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Ethio-Sudan relation said vital to bring peace, development in Horn of Africa

Mekelle, December 29 (WIC) – Chief Administrator of the Tigray State, Tsegay Berhe, said the existing Ethio-Sudan ties have immense benefits not only for the two countries but also to the Horn of Africa

When Repentance is not Repentance

By Desalegn Lidetu:- “…I lied when I publicly declared 15 years ago that the constitution of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) was penned in a manner of broad-based representation….I knew it was not. I knew it then….It has been and will remain a scar in my conscience….So… (Oh! You forgiving people of Ethiopia) pardon….” This came from the now purportedly reformed pen of one none other than the former Ethiopian president-turned opposition politician. He made this expression of seeming penitence only as late as last month in his acceptance speech as one of two newly enlisted card-carrying members of UDJ
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Current Events

Update on Dr Eyassu Health Condition

He thanks all who helped him specially paltalk members at Selam Deki Adey and Viva Tigray! He still needs all the help to finish his treatment abroad.
Dr Eyassu Biography

PM Meles Zenawi Interview on current affairs

Part 1   part 2   part 3   Part 4   part 5

Eritrea hit with UN sanctions for 'aiding insurgents'

The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions on Eritrea because of aid it says it has been giving to Islamic insurgents in Somalia. The resolution places an arms embargo on Eritrea, and also imposes travel bans and asset freezes on businesses and individuals.
See Also:  Eritrea funding Somali American jihadists recruitment - US Congressman
China, Russia favor sanctions on Eritrea
UNSC Draft Resolution on Eritrea

  • Prime Minister Meles traveled an incredible journey for effective representation and attained successful achievement in the Copenhagen climate conference
  • Ethiopian Community Congratulates Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
  • Ethiopia’s adaptation project hailed in Copenhagen

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    Ensuring the Integrity of Elections in 2010: Is Addis Neger’s self-closure part of an anti-government campaign?
    The role of an independent media in the development of good governance and democratic political culture cannot be overstated. Since the promulgation in 1992 of the country’s first Press Law, Ethiopia has had a multiplicity of private newspapers
    See also:  A Week in the Horn of Africa (December 18, 2009)

    News & Analysis

    Bizarre delusion of Isayas Afeworki

    Eritrea poised to challenge UN Sanction! According to the one man government has sent its high officials on a weapon buying spree to Ukraine.
    More on the story

    There is also a widely circulated rumor some of the Ginbot 7 officials holding US and British citizenship are in Eritrea planning their next move, which may be a sequel to their "failed assasination plot", with the help of the Eritrean government.

    Ethiopia Is Serious about the Russian Market
    Moscow 12/28/09 (Aigaforum)-The Ethiopian representation in Moscow intends to increase tourism from Russia from 2000 to 5000 people in the next few years. To do this it is setting up an Ethiopian Club, which will include over 30 domestic tour operators...

    The hands free mobile technology like Bluetooth and ear phone was designed to help motorist avoid driving while holding a mobile phone on one hand!
    The US allows the use of such devices while driving. Ethiopia has gone to the extreme. Starting 12/21/09 drivers are forbidden to answer a call while driving. If you are in Addis you will see many drivers pulling on the side to pick the phone--if they really have too else you will notice mobiles ringing unabated! It is amazing to see how the public is respecting the law knowing how pervasive the mobile use is in Addis!.... More from addisfortune

    Good governance prevailed in Ethiopia enables to manage current food shortage: Ambassador Ling
    Addis Ababa, December 26 (WIC) - The British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Norman Ling, said the current food shortage in Ethiopia is manageable owing to the good governance and good administration ...

    In Order Not to be Gored by the Horn of Africa
    There is news that Abdul Malik al Houthi, the commander of the Huthi rebels, has been transferred from Yemen to Eritrea to receive medical treatment after being wounded by shelling.

    Eritrea should break the shackles on Irob abductees and let them free
    I’m not sure if it is out of feeling personal responsibility, social justice or community pride, but I can not seem to stop asking the question; where are the more than 100 innocent Irob abductees, who were taken by the Eritrean government in 1998, 1999 and 2000, today? And who is speaking for them?

    comment:  Some of the so called private presses in Ethiopia have been more deterrent than helpful to promote "mechachal" and the building of democratic culture in the country. In an ideal world the private press itself as well as citizens should have denied such publication to exist by denying ears and eyes. But Ethiopia is a young democratic country and lacks such power thus why ETV may have been forced to do an expose on some of the private press performance over the years. However the State Media should be very careful not to instill fear on the private press and not to appear favoring one paper over the other in doing such programs.


    Recruitment of Underage Children for War

    The case of Eritrea and Irob Children

    What happen to these people?

    Comments on Ato Gebru Asrat and Dr Hailu Araya of Mederk recent interview with the private media

    Sanctioned are those

    Aite Amanuel, the sanction is against the one man regime that thousands of Eritreans are fleeing from daily. Join the world community and condemn the dictatorial regime and demand freedom and democracy for Eritreans !

    Unholy Trinity

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