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Eritrea hit with UN sanctions for 'aiding insurgents'

The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions on Eritrea because of aid it says it has been giving to Islamic insurgents in Somalia. The resolution places an arms embargo on Eritrea, and also imposes travel bans and asset freezes on businesses and individuals.
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China, Russia favor sanctions on Eritrea

UNSC Draft Resolution on Eritrea
The Security Council,:- Recalling its previous resolutions and statements of its President concerning the situation in Somalia and the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea,...
6. Decides that Eritrea shall not supply, sell or transfer directly or indirectly from its territory or by its nationals or using its flag vessels or aircraft any arms or related materiel, and that all Member States shall prohibit the procurement of the items, training and assistance....
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  • Prime Minister Meles traveled an incredible journey for effective representation and attained successful achievement in the Copenhagen climate conference
  • Ethiopian Community Congratulates Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
  • Ethiopia’s adaptation project hailed in Copenhagen

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    Green Energy in Tigray

    Ensuring the Integrity of Elections in 2010: Is Addis Neger’s self-closure part of an anti-government campaign?
    The role of an independent media in the development of good governance and democratic political culture cannot be overstated. Since the promulgation in 1992 of the country’s first Press Law, Ethiopia has had a multiplicity of private newspapers
    See also:  A Week in the Horn of Africa (December 18, 2009)

    News & Analysis

    Eritrea should break the shackles on Irob abductees and let them free
    I’m not sure if it is out of feeling personal responsibility, social justice or community pride, but I can not seem to stop asking the question; where are the more than 100 innocent Irob abductees, who were taken by the Eritrean government in 1998, 1999 and 2000, today? And who is speaking for them?

    Amhara Endowment Gets Loan for Phone Assembly
    Tiret, the Amhara Nation Democratic Movement (ANDM) endowment, signed a 56.7 million Br loan agreement with the Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) for a mobile phone assembly plant to be established in Bahir Dar, while it is preparing to seek more loans for the malt factory that is in the pipeline.

    Nations and Nationalities Day celebrated in Washington, D.C.
    Washington DC 12/20/09-(Aigaforum) Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day of Ethiopia was colorfully celebrated for a fourth consecutive year at the ballroom of the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, D.C. last Sunday. President Shiferaw Shigute, the Chief Administrator of the Southern Regional State of Ethiopia who was in a working tour in the U.S. addressed the gathering which attracted over two hundred attendees from the Washington Metro area

    Ethiopia's underground churches a historic wonde
    Lalibela churches hewn from volcanic rock 800 years ago, still inspire awe.
    By Mercedes Sayagues December 19, 2009 -- Ten centuries ago, King Lalibela had a vision: That his capital, Roha, in what is now northern Ethiopia, would equal Jerusalem in spiritual and architectural glory ....(

    Civility Forum moderator and Hebrezema webmaster had a short interview with Prime Minister Meles on the current Climate Negotiation and its outcome in Copenhagen.
      civility interview     hebrezema interview
    For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, which nobody can deny
    Meles Zenawi delivered hope and pride to Africans
    Dilwenberu Nega 12/19/09:- In his speech at the National Palace’s warm and colourful send off ceremony in honour of Africa’s Delegation to COP15 on 12th December, Africa’s Chief Climate Change Negotiator, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, asked for “a bucketful of good luck because I need it in the days ahead.”

    Chinese Premier's had a talk with Prime minister Meles in Copenhagen
    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's tour for climate talks in Copenhagen, where he had met Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

    Africa’s position at Copenhagen climate summit well cemented
    Addis Ababa, December 17 (WIC) – Director General of the Ethiopian Environment Protection Agency, Dr Tewolde Birhan Gebre-Egziabher, said African team at the Copenhagen climate summit led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has stick together for common position at the summit.

    Micro Credit Programs in Ethiopia
    Green Washing or Environmentally Sustainable Development
    Part I

    Desta, Asayehgn, (Ph.D), Distinguished Professor of Managerial Economics, Dominican University of California.:- In an era of unprecedented world-wide economic growth, it is interesting to note that the richest fifth of the world’s people consume 86 percent of all goods and services while about a fifth of the world’s poor population (1.2 billion people) still live on less than US $1 a day and almost half of the world’s population live on less than US $2 a day


    What happen to these people?

    Comments on Ato Gebru Asrat and Dr Hailu Araya of Mederk recent interview with the private media

    comment:  Some of the so called private presses in Ethiopia have been more deterrent than helpful to promote "mechachal" and the building of democratic culture in the country. In an ideal world the private press itself as well as citizens should have denied such publication to exist by denying ears and eyes. But Ethiopia is a young democratic country and lacks such power thus why ETV may have been forced to do an expose on some of the private press performance over the years. However the State Media should be very careful not to instill fear on the private press and not to appear favoring one paper over the other in doing such programs.

    Sanctioned are those

    Aite Amanuel, the sanction is against the one man regime that thousands of Eritreans are fleeing from daily. Join the world community and condemn the dictatorial regime and demand freedom and democracy for Eritreans !

    Unholy Trinity

    Peace, Tolerance, Dialogue and Understanding...

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