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If this story holds true the government must do all in its power to see justice is not hurt in the name of the court's independence. If Parliament has to issue new law to correct any flaws that contributed to this it should do so! Given the politics behind the Ethio-Eritrea issue and the upcoming national election EPRDF should be wary of such issues!




VOA Interview with Bhailu Abraha- on Modern Agriculture in Tigrai



Dr Tedros Adhanom visit to Denmark


Dr.Tedros Adhanom with Zenaneh Mekonnen RADIO KOL ADIR


Hedase Dam In Picture - Dec 06 2014(click to enlarge)

While the few extremists in Diaspora are laboring to derail the peace of Ethiopians in the name of demonstration and what have you, the government and people of Ethiopia are building, inch by inch, brick by brick, the new Ethiopia. Hedase Dam is 40 Meters high today!


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Ethiopia-Turkey business forum opens in Addis Ababa
The second Ethiopian-Turkish Business Council Forum kicked off on Thursday in Addis Ababa. "I hope this forum will result in more Turkish investments coming to Ethiopia," Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said at the forum's opening ceremony....

ልዩ ዝግጅት-ጠ/ሚ/ር ኃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ ከስልጤ ተወላጆች ጋር ያደረጉት ቆይታ..ህዳ (PM Hailemraima discussion with Silte Community )

Aora’s solar tulips start shining in Ethiopia, without water!
The Ethiopian Government, looking for resilient off-grid systems, is now piloting Aora’s system for sustainable development. Aora’s tulips collect solar energy from 50 small mirrors...
Ethiopia says Ericsson to take part of telecom deal after ZTE row
Dec 11 (Reuters) - Swedish telecom group Ericsson is set to sign a contract with Ethiopia to expand telecom infrastructure, taking a slice of an $800 million contract from Chinese firm ZTE Corp because of a row over terms, a senior official told Reuters on Thursday

Senate report on CIA torture claims spy agency lied about 'ineffective' program

Report released by Senate after four-year, $40m investigation concludes CIA repeatedly lied about brutal techniques in years after 9/11

Could Kenya Learn From Ethiopia’s Anti-Terror Strategy?

Kenya has a security problem.Kerrow has noticed that Kenya's neighbor to the north, Ethiopia, has had much more success preventing terrorism on its own soil – despite having a much longer border with Somalia and a longer history of military involvement in the country.And he thinks Kenya should look to Ethiopia as a model[ Leslie Lefkow, assuming there is "cost" due to Ethiopia's CSO law, don't you think it is a small cost considering the cost associated with terrorism?].

Ethiopia Rocks !!
Addis Ababa - When Scottish explorer James Bruce published a five-volume work in 1790 about his search in Ethiopia for the source of the Nile, European readers dismissed his account of ancient churches and castles – surely no such thing existed in the heart of Africa.

ራስ ሳይጠና ጉተና.....መሠረት ተፈራ 12-10-14

አታካቹ ተቃዋሚ.....ድንቁ ጣሰው 12-10-14

Is Ethiopia under the EPRDF, A Dominant Party System or A Single Party State?
Tsehaye Debalkew Dec 9, 2014

The 9th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples day celebrated in Somaliland....Ethiopian Consulate General 12-9-14

Ethiopians observe 9th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day in Columbus, Ohio colorfully!! .... Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington D.C.,

`በድኅረ-መለስ ኢሕአዴግ`.....ወንድወሰን ታደሰ (ኦክላንድ)12-9-14

Eurobonds and potash will boost Ethiopia and Africa’s food security
Ethiopia issued a dollar based bond to fund its development goals focused on increasing agricultural production, power generation and transportation infrastructure including the 6,000 megawatt

Why China sees itself in Lowry's paintings of industrial Britain
British artist LS Lowry's paintings of industrial, working-class Britain brought him popular fame in the UK. Yet his works have never been the subject of a solo exhibition abroad - until now.

“The Strongest People in the world are not the most protected..."....Mulubrhan Dagnew 12-8-14

The fruits of Ethiopia's Federalism should be cherished
Tekle G/libanos 12-8-14

ሁለቱ ባቡሮች የተለያዩ ናቸው
ከሚሊዮን አደም 12-8-14

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Denmark for Hedase Event


40th Year Anniversary of TPLF is Coming...!!

As we celebrate this historic milestone, let us remember those fallen heroes and heroines! Let us renew our pledge to continue the struggle to uplift Ethiopia, the renaissance of Ethiopia!




40th Year Anniversary of TPLF is Coming...!!

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