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Terrorism in Ethiopia





All: Please note the official facebook account for Dr Tedros is this! mark it and save it so you are not taken for a ride by all the imposter pages that are out there!
FM Dr Tedros Facebook page

And his twitter account is :


Selam Radio on Eritrea, South Sudan and Ethiopian Patriotism



On Fake ID Card and Residency Permit


News, Analysis & Articles

ስለ አና ጎሜዝ እኔም የምለው አለ...for more

ኢትዮጵያ እና ሱዳን በአዲስ የትብብር ጎዳና ...for more

ማንዴላን በማሳበጥ የመለሥ ራዕይ አይሟሽሽም!!...for more

Self-aggrandizement cannot mask a flawed report

(Kumlachew Hailu 12/23/13) - It is common to see a Western NGO making hastily remarks about Ethiopia based on biased, unverified and inaccurate information that they received from politically motivated personalities as well as flawed research methodology. But some of them are poor at disguising this aspect of their activity.

The Beast Isayas Created: Isayas
Ezana Sehay 12/23/13

የህዳሴው ግድብ የሰላም ፕሮጀክት ነው !!...for more

Opportunity for TPLF/EPRDF to right the wrong.
Eneh LeHaggareh Dec 23, 2013

Ethiopians in Frankfurt and the Surrounding areas Celebrate Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day
Eth Embassy Frankfurt Dec 23, 2013

London Ethiopian Embassy Monthly News Letter Dec 2013
Eth Embassy London Dec 23, 2013

A Week in the Horn of Africa - (20/12/2013)
MoFA, December 21,2013

የፌዴራል ሥርዓቱ ስኬትና የጥላሸት ቀቢዎቹ አፈ-ታሪክ...for more

Ethiopia, the land of Sheba
Ethiopia never ceases to amaze and enchant guests. While there I was enmeshed in its wealth of history. I was never braced for the contrasts and surprises in the remote and wild places...

Obama warns South Sudan after U.S. military aircraft attacked
HONOLULU (Reuters) - President Barack Obama was briefed by his national security team on Saturday after four U.S. military service members were wounded when their aircraft were fired upon ...

Ethiopians Elites “think” about Satan – “thank” God!
Seyoum Teshome December 20,2013

Ana Gomez and her Angers and vengeful politics
Maru Zemekelle December 20,2013

Ethiopia says arrests five suspects in football match bomb plot
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopian police have arrested five more people suspected of plotting suicide bombings during Ethiopia's World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria in October, security officials said on Thursday

የቀለም አብዮትን ፍለጋ መቶ አመት ወደኋላ...for more

“ከበሮ መለዓሊት ወኒ…”...for more

የፌደራሊዝም ፋይዳ ናሙና - የኢትዮጵያ ሶማሌ...for more

The 5 Poorest Countries in the World: Eritrea is #4
Projected 2013 per capita GDP figures from the International Monetary Fund and adjusted for purchasing power parity... to check where Ethiopia stands click here

Amhara State elects Gedu Andargachew as chief administrator
Addis Ababa, 19 December 2013 (WIC) – The Council of Amhara Regional State has elected Gedu Andargachew as chief administrator of the regional state.Gedu replaced Ayalew Gobeze, who had served the state as chief administrator for the past eight -and -a -half years, based on plans of succession within the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM).

Listen to our earlier interview with the outgoing President....  Interview

ኢትዮጵያ በአረንጓዴው ልማት ጎዳና...for more

ብዙሃኑን ተጠቃሚ ያደረገው ኢኮኖሚያዊ እድገት...for more

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