሳኔ ተከትሎ የተፈጠሩ ችግሮችና በዉሳኔው ላይ የኮምፒዩቲንግ መምህራን ጥያቄዎችን ይመለከታል።

Ethiopia’s bond plan will test hunt for yield
Ethiopia is sounding out investors about a plan to issue a debut dollar bond. The demand for such frontier-market debt will be a good gauge of just how...

H.E Mr. Demeke Mekonnen Visit to Vietnam: The DPM held discussion with Vietnam President and other Senior Officials
Eth Embassy China Nov 30, 2014

Teen’s gang rape in Addis Ababa sounds alarm
Hanna Lalango, 16, died on Nov. 1, from a brutal gang rape after five men kidnapped and held her captive for several days in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa..[...Such crime requires the death penalty and If the culprits in jail are found guilty they should be punished in public!]

ጥርጥር የሌለው አሸናፊነት...መክብብ ይሁን 11-28-14

የመኢአዱ ትርምስ...ዘሩባቤል 11-28-14

አለባብሰው ቢያርሱ . . . ...ወርቁ ይሁን 11-28-14

Ethiopia starts to repatriate its nationals who were detainees in Tanzania
Eth Embassy Kenya Nov 28, 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen Visit to China
Eth Embassy China Nov 28, 2014

Ethiopia Summit Driving continued growth
Discover the real opportunities for growth in Ethiopia Join the country’s leading policy makers and business leaders; other international executives active or interested in expanding in Ethiopia; investors; and influential thinkers to explore the many opportunities and tackle the challenges.

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40th Year Anniversary of TPLF is Coming...!!
As we celebrate this historic milestone, let us remember those fallen heroes and heroines! Let us renew our pledge to continue the struggle to uplift Ethiopia, the renaissance of Ethiopia!




All Tigrians, members and non-members, are cordially invited to attend the annual general meeting of the Tigrian Association in Toronto
Time:Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 1 p.m. local time.

Meeting venue is: Debre Selam St. Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church 125 Broadview Ave, Toronto, Ontario



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