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Naked Eritrean Regime: Hiding in Public Square!
Zeru Hagos Dec 20, 2011- The emperor in Eritrea is a naked emperor, yet he is unaware of his nakedness. A lot of things have changed with the Eritrean one man regime-Isaias Afeworki since he telegrammed to Bill Clinton to save him and his regime at the 11th hour before it collapse by the heroic Ethiopian Defence Forces pounding.

Then, unlike today, the running dogs of Isaias Afeworki, facing a certain defeat of their “ warsay yikalo” forces were telling the BBC and other media outlets that they know how to survive in the barren mountains of Nacfa and their retreat was no defeat...Today the one man regime spokesperson is telling VOA Amharic, (   (click to listen)
that the US was the reason Ethiopia was saved from the imminent collapse due to the one man regime military capabilities and strength. Ah! Entay emo yigeber(what can one do!). Shaibya has taken the saying “loosing is winning” to another level!

You heard what Ali said about the war and its outcome but do you know what his bosses said then-before memory fades away?
  click to Listen to What Isaias and Haile said!
If the only story in Ethiopia had been that of the Ethio-Eritrean relationship we had been sorry …but there is another story, a big one! Alehu enebel eski..!
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Simply awesome song! What a rich culture we have!

Papers presented at the recently held 6th Nation and Nationalites Day In Mekelle Tigrai, Ethiopia!
Dec 2011

  • On Women Participation and the Struggle and the gains made
    MP W/ro Roman Gebresilassie, MP W/ro Mufrihat Kemil, MP W/ro Aynorit Mohammed

  • National unity and the struggle by Democratic and Liberation Movements
    Prof Enderias Eshete

  • A People's Army Under the Constitution..,
    Colonel Gebrekidan Gebremedhin

  • Radio FM Mekelle Interview with Aite Abraham Gebremedhin from Tigrai Diaspora Office!

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    What is your view on the Diaspora Policy of the Ethiopian Government

    The Ethiopian government is about to issue a new Diaspora policy to engage the vast diaspora community around the world. You can read the draft( here). Any policy will become effective and useful if it is derived based on inputs from those that will be affected by and on expert opinions. We may not be experts but we are for sure beneficiaries. As such what will it take for you as a diaspora to be engaged in your mother country? What would you like to see the policy address? And as a diaspora what will it take for you to move back and contribute your know how and invest your money? And what is missing from the current draft document that you would like to be included?
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    ETV News(Amharic)

    News, Analysis & Articles

    Ethiopian court: 2 Swedish reporters guilty
    ADDIS ABABA , Ethiopia (AP) — A court in Ethiopia convicted two Swedish journalists Wednesday of supporting terrorism after the pair illegally entered the country with an ethnic Somali rebel group. The pair, who now face up to 15 years in prison at their sentencing next week, have said they were gathering news at the time of their arrest.

    Comment to "Open Letter to EPRDF" by Desta Takele
    "Yohannes Altamo" Dec 21, 2011- The mistakes/defects of the report- A reply to the article "Open Letter to EPRDF by Desta Takele"

    First Djibouti troops join AU Somalia force
    The first Djibouti-an contingent of 100 soldiers landed in Mogadishu Tuesday to join the African Union force battling Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab forces in Somalia, the mission said. "An advance party consisting of 100 troops ... arrived at Mogadishu airport this afternoon. A further 800 troops will follow in the course of the next week or so to bring the Djibouti-an contingent up to strength," a statement said.

    A promise to be Kept for the coming generation!...Thank You TV Tigray!

    Book Review: A Tale of Two elections
    A New Book by Ato Bereket Simeon
    Reta Sisay Dec 20, 2011- Themed around the most famous opening passage by Charles Dickens-- “…the best” and “the worst of times”, A Tale of Two Elections emerges as a beautifully narrated true story that celebrates not only the craft and penmanship of the writer but also his ability to tell a gripping story filled with wit and humor...

    የእቅዱ ትሩፋቶች
    ዮናስ ገረመው- ኢትዮጵያ ባለፉት አምስት ዓመታት ያሳየችው የኢኮኖሚ እድገት በፍጥነቱ ከአፍሪካ የተለየና በቀዳሚነት ከሚጠቀሱት መካከል አንዱ ስለመሆኑ በርካታ የኢኮኖሚ ባለሙያዎችና ተቋማቶች ያረጋገጡት እውነታ ነው።

    Russia under African sky
    In a sign that Moscow starts restoring its African clout, a major Russian-African business forum kicks off in Ethiopia on December 16. Mikhail Margelov, the Russian President’s special envoy to African countries, has already described the Russia-Africa international forum as an African Davos. of these business ties.

    Sweden:Committee Set up to Coordinate fund raising for the Renaissance Dam
    Stockholm 16.12.2011(TV-Selam), after weeks of preparations, Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian Origin in Sweden has set up a Coordination committee to mobilize resources for the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam.

    Fund Raising for Hidase Dam in Nairobi Kenya!
    Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia in Nariobi Kenya raised over 4 million birr for Hedase Dam!

    Kofi Annan shares the award with food supply project Tigray in Ethiopia
    Cultivated land is essential to the development of society and competition for land is intensifying. The need for food is expected to grow by some 70 percent by 2050.For this reason the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development 2011 is awarded to a person and an organization for their work in the field of sustainable food supply.The prize of one million Swedish krona is shared equally by:

    Chalice puts Eritrea gold project on chopping block
    TORONTO ( – TSX- and ASX-quoted Chalice Gold Mines said on Monday it signed a nonbinding agreement to sell its Zara project in Eritrea, the East African State that the UN slapped with further sanctions last week. The UN last week handed down further sanctions to Eritrea’s dictatorial government, which other African States accuse of assisting the militant antigovernment al Shabaab movement...

    Fund Raising for Hidase Dam in Athens, Greece!
    A fund raising event was successfully held in Athens, Greece on Dec.4, 2011 which was attended by more than 350 participants. It was organized by the Honorary Consulate and the Coordinating Committee from the community in Athens, with the participation from the Ethiopian Embassy in Rome.

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    From Tigrai Diaspora Office

    Memory for generations to come! by Solomon Yekuno Ammlak

    We shall never fail them!

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